Limited Run John Wick Blood Oath Marker Oathmarker Prop


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I wish the little triangle detail was present on the inside like in the movie.
This seems to copy the inaccurate texture of the chronicle one.


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On hand is a run for the John Wick Oath Marker - Limited Run of 55 pieces Ready to ship
1) one Blood Oathmaker at 2.9 inches/ 7.3cm (diameter) approximately
2) Real metal (zinc alloy)
3) The cover opens to an angle as shown in the pic below.

Price: USD39.90 (postage included)
Price of 2: USD76

thank you

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1) JamesM242 (2 pieces, Item shipped)
2) RhinoActual (2 pieces, Item shipped)
3) DavidS (awaiting payment)
4) dmccue (One piece, shipped)
5) Mtrixman (One piece, shipped)
6) The Pawn (2 pieces, payment received, Shipped)
7) stussy (One piece, shipped)
8) Dboz (One piece, shipped)
9) Darth Clayton (one piece, payment received, Shipped)
10) bodhicitta7 (One piece, payment received, Shipped)
11) Dakota (awaiting payment)
12) rockbottom (one piece, payment received, Shipped)
13) thire (one piece, payment received, Shipped)
14) Moxized (one piece, payment received, Shipped)
15) enterprise0216( two pieces, payment received, Shipped)
16) SentientPie ( two pieces, payment received, Shipped)
17) Tuckanator (one pieces, payment received, Shipped)
I would like to order one, Please inform me of the process, I am new to this site. Thank you


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Received mine today. Super happy with the results. It's just like the Chronicle Collectibles piece except the lid closes flat and opens all the way. Did a small bit of weathering and added the blood thumbprint of course.




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All paid orders shipped
UPDATE: Some of you have made payment without indicating your nickname.
It is hard to track who's who. The tracking number will be updated in paypal in this case
thank you


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I will take one and a coin if available. Thanks GC

I will need a PayPal address
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