Done / Completed Captain James Hook - The Hook! - 1:1 METAL 890€ each!!! Cast from Original


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Captain James Hook


Hi guys!
I am here to talk once more about a prop that was once the the most rare and iconic prop I ever made!

Yesterday I received a call from factory that told me that it has some stock materials and could offer me some work for a NEVER SEEN price!!! This is the lowest price I ever have ever offered for a HOOK!
All of you know the story of the prop released 8/9 years ago. It was studied and replicated down to the smallest details, and even had the upper part removable, just like the original prop in the movie!
This Hook comes directly from one original screen used Hook. So every detail you seen on it can be found in the original Hook!
If I have enough interest I'll proceed to have it realized again! I need at least 10 people on the list to start production!
Total pieces that will be produced is limited to 20 pieces!


Stainless steel for all Hook's body. Engraved part and removable upper part. Hook could be keep with your hand thanks the inner support, so you can wear it for cosplay or display it in your personal museum.
This is a TOTALLY handmade piece, so each piece can have minor defect, but nothing that will change the beauty of this prop.

METAL HOOK with UPPER removable part (just like the original prop):
First 10 people that take this spot will have this price - 10 Hooks: 650€ SHIPPED
Remained 10 Hooks will have this price: 890€ SHIPPED

This is a very discontinued run, so this can be stopped for other 4/5 years!
Hook is not ready to ship! Production will start after 10 quotes will be received! If I'll not receive 10 quotes I'll proceed to refund peoples in list.
I need the FULL PAYMENT to put your name in the list, otherwise I'll go to the next buyer. First come first served!

Thanks to all!

1 - almostdead600 SHIPPED - DHL TRACKING: 3337986540
2 - wraithride SHIPPED - DHL TRACKING: 6758393036
3 - glottis SHIPPED - DHL TRACKING: 2000031854
4 - nintendstroid SHIPPED - DHL TRACKING: 8745593102
5 - VashDstampede SHIPPED - DHL TRACKING: 5178478830
6 - rockbottom SHIPPED - DHL TRACKING: 7316669684
7 - zenix SHIPPED - DHL TRACKING: 7316658366
8 - madhatterboy PAYING IN PROGRESS
9 - johnnyhungus SHIPPED - DPD TRACKING: 1959722948


1 - Superkrates SHIPPED - DHL TRACKING: 1037874670
2 - TomVDJ SHIPPED - DHL TRACKING: 6758396875
3 - TomVDJ SHIPPED - DHL TRACKING: 6758396875
4 - Eversilk SHIPPED - DHL TRACKING: 5178476995
5 - Robert F. (Facebook) SHIPPED - DHL TRACKING: 8745564494
6 - phishook SHIPPED - DHL TRACKING: 3289018272
7 -
8 -
9 -
10 -

These are some pics of my old Hook!


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Yes!!! I have been waiting for ages for this to come back, I was eying a resin copy but with chroming it would be more expensive then a full metal one!

Awesome price!
I also have the hook dagger you made last year so I can’t wait to have this next to it.

Now to hunt for a nice velvet pillow!
List updated! Still 4 spots remained for this price and still 4 spots remained to start this run!
If we'll not have these spot on we can't start this run! ;)
For this price, I think the 4 spots will get filled. The last hooks sold here or on the facebookgroup, all went for 4-digit prices! So €650 is a REALLY good price! (y) (y)
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List updated!!! Only 3 spot left! We need 3 more guys with us and we can start this run! ;)
Who is the next? :D
This thread will remains open until beginning of April. If I'll not have enough interest for this date I think I'll not proceed with this one, so if you are interested... be fast ;)
so close last spot, who will fill it!!!
I'm afraid I'm out if the dagger run is not going to take place, and as far as I can see, it's not looking good for that run. So if people here really want a hook, I'd say: sign up for the dagger too, so both runs can take place. If the daggers are not a go, than maybe this one neither... :(

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