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  1. mgenovese312

    Star Wars Dave Park ROTJ set

    Unfortunately I am forced to unload a few beauties. These were all crafted by Dave Parkin in the UK. All were limited runs and are no longer in production. I am willing to sell them individually or as a set. The price is based on the cost plus commission and PP fees. It does NOT include...
  2. darthwhitey

    Korbanth Luke ROTJ w/ installed blade & sound NEW IMAGES

    Korbanth Luke Skywalker! Installed LS Hero Supreme N-Pixel saber Version 2 (2021 version) BRAND NEW in box. Never used! Ships from the USA same day or next... Cheers
  3. The Cog

    Echo Base Luke Skywalker Jacket - Columbia - 2XL

    Selling my jacket and boots for an Echo Base rebel outfit. This is a 2xl Columbia Luke Skywalker Jacket. Never fully put together a full outfit.... And doesn't make much sense for me in Florida. Need to sell and willing to ship within the United States for free. Jacket: 2XL Boots: 11 Let me...
  4. mgenovese312

    Star Wars Luke Skywalker V3 by Anakin Starkiller

    Selling off my personal Luke Skywalker ROTJ V3 by Anakin Starkiller body. Please contact me before purchasing to calculate shipping cost. This is a V2/V3 builders kit that was modified for the V3 set up. The body is painted and weathered to match the post production wear and tear. This...
  5. Psab keel

    Limited Run Star Wars Screen Accurate Yavin Medal Ribbons

    I've sourced 100% screen accurate ribbon for your Yavin Medals. Years ago I discovered the British Officer Wool Ties, but recently I came across this same style of ribbon, which is more likely the source of the Medal Ribbons given that they also used this material for Luke's ANH Pancho Trim and...
  6. D

    Star Wars Trench Run Diorama

    Hey all, I made this piece last year and completely forgot to share it on the forum, I thought some of you might be interested in seeing it! I set out to make a 1/144 scale diorama of one of my favourite cinematic moments - the Trench Run. I also decided to venture into using LED filaments to...
  7. The Cog

    Price drop: Luke Skywalker Echo Base Jacket

    Picked up this jacket and accessories a few years ago with the intention of putting together an Echo base costume. Have to part with it though, as I have a family member going into hospice and need to fly home to see them. Never worn. Jacket, boots, and gloves included. Pricing it much lower...
  8. Vexxy

    Luke’s ANH Poncho

    Hey all! I’ve been trying to find an accurate version of Luke’s poncho from ANH, pic attached, and I’m not too sure where to start, so I figured I’d come here with the experts I found the website Jackets Creator, and it looked fairly accurate, but I wasn’t sure how trustworthy it was and...
  9. Psab keel

    Star Wars Yavin Medal Ribbon

    Does anyone need a more accurate ribbon for their Yavin Medal? Made from Cotton with the correct weave in a light Khaki. One Yard length. $30 shipped within the U.S. International Buyers PM me for exact shipping.
  10. PRCDMC

    My Lightsaber Display Wall

    Many years in the making, but here is my little SW corner of my man cave. Shout out to Roman for the killer Vader V1 and Obi-Wan I got today.
  11. Psab keel

    Star Wars Luke Skywalker ANH Boots 11.5-12 Men's JDOS

    $400.00 Shipped within the U.S. Size 11.5-12 Men's Luke ANH Boots with Puttees by JDOS. Built from quality suede and weathered to perfection!
  12. mandalorian2x08_3125.jpg


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  15. boba-fett1x06_2960.jpg


    Front - Tabards, Obi
  16. boba-fett1x06_2889.jpg


    Front - Tabards, Obi, Underarm
  17. boba-fett1x06_2817.jpg


    Side - Tabards
  18. boba-fett1x06_1355.jpg


    Side - Undertunic
  19. boba-fett1x06_0972.jpg


    Back - Tabards
  20. boba-fett1x06_0847.jpg


    Front - Belt, Tabards, Pants
  21. boba-fett1x06_0842.jpg


    Side - Neck, Shoulder
  22. boba-fett1x06_0785.jpg


    Front - Tabards, Obi, Pants
  23. boba-fett1x06_0647.jpg


    Front, Close - Tabards, Obi
  24. boba-fett1x06_0621.jpg


    Front - Tabards, Obi
  25. lukyanov

    A small batch of weathered and installed «Creepy Uncle» Luke's TLJ sabers

    Hello there. I want to sale a small batch of «Creepy Uncle» weathered and installed sabers. - Luke Skywalker's «Creepy Uncle» gen.3 (the latest batch) hilt made by me - 220$ - Weathering by Siberian Pine : every single detail was has been carefully crafted with abrasives then chemical...