obi wan kenobi


    Roman Props MK1 ANH Obi Wan with Real Crystal

    Roman Props MK1 ANH Obi Wan with Real Crystal $700 (Includes US Shipping) PM if interested or for shipping quote if want to purchase outside of US. Obi Wan MK1 Expertly Weathered Star Wars A New Hope - Roman MK1 w/ Custom Rudy Pando Crystal Chassis Prizm 5.5 w/ BGW TriCree Rudy Pando Chassis...
  2. DarthBen123

    Obi-Wan ANH FX Lightsaber with Crystal Chamber

    Accurately weathered & installed by Tom Leech (The Proplicator) Vintage Graflex clamp & Motorola transistors Dual quartz Rudy Pando crystal chamber with Shtock 3D printed chassis Prizm 5.1 with BGW LED (This saber is about to have the recharge port changed by ObiShane and will ship from him once...
  3. Serenity

    Star Wars Roman Props Weathered Obi ANH Pommel/Handwheel

    This is a Roman Props Star Wars Obi-Wan ANH weathered static pommel/handwheel. It is in intentionally weathered condition with some marks and surface scratches, most intentional and a few from just general handling and storage. It disassembles into four pieces just like the real Armitage Shanks...
  4. mgoob

    Star Wars STEEL Kenobi ANH Lightsaber Balance Pipe for FX

    steel lightly weathered set screw on the side to hold blade in place removable cone w/ threads made by Roman Props ships from US zip code 14620 buyer pays Postage & Packing (I bought this by mistake - I want a steel static - open to trade for this part)