Done / Completed Captain James Hook - The Hook! - 1:1 METAL 890€ each!!! Cast from Original

My order came in! Look at these shine! Very well packed and looking incredible! Be aware that the blades of the daggers are greased (I assume to avoid corrosion), so have some paper towels ready to get off the grease (it will not be dripping of or something, but there is enough on there to stain your clothes).

And why I bought multiple? To select the nicest one for myself and consider the other ones as "investment" ;-). But it will be difficult to pick the "nicest" because they are all just perfect. Thanks for doing this run, Sarednab! And for those who didn't sign up yet for one: get them! They are awesome and when I sell mine, it will not be for the price you can get them now! That's for sure! ;)


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Here’s another picture of my hook. I really love this prop:

I purchased a 10 gal. aquarium from Walmart for $20, purchased a lamp base from eBay, and backed it with black foam board from the dollar store to keep out the dust. I had to attach cds, with felt glued on, to the lamp base since it was too small for the the hook to stand on. I may change it out, but it works for now.
I was going to do mirror backing, but I thought the black background makes the chrome stand out more.
That indeed is an awesome way of displaying that hook! That lamp base is just perfect for it! (y) (y)
Only 4 left for sale? I'd advise verybody to snap one up while you can! These hooks are really a piece of art!

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