john wick

  1. darthwhitey

    John Wick Coins (x3) from Jintosh

    Three coins from Jintosh's run here on the RPF awhile back... $40 shipped in the USA same or next day thanks!
  2. darthwhitey

    John Wick "Combat Master" airsoft pistol

    John Wick EMG STI TTI JWE Combat Master 2011 This is the Green Gas model based on the serial number on box (I think these are backordered everywhere?!) Brand new in box with orange plug in barrel. Never displayed. (I can instruct you how to remove orange plug for display) Looks INCREDIBLY...
  3. darthwhitey

    John Wick Blood Oath Marker & Keychain

    Bought this from Sideshow but produced by Chronicle Collectibles. New in box, never displayed. Oathmarker still sealed. BONUS keychain included! Check out my other John Wick props!
  4. darthwhitey

    John Wick Cross, Coin & Oathmaker

    Round out your JW collection with these three props... All by Nakai here on the RPF... 1. Adjudicator Coin 2. Arabic Oathmaker 3. Cross Never displayed. New as I received them. Ships from the USA
  5. darthwhitey

    John Wick Gold Coins (x30!)

    Selling all my JW stuff... Gold coins x30...great way to round out your JW display! Individually plated...stainless steel coins. size: 38mm diameter weight: 23 grams Brand new. Sealed. Never displayed.
  6. darthwhitey

    John Wick Dog Collar

    Screen accurate dog collar. A great addition to your JW display!
  7. darthwhitey

    John Wick "Combat Master" airsoft pistol

    John Wick EMG STI TTI JWE Combat Master 2011 Brand new in box with orange plug in barrel. Never displayed. A really amazing looking display piece. Looks completely real! * Pics are of gun with orange tip removed, look for that one in another FS thread...gun you are buying is BNIB ** Not a...
  8. Obie71

    john wick and helen's photo

    Greetings I'm wondering has anyone ever been able to find a copy of this john wick and helen's photo?
  9. IndyFanChuck

    Replica John Wick H&K P30L’s????

    Question for you my friends? Do they make a replica/air soft version of John Wick’s H&K P30L pistol? Has anyone seen these for sale as a replica? Something safe for Conventions and costuming? I need one for a John Wick Costume please! ~Chuck.
  10. CarverSindile

    Are these file folders the one they use for John Wick's files in John Wick 2 and 3?

    I discovered these file folders: Magnetic Folio Folders • Print File Archival Storage and was wondering if they are similar to the ones that are used or are they close to the screen used prop or has close as you can get?
  11. masterjedi322

    John Wick ensemble

    Looking to put together a John Wick ensemble and was hoping the folks here might be able to point me in the right direction! I don't have a particular scene I'm going for - just the black suit with the dark/black/charcoal shirt and tie. I know one of the JW3 suits that went for auction was a...
  12. B1RDY

    John Wick Continental coin box prop replica.

    Hello everyone, I would like to introduce myself to you all. My name is Colin and I live in the UK and like a lot if not all of you I love movies and to enhance my enjoyment I collect what I can and sometimes build what I can with my limited resources, funds and ability. So something I would...
  13. MR_Adrian

    John Wick Stash Book (John Wick 3 Parabellum)

    Not sure if any other forum members have attempted making this, but this week I decided to go ahead and put together a replica of the stash book John Wick uses in John Wick 3. It's going to be a blend between the stunt version and the hero version (stunt version was for bashing heads and such...
  14. Nakai

    Limited Run John Wick Blood Oath Marker Oathmarker Prop

    On hand is a run for the John Wick Oath Marker - Limited Run Ready to ship (Run 2 - 20 pieces available) Dimensions 1) one Blood Oathmaker at 2.9 inches/ 7.3cm (diameter) approximately 2) Real metal (zinc alloy) 3) The cover opens to an angle as shown in the pic below. Price: USD49.90...
  15. M

    John Wick: Chapter 3 Bond Certificate

    Hey folks, I saw this in the trailer and decided to have a go at re-creating it. This is a draft. I can't make out everything from the screencaps I got from the trailer, if anyone has more detail I'd love to know. None of the fonts are spot-on, but the type writer one is especially bad.