return of the jedi

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  1. roygilsing

    Vader reveal helmet PMT dynode louvers

    Hi all, For my recent Endor bunker bomb kit I purchased many vintage EMI Thorn photomultiplier tubes. I harvested all the louver parts (dynodes these are called) and used the ones I needed for the bombs. I have many odd ones left. I found out by now that there are many variants! Not only left &...
  2. FamousFett

    Boba Fett ROTJ SE Helmet Replica

    Hello everyone! I am new to the RPF but certainly not new to creating things :) I mainly operate out of The Dented Helmet and Instagram. I wanted to share my replica Boba Fett helmet that I finished painting about a week ago. This helmet was painted on a lineage Boba Fett helmet which means it...
  3. Indy Magnoli

    Want to Buy Biker Scout Costume Parts (Everything needed)!

    A big group of us are planning on marching in our local Christmas Parade (virus pending, of course) and we'd like to add a Biker Scout to our mix. At the moment, we've only got a scout trooper blaster... maybe some white boots as well. Probably black gloves too. Everything else is needed. If...
  4. Frogfreak

    Palpatine sculpt/upcoming facial prosthetics

    Hey everyone, this is my first serious try at a palpatine sculpt. The whole idea is that currently it's a smaller palpatine face sculpt to see if I can get the details right. Later when I'll get the supplies I'll be doing a life-cast of my head and then sculpt the details with my oil-based clay...
  5. Welsh Pirate

    The Antihero - Custom Luke v2 finishing

    So I finally coughed up the dough to one of Roman's gorgeous steel v2's. Beauty shot: So I have to be honest; as much as I'm a fan of the v2's form, I'm not crazy about the paint job. So, I'm going to do an idealized version. At first I thought about giving it the color scheme of the hero, but...
  6. Psab keel

    Melnor Soft Flo Soaker 5330C Vibro Axe

    Up for sale is a Rare and Brand New Melnor Soft Flo Soaker, part no. 5330C. This item is an attachment that connects to a standard garden hose to control the flow of water to newly planted growth to allow for maximum hydration without the danger of uprooting. Star Wars fans will recognize this...
  7. Cbstudios

    Luke ROTJ thin neck build from a MR Force FX

    Hey all. So a few years back, I scored a Master Replicas Luke ROTJ Force Fx saber in a trade for some leather work. This saber had been converted to an in-hilt luxeon well before I got it, and it had seen some fair damage, I’d pulled it apart to repair some solder joints a few times, and was...
  8. Joek3rr

    Lets talk all things Star Wars

    So I've been wanting to create this thread for sometime. Basically if anyone wants to. Come talk Star Wars. Doesn't matter if it's about the movies, TV shows, games, books, Legends or Canon. If it's Star Wars, then let's talk about. If there's something you love, let's talk about it. Something...
  9. alecsanz

    Luke Skywalker's ROTJ V1 lightsaber made with paper

    Hey guys and girls I'm new here and I'd like to show you my paper lightsaber collection. Today I'll start with Luke's ROTJ V1 lightsaber. Hope you like it. You can find more pics here: Luke Skywalker's lightsaber from Return Of The Jedi
  10. teecrooz

    Want to Buy Glenross Dental Expander

    Not looking for a full set, but would love to have some for my collection of found parts.

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