return of the jedi

  1. mgoob

    Star Wars ROTJ Solo DL-44 Blaster Flash Hider

    Delrin flash hider, the same material used on the props. recessed set screw as well as the one shown painted w/ Tamiya silver, easily removed w/ either thinner or acetone ships from USA zip code 14620 buyer pays P&P
  2. M

    Star Wars FS: Darth Vader machined aluminum helmet reveal parts

    I will no longer be pursuing my Darth Vader costume or display builds, and am starting to list parts for sale: For sale is a single lot of the following vader_doctor ROTJ Darth Vader machined aluminum helmet reveal parts. Includes - forehead set - linkage set - dome rings - dome keys -...
  3. jclayman99


    This is a clothears boushh helmet. The best on the market. Wait time was a year from order. This is complete with working and accurate lights. Foam padding interior very comfortable. Only ever been on display. The most accurate helmet available. Leather on nose and back of neck. This is a very...
  4. Joek3rr

    Lets talk all things Star Wars

    So I've been wanting to create this thread for sometime. Basically if anyone wants to. Come talk Star Wars. Doesn't matter if it's about the movies, TV shows, games, books, Legends or Canon. If it's Star Wars, then let's talk about. If there's something you love, let's talk about it. Something...
  5. alecsanz

    Luke Skywalker's ROTJ V1 lightsaber made with paper

    Hey guys and girls I'm new here and I'd like to show you my paper lightsaber collection. Today I'll start with Luke's ROTJ V1 lightsaber. Hope you like it. You can find more pics here: Luke Skywalker's lightsaber from Return Of The Jedi
  6. teecrooz

    Want to Buy Glenross Dental Expander

    Not looking for a full set, but would love to have some for my collection of found parts.