luke skywalker

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  1. DaveP

    Star Wars Denix Mauser Replica plus RBReplicas flash hider (DL44)

    It's with a heavy heart that I'm selling my Denix C96 Mauser replica. I just don't have the time to finish this project unfortunately and need the money to help fund other projects. I've sawn off the barrel and weathered the flash hider (Aluminium Black). **This is a UK only sale for obvious...
  2. SeanG22

    Screen Accurate Metal DL-44 Luke Skywalker Bespin Blaster

    Screen Accurate Metal DL-44 Luke Skywalker Bespin Blaster - with Screen Accurate parts built onto an MGC Mauser (for those who don’t know, MGCs were the actual ones they used to build the DL-44s in ESB and ROTJ. Unfortunately, MGC went out of business about 20 years ago, so most people settle...
  3. Psab keel

    Star Wars Magnoli Falcon Boots (Han/ Imperial) BRAND NEW!~11.5 U.S. Mens

    These traditional British style riding boots are made of smooth black calfskin and fully lined in a tan cowhide. Leather soles, with rubber heels, all Goodyear welted for long-life and completely serviceable. Minor Scuff on right boot (photographed) but otherwise BRAND NEW! These boots are a...
  4. dmcox01

    Luke Skywalker hero lightsaber TFA version

    This saber is from Anakin Starkiller's 2016 run as seen here: It is solid aluminum with a solid control box. Card and red/green triangles came from tomm1999's run here...
  5. dmcox01

    Graflex Luke Skywalker ESB Roman Props

    This is a Gen 1 Graflex from Roman's 2016 run as seen here: This is a working flashgun replica. I've converted it to Luke's ESB version. Features include 6 grips with silver Allen...
  6. mgenovese312

    Star Wars Anakin Starkiller V2 & fx emitter plate

    Selling an AS V2. This was painted prior to my purchasing. Selling as is. Comes with the fx plate. The emitter can spin like the on screen prop. It’s in great shape can can be stripped, weathered, and stenciled to get it more accurate to the on screen V2. PP fees are included in the price...
  7. scarf man

    List the DL-44 blaster props ANH through ROTJ

    The ANH to ROTJ DL44 blasters, Identification thread *Glossary near the bottom of the post. Star Wars (ANH) 1977 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Han Solo‘s hero (Docking bay 94 escape, Melinneum Falcon interior, and Yavin scenes) [Mauser...
  8. DaveP

    DaveP's Luke RotJ V2 Research/Development Thread 2021

    Intro: Hello everyone. As some of you may know, I’ve been working away on my own version of the V2 for some time now behind the scenes. Well, it’s finally time to unveil the project and where I am in the development process. This thread will serve as a development thread to start with, where I...
  9. Rexermus

    Luke Hoth ESB DL-44 Help

    Hey y'all, Doing some research for a future cosplay/prop build and I was wondering if anyone had any info on the greeblies and mods done to the Mauser prop Mark Hamill wore and used for his scenes on Hoth. I found an old thread that claims the Hero prop Mark used for Hoth was the same Harrison...
  10. DaveP

    Star Wars Luke ROTJ Hero Kit (Commission available)

    Hi everyone. I have 0X full kits available from my second Luke ROTJ Hero run for anyone that missed it... Here's a link to the project thread for the kit's background/development: DaveP's 2nd Hero Run The price for the Hero Kit is £200 The kit includes: Solid Aluminium Yuma Body (Predrilled...
  11. Marv

    Star Wars Sold

  12. mgenovese312

    Star Wars Dave Parkin Static ROTJ Hero-1st run

    She is a ROTJ Luke Skywalker static hero replica made by Dave Parkin in the UK. This is from his first run of statics that came out last Summer. This cannot be made to hold electronics, it is completely solid(apart from the control box) like the original prop. It was meticulously painted by...
  13. Psab keel

    Star Wars Roman Props V2 Cone Knob (Out of stock at Roman Props)

    Roman Props V2 Cone Knob Thumbscrew -Brand New -Price listed is for 1 Thumbscrew -6 available for purchase -Currently OUT OF STOCK at Roman Props $22.00 Shipped within the U.S. International PM me for exact shipping.
  14. henselmonster

    Henselmonster's Luke Macrobinoculars

    I started this build with the intention of doing an entirely resin/reproduction part version, mostly resin parts on an actual Eumig. Then I found a seagull pop up on the site that must not be named for not that much. .....then I somehow grabbed a Kalimar for less than $250 Then I found a resin...

    Luke Skywalker "Ahch-to" native island style Saber storage crate Ideas??

    Thought about building a some sort of native island storage crate for Luke's (retired?) green lightsaber. Supposedly it is in the care of some of the native island caretakers. Ideas on the lore of the island? The language? Common materials available there? If we could gather some info, we could...
  16. DaveP

    Limited Run Luke's ROTJ Static Yuma/ISYHCANL/Hero Variations Kit Parts Run (Sign up closed/In Production)

    Hello everyone. Last year I embarked on a personal project to recreate a screen accurate Luke's ROTJ Hero saber, eventually deciding on the ISYHCANL configuration: I won't go in to too much detail, as you can see the project thread here. I now find myself deciding on my next project, and...
  17. Chase Butler

    Chase's Vintage ESB Luke Lightsaber Build

    After finally collecting all of the parts and doing the conversion, my ESB Luke lightsaber build is finally complete! This thing is absolutely gorgeous and just about as accurate as you could possibly get, right down to the correct cave scene stamping on the end! Almost ever part (except for...
  18. Jhowe1997

    Sacred Jedi Texts - Replica Prop Build

    Been working on this for a while now and it’s finally finished! My version of the Sacred Jedi Texts book from The Last Jedi. Built from scratch by hand, complete with 10 detailed prop pages hand finished with paint and gold leaf accents (just like the original prop), and aged/weathered. The...
  19. Corellianexports

    Limited Run Han Solo Luke Skywalker Bespin Blaster Mounts

    I made a mistake today while installing my own mount, so I'll be machining a new one for myself this week. I thought I would put this out there just in case anyone else wanted one. If you need a mount just post a reply or send me a pm with the number of mounts needed. The Luke version just...
  20. COlson

    Bandai X-Wing 1/48 scale Heavily modded

    This is my Bandai 1/48 scale X-Wing starfighter. I have heavily modified this kit with additional electronics and a custom base. The torpedo firing and and wing functions are all that were kept from the original kit. I added full cockpit lighting with targeting computer lighting, engine...
  21. alecsanz

    Luke Skywalker's TESB paper lightsaber

    Hello today I bring you Luke's lightsaber from The Empire Strikes Back. More pics here: Luke Skywalker's lightsaber from The Empire Strikes Back
  22. alecsanz

    Luke Skywalker's ROTJ V1 lightsaber made with paper

    Hey guys and girls I'm new here and I'd like to show you my paper lightsaber collection. Today I'll start with Luke's ROTJ V1 lightsaber. Hope you like it. You can find more pics here: Luke Skywalker's lightsaber from Return Of The Jedi
  23. lukyanov

    Done / Completed Luke Skywalker TLJ «CreepyUncle» lightsaber (by Lukyanov) Run #2

    Hi. :) photos of 1st run saber by Dmitri Shtok I want to start my second run here. You can find the differences from the first run in the narrative of the order form. Also, there will be only shiny version. It will be a limited run,the ordinary price is 190$ per hilt + shipping. Also, you...

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