1. Elfenstahl

    Star Wars MGC Japan Mauser C96 PFG

    Selling a C96 plugfire gun, made by MGC Japan in the 70s. Perfect base for a blaster built, but hard to find nowadays. The model gun is good shape for its age. Gun can be stripped and operated like the original Mauser. Worldwide shipping. MGC located in Germany. Private sale. No return, no...
  2. DaveP

    Star Wars Vintage Hunter Boot Studs for Luke V2/Bunker Bomb (Untrimmed)

    Hello everyone. I've ended up in the possession of quite a few spare Vintage Hunter Boot studs... These were used on the Luke ROTJ V2 prop, having been trimmed down as seen here: They were also used on the ROTJ Bunker Bomb prop, as well as various others. I'm offering single, untrimmed...
  3. DaveP

    Star Wars Luke ROTJ Hero Reveal Death Star Brass

    Hi Everyone. I was going to sit on these until my next Hero run (2023), but I've found that they make a pretty nice upgrade to my previous reveal board, so I'm offering here for those who'd like one :) Just a little background... My first ever reveal board was 3D printed, and had to be...
  4. Psab keel

    Limited Run Star Wars Screen Accurate Yavin Medal Ribbons

    I've sourced 100% screen accurate ribbon for your Yavin Medals. Years ago I discovered the British Officer Wool Ties, but recently I came across this same style of ribbon, which is more likely the source of the Medal Ribbons given that they also used this material for Luke's ANH Pancho Trim and...
  5. DaveP

    Interest DaveP’s Luke RotJ V2 / Obi Wan ANH Motorised Stunt Prop-Replica Run (Sign Up Closed)

    Hello there! This is the project run thread for my Luke ROTJ V2/Obi Wan ANH Motorised Stunt run. The run is now underway and sign up is closed. It has been a long, and thoroughly enjoyable process, with many twists, turns and revelations along the way. If you're interested, I highly recommend...
  6. DaveP

    Limited Run The Yuma (Short Bladed Stunt) Kit. Including Blade and Stencils. **SIGN UP CLOSED**

    Hi Everyone. Here's my next project for January 2021! The Yuma! I originally intended on stepping away from the Hero (and Yuma) to focus on other projects, and to make way for the MoM static Hero, which I believe is just around the corner. I felt that the two projects would be too similar...
  7. DaveP

    Yuma/Hero build thread

    Hi everyone. As I'm about to embark on the builds from my latest Yuma/Hero run, I thought I'd get a thread going to demonstrate how I go about doing it. For anyone unfamiliar with the run, you can read up on it HERE. There's also an active interest thread HERE for anyone that's interested in...
  8. DaveP

    Limited Run Luke's ROTJ Static Hero/Yuma/ISYHCANL Prop Replica Kit (2nd Run) *SIGN UP CLOSED*

    Hello everyone... I’m finally ready to go ahead with the second run for Luke's ROTJ Static Hero/Yuma/ISYHCANL Prop Replica! *Completed hilt from first run (there are subtle differences/improvements on run 02) Thank you to everyone for being so patient! The first run turned out great! I was...
  9. Xrad

    Who makes the best Luke bespin outfit

    Who makes the best and most accurate Luke bespin outfit
  10. mrwho25

    Ceremonial Jedi Robes - customizing Luke's robes (questions about the project) help please!

    Hi all, I stumbled upon this forum while trying to find some good reference images/ideas etc., seems like a great place. I'm going to my first con at the end of July (GalxyCon in Raleigh) and also doing my first cosplay. I had the idea of taking Luke's ceremonial robes from the sequel trilogy...
  11. DaveP

    Done / Completed Luke's *Screen Accurate* ROTJ Yuma/ISYHCANL/Hero Tri-Rings (Unlimited run)

    Hi everyone, Back in February and following my small run of finished Luke ISYHCANL hilts, I recieved quite a bit of interest regarding the tri-ring; a few people asking where I bought them from? **Original hand-made rings:** I had to explain that the original tri-ring was hand made, and that...
  12. DaveP

    Limited Run Luke's ROTJ Static Yuma/ISYHCANL/Hero Variations Kit Parts Run (Sign up closed/In Production)

    Hello everyone. Last year I embarked on a personal project to recreate a screen accurate Luke's ROTJ Hero saber, eventually deciding on the ISYHCANL configuration: I won't go in to too much detail, as you can see the project thread here. I now find myself deciding on my next project, and...
  13. DaveP

    Luke's ROTJ "ISYHCANL" Yuma build (UK)

    I've decided to start a thread about the project I'm working on: Accurate (unidealised) Luke's ROTJ Hero saber. I've been commenting on a variety of other people’s threads regarding the project, mainly because I didn't want to spam the forum with multiple threads on the same subject...
  14. thawn_es

    Interest **CLOSED** Luke's macrobinoculars resin lenses

    I'm going to do a limited run in resin of the kaligar lenses for the kalimar 660 used on the luke`s macros or for han's binoculars (the art of han solo a star wars story). - Set of a pair builded, painted, static and ready to display for 100€ plus shipping. If there is an interest of at least...
  15. BRRogers

    Magic of Myth ( MoM ) Luke RotJ Hero ( cave build ) lightsaber research, images, reference, & collaborative model builder's discussion.

    Hi guys and welcome, this thread has been going for over two years and we've made so many discoveries! Thank you! The mission of this thread is to research, discuss, and enjoy the most thorough examination of the Luke ROTJ Hero Lightsaber as it exists in its current state. Many recognize...
  16. Bloop

    Budget light saber conversion - Luke/Rey Graflex-type mod

    So I decided to do a quick/budget Luke Skywalker costume for this past Halloween, specifically his outfit from Crait (the duel). I also wanted a decent looking lightsaber to go with it, but didn't want to break the bank. I finished it enough for Halloween, but I'm still trying to tweak it. It'll...
  17. lukyanov

    Done / Completed Luke Skywalker TLJ «CreepyUncle» lightsaber (by Lukyanov) Run #2

    Hi. :) photos of 1st run saber by Dmitri Shtok I want to start my second run here. You can find the differences from the first run in the narrative of the order form. Also, there will be only shiny version. It will be a limited run,the ordinary price is 190$ per hilt + shipping. Also, you...
  18. Luke Iron Man Mark 7

    Luke Iron Man Mark 7

    3 year old Luke Iron Man Mark VII for 2012 Halloween costume contest
  19. DARTH SABER ANH/ROTJ shared stunt saber blueprint

    DARTH SABER ANH/ROTJ shared stunt saber blueprint

  20. DARTH SABER ROTJ Luke Skywalker hero saber blueprint

    DARTH SABER ROTJ Luke Skywalker hero saber blueprint

  21. scarf man

    Luke Skywalker’s Return of the Jedi lightsabers (a primer)

    The Luke ROTJ sabers, Identification thread * Glossary located at the bottom of the post. 1). THE V2 ( belt hanger in ROTJ ) ( sail barge, deleted sandstorm, Endor, & throne room scenes ) [ machined aluminum & greeblie construction ] [motorized bladed Obi-Wan stunt in ANH] More...