Interest DaveP’s Luke RotJ V2 / Obi Wan ANH Motorised Stunt Prop-Replica Run (Sign Up Closed)


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Hey everyone. Apologies. I intended on posting an update on Friday, but ended up working straight through, leaving no time for posting.

I'll have to keep it brief with it being weekend, but just wanted to give everyone an idea of where things are....

DIY Kits:

The remaining DIY Kits are pretty much all packed up ready to ship out. The levers are on their way to me (arriving tomorrow via Kahl at KR sabers). The remaining WannaWanga parts are being sent directly from Roy and should be arriving soon too.


The first batch of commissions is underway! All parts are prepped, ready for darkening/stencilling/painting next week.

There are now X9 ROTJ V2s and 11X Obi Stunts in this first batch. All V2 emitters have been removed and dented, and pommel damage has been applied. General clean up of parts too, including softening of sharp edges on the rings:




Obi Stunts have been prepped, ready for painting next week too. The Switch hole has been de-threaded and set screws added to secure the motors bellow the clamp. As I've mentioned before, I suspect that these are present on the original prop, and wouldn't be happy sending these out with motors installed without including them. They haven't been included in the ROTJ hilt simply because I don't have any concrete evidence of their exact location.


The bearings have been installed in these already, and I'm considering installing the nipple (masked) before painting. I think that will have the best results. I'll be taking plenty of pictures along the way and will document the process of course. (y)

These updates can sometimes have the effect of slowing things down if I'm in the zone/mid-task, which is why I've put this one off a couple of days. I hope you understand.

I'll post the next one once I get to an appropriate milestone, or next weekend (whichever comes first).

I'm hoping to have the Obi Stunt bodies painted this week as well as having the V2 parts darkened, ready for stencilling. The A14 is pretty nasty stuff, so I'm hoping to get the darkening of the metal done in one go one day next week.

When the parts come in from Roy, I'll need to just jump on to getting the remaining DIY Kits booked in with UPS, but regardless of how far I get, I'll post another update over the weekend to let everyone know where things are up to. (y)

If you haven't seen it, Goodie2325 posted an excellent review of his Base kit on YouTube (Thanks, Chris! Much appreciated! :)):

Thanks again for your patience everyone, and for your support and enthusiasm!

I'm looking forward to sharing my progress on the commissions, as well as getting these last few kits out to everyone.

Here's to an exciting 2022! MTFBWY


**Due to a couple of people dropping out/going AWOL, there are currently a couple of base kits available as well as 1X Full ROTJ V2 kit and possibly 1X Full Motorised stunt (taken pending confirmation). Please get in touch if you're interested**


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This is not the update you're looking for....

Sorry everyone. I'm afraid I've been informed of a problem with the levers. :( They actually arrived earlier this week, but I hadn't had a chance to have a proper look at them yet.

I just heard from Roy though, and he's asked if they can be sent back to the manufacturer to be re-made.

Having had a look, they are indeed incorrect and missing the distinctive taper from Roy's design:

Levers crop.jpg

I know that this will be disappointing for those of you who are waiting for your DIY Kits to be sent out, knowing that they were so very close to being shipped.

For that I offer you my heartfelt apologies!

I hope that you can understand the importance that both roygilsing and myself place on things being perfect. If anything, I'm glad that the issue was noticed before sending them out, and that it is being resolved as fast as humanly possible.

I'm sending the levers back this afternoon, and will keep you all informed as soon as I hear anything about their replacements coming in, along with the other remaining parts.

Roy has said to feel free to get in touch if you have any questions for him.

It is too early yet to have a timeframe but in my experience these kinds of things, where the manufacturer is at fault, tend to take priority.

Sorry again that it isn't better news. :(

**This will not affect the ongoing commission work, and I hope to have an update relating to those very soon!**

In the meantime, if you have any concerns, please feel free to get in touch with either me or Roy.

All the best,



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Hey everyone. Apologies for the delayed update. It was my intention to post over the weekend, but I didn't get to where I wanted to be unfortunately, and had to deal with a few things this week (whole family suffering with some sort of non-covid seasonal lurgy to name just one).

In spite of that, I have made some good progress on the Obi Stunts. All eleven painted and de-masked. Just requiring some dry brushing on the necks and then I'll be on to installing the motors/switches :) :



Here's one of the ones that I've Dry brushed so far:


I've begun darkening the parts for the V2s as well, which is ongoing. It's my hope to have these finished today/tomorrow so that I can move on to stencilling over the weekend:


As for the kits....

The WannaWanga parts arrived this morning from Roy
(Thanks roygilsing). This doesn't include the Levers of course, as they are currently being remade*.

*Please see previous update.

There are a couple of kits to send out that were just waiting on the D-Rings/Bubble Strips and are now complete. I'll get those booked in for collection tomorrow. (y)

If you are waiting on a kit that is only missing it's lever, and you would like me to send the kit on, and then the lever separately (once they've arrived), I can do this. Can I just ask that you cover the cost of a large letter when the time comes to ship the lever?
  • UK = £2.69 (Signed For 1st Class)
  • International = £4.20 (untracked / insured up to £20)
  • International = £9.75 (Tracked / Fully Insured)
I hope you don't mind that I ask, but it doesn't take many for these small costs to add up.

Obviously, if you're happy to wait until the kits are complete, that's fine. They are all pre packaged and ready to ship as soon as the levers come in.

I just wanted to give people the option of getting them sooner.

**Please give me a shout through DMs if you'd like me to get your kit on it's way (without the lever). I'll keep an eye on my inbox and get any booked in that need to be sent out.**

Thanks again for your patience everyone! I have a habit of making a rod for my own back by putting a date on these updates, and it does weigh heavily on me when I miss one, but hopefully you understand that I am working flat out behind the scenes. As Always, if I seem to have dropped off the radar, it's because I'm busy cracking on with things! :)

The Next update (although, I'm not going to put a date on it this time!) should be an exciting one! The Obi Stunts should be finished, and the V2s will be stencilled up and in the process of being painted! :cool:

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch through DMs..

All the best and MTFBWY,

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Dave what paint did you use, is it a spray can or airbrushed paint? Looks awesome.
Thanks John!

I used this Acid etch primer as a base:

Followed by my usual matte black (Rustoleum Painters Touch Matte Black)

The brown on the neck is Halfords "Brazil Brown".

Then I dry brushed the neck with Vallejo "Bright Brass" followed by Tamayo Weathering powder (set B - Soot) to dull it back down.

Hope that helps :)


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Hi Everyone. I've been meaning to drop another update for a few days now, but there just never seems to be a good time. I'm always so eager to get on to the next job and keep things moving...

The first batch of commissions are now VERY close to being finished, and I expect to be moving on to batch two at some point next week! :)

We are just waiting on the levers still before I can get them 100% finished and ready to send out. Production has paused for Chinese New Year, but should be moving again soon and Roy is chasing them down for an update.

It's been an incredibly busy few weeks. I didn't quite hit the target of one batch per month unfortunately, but pretty close. After all this time and effort, it would be a real shame to rush things and compromise on quality. So thank you for your patience everyone!

V2 Commissions.jpg

All painting is finished now and I'm in the process of finishing things up on the V2s. De-stencilling has been a big job in itself. After removing the stencils, any residue from the vinyl has to be cleaned off using WD40/Q-tips (being careful not to take off the paint). The paint needs to be weathered too to get rid of the raised edges that build up against the stencils.

I've been in contact with everyone from the first batch to take their preferences for their builds.

The darkening of the metal has been optional. Whilst the prop today is quite dull, it was still relatively shiny at the time of filming:

lukeje10 (1).jpg

I've discussed the various dings and scratches with everyone too, and while most people have gone for 100% accuracy, there are a few variations.

Most of the defining features/marks/scratches are on the pommel:


There is also gouge in the booster that some people have decided to incorporate in to their commissions:


The end results are looking great and I should have them all pretty much finished by the end of the week all being well (please excuse the incorrect lever for now):




You might notice that I've changed the neck tape on the top images. I've been agonising over this for a while. The tape I've been sending out with the stencil kits is a neoprene rubber tape (as seen on the bottom image). Whilst I still like the look of this tape, I've found that it's just not hard wearing enough. I've decided to start using a cloth loom tape from now on. Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to send this particular tape out with the stencils. The tape is so thin that it requires about a meter of it to build it up to the desired thickness on the neck. There's just no way to transfer this from the roll to transport with the kits unfortunately. I'll continue to send out the neoprene strips for those who wish to use them, but going forward, I'll be using Tesa 15mm Adhesive Wiring Harness (available on Amazon). I hope this is ok with everyone.

To allow the emitter to spin, I fold over a section of tape so that the first part is non-adhesive. I do the same to a small tab at the end to give the impression that the tape is thicker, and to mimic the tape on the actual prop.

I've been in contact with everyone regarding the the Obi Stunts too, to discuss a couple of optional features.

I figure that the machining mark on the pommel would have been there from day one, so I've been asking people if they'd like it to be added to their Obi builds:

Schermafbeelding 2017-11-07 om 18.51.30_zpsrtn4ttix.png

Also, the paint chipping on the emitters that can be seen in some of the Death Star shots:


I should be done wiring up the rest of the Obi Stunts this week (tomorrow hopefully). Here's one that's just about finished, apart from the incorrect lever.




This first batch has taken a little longer than I had planned, but I got a few systems in place on this batch which should mean that the second batch goes a little faster whist maintaining the same standards.

Big thank you to everyone for your incredible patience on this run. I'm eternally grateful, and I count each and every one of these as an honour to work on.

Hope you like what you see everyone.

Thanks again and all the best,


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