john wick

  1. MR_Adrian

    John Wick Stash Book (John Wick 3 Parabellum)

    Not sure if any other forum members have attempted making this, but this week I decided to go ahead and put together a replica of the stash book John Wick uses in John Wick 3. It's going to be a blend between the stunt version and the hero version (stunt version was for bashing heads and such...
  2. Nakai

    Limited Run John Wick Blood Oath Marker Oathmarker Prop - Run 2

    On hand is a run for the John Wick Oath Marker - Limited Run Ready to ship (Run 2 - 20 pieces available) Dimensions 1) one Blood Oathmaker at 2.9 inches/ 7.3cm (diameter) approximately 2) Real metal (zinc alloy) 3) The cover opens to an angle as shown in the pic below. Price: USD42.90...
  3. M

    John Wick: Chapter 3 Bond Certificate

    Hey folks, I saw this in the trailer and decided to have a go at re-creating it. This is a draft. I can't make out everything from the screencaps I got from the trailer, if anyone has more detail I'd love to know. None of the fonts are spot-on, but the type writer one is especially bad.