obi wan

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  1. C

    Vintage Armitage Shanks handwheel

    Vintage Armitage Shanks (AS) handwheel for sale, and the correct size and dimensions for a real parts Obi-Wan lightsaber. Rechromed pommel cubes with no chips or scratches. The "hot" cap retains 7 out of 8 teeth for a very snug fit. The d-ring is already in place. Price includes US shipping...
  2. schrodinger555

    Obi Wan Balance Pipe Adapter Kit from Vintage Stock

    Hey guys! For sale are 4 of my balance pipe to Hales adapters. This is what I use on my own saber to hold the pieces together. It allows for a close fit with the balance pipe, but allows for some variation in inner diameter of the balance pipe, be it replica or original. This is best for use...
  3. Sabs

    Want to Buy Romans light sabre

    Hi everyone, Im looking for a romans static ANH graflex or an ANH obiwan hilt, for less than new. Make me an offer.
  4. C

    Vintage Armitage Shanks handwheel

    For your real parts Obi Wan lightsaber build, I'm offering a vintage Armitage Shanks (AS) handwheel for sale. The cap is the Hot version, and it has 4/8 teeth remaining, which means some adhesive or glue will be needed to keep the cap securely in place. Alternatively, the handwheel cap and red...
  5. DaveP

    Interest Obi Wan ANH **Heavy** Static (Interest Thread)

    Hello everyone. I've been finishing up a few semi completed 3D projects lately, and I'm VERY excited to finally put this one out there as an interest thread, having received the final quote from the machining shop! What we have here is my take on Obi Wan's ANH saber. This is not a replica...
  6. Z

    Legacy Lightsaber issues? has anyone open them up?

    I got my freind to get me Obi-wan's ep 1 lightsaber and when i plug in the blade it makes the sound.. but when i twist it and try to turn it on nothing happen... i got my friends savi's lightsaber and we switch blades to see if it was my blade or my hilt was the issue.. it turns out it was my...
  7. DaveP

    Obi Wan ANH build... Development Thread

    Oh dear, what have I started?! So, my impatience has got the better of me this evening, and I may have started something... The parts for my ISYHCANL are still in production, so I thought while I waited I'd have a try at a few Obi Wan parts in 3D: These are all very rough at this stage and...
  8. m4vrick

    (FOUND) Browning .303 booster / flash hider

    Appreciate any leads. Do PM me if you want to sell one.
  9. Serenity

    No 3 MK 1 Windvane (or just sleeve)

    This is a tough one, but if anyone has a spare REAL Hales No 3 MK 1 windvane sleeve (or the whole windvane if necessary), please send me a PM. I don't actually need the whole grenade or stem, just the windvane sleeve but I will purchase any combo of the sleeve, fins, and stem together if...
  10. m4vrick

    WTB Hales No. 3 MK1

    Hello, I happen to will be around UK sometime next month. So, bringing this home myself instead of the mail is always better. Any 1 selling? Appreciate any leads.

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