1. DaBuild

    Workshop upgraded with Han Solo in carbonite

    Hello people! I know it's nothing fancy compare to what you guys make in this group but I recently upgraded with shop with a Han solo in carbonite! Nothing fancy but I'm quite happy with the result. Pretty inspiring looking at it in the shop while building props! Cheers! Dan
  2. evoskater

    Mens Skechers Blaine Orsen - Casual, Slip On Work Boots SIZE 13 (Mandalorian)

    Ordered these for myself but sadly they´re too big for me :( Asking for 50,- € + shipping ( Shipping in the EU 20~€ (I have to check for the specific destination - overseas usually about 50~€) PLEASE PM ME AND DON`T USE THE BUY NOW BUTTON! Message me via PN. :) Feel free to ask or make...
  3. thawn_es

    Star Wars Resin CO2 bulb cartridge x2

    Hi all! I have for sale x2 pressure castings of CO2 bulb cartridge in black resin. Accurate item used in star wars props like han solo's breathing mask in esb, at-at helmet, etc... Price include PayPal fees and shipping
  4. mgenovese312

    Star Wars Dave Park ROTJ set

    Unfortunately I am forced to unload a few beauties. These were all crafted by Dave Parkin in the UK. All were limited runs and are no longer in production. I am willing to sell them individually or as a set. The price is based on the cost plus commission and PP fees. It does NOT include...
  5. thawn_es

    Star Wars Metal Sabacc credits

    For sale 35 star wars gold and aged credits for sabacc game. 26 imperial credits 9 mandalorian credits FULL METAL!!! Real value: 250€ Asking 140€ plus shipping
  6. Landiner1

    AT-ST Empire Strikes Back Chicken Walker

    Good day Im new in this forum Im building an AT ST prop replica with exact armature designs and all kitbashing pieces and kits from Tamiya, Italeri, MPC etc Anyone else is building it ?
  7. Threepio

    Star Wars Imperial Officer Pants - Black (Size Small) $̶2̶2̶5̶

    This is the STAR WARS™ Imperial Officer Pants Accessory from ANOVOS. This STAR WARS™ costume accessory was recreated using measurements and reference taken from the original screen-used production assets. This costume accessory is ready to wear. Pants are made of custom milled cavalry twill...
  8. SirSandalot

    I painted the Revell 1/29 scale X-Wing (PIC HEAVY)

    Well, the title says it all... but first... Modifications/corrections: 1. Stock R2-D2 was too tall, I fixed that, he did not like it. Beep beep weeeebipibipiwoowoo, he said. I agreed. 2. The pilot was sitting too deep in the cockpit, looked like a little kid. Just made him a pillow with putty...
  9. the.rebel.agent

    Obi-Wan Kenobi's Viewscreen Prop Replica

    This is my version from the viewscreen modeled in Fusion360, used previously by Anakin Skywalker at one ROTS scene. This is going to be functional like I did for the Bad Batch Tech's datapad. Looking for an appropriate display. More photos here...
  10. the.rebel.agent

    The Bad Batch Tech's Datapad Functional Replica

    Since the show aired, I felt in love with this character and his abilities to master the technology. A Nerd clone If we can say that. Since information technology is part of my profession and I an super Star Wars Fan, I modeled this Datapad in Fusion360: I realized that could be done to...
  11. 1313armory

    Clone wars dc-17 blasters

    I’m new to this thread and have been an avid costume maker and prop maker I printed these blasters off a while ago and sent them up to my cousin to have them detailed, let me know what you guys think and if any buyers out there let me know
  12. SeanG22

    Regal Robot 1:1 Star Wars Holochess Prop Replicas Review! - Dejarik Set and Body Slam

    Hey guys! Just released a YouTube video review for the Regal Robot Holochess pieces! I also do a side by side comparison to the Galaxy's Edge pieces! Feel free to check it out if you have a chance! It's my first video :)
  13. DaBuild

    STARWARS: Lightsaber from Ralph Mcquarrie original concept art

    Hello Fellow Makers! I always wanted my own lightsaber so I machined one from Ralph Mcquarrie original concept art. I hope you enjoy! Cheers! Dan
  14. Hedonist Farmer

    Westar-35 blaster build, from The Mandalorian (Nite Owls)

    Hello everyone, here are some pictures of my recently finished project. It's a Westar-35 blaster in the live action version, as seen on the show The Mandalorian, most notably used by Bo-Katan and the Nite Owls. This is a purchased 3D printed kit from etsy that i assembled and painted using...
  15. supermansteel

    I need help creating a replica of the Rebel pilot helmet for the X-Wing ship. ANH (1977)

    Hello community of the RPF forum, I need help with a pattern to create the cardboard helmet of the rebel pilot of the X-Wing ship from the movie Star Wars: A New Hope (1977). As well as reference images and their real measurements since I cannot find data to create my helmet as close as possible...
  16. CommanderWolffe

    My DENIX ANH DL-44 build

    Hello DL-44 Community, Im happy to post my first DL-44 build, and see what y’all think! Mine is a Denix base with parts from Dark Energy Creations. The Denix was a rough cast for sure, and required a lot of clean up. There are still some small things id like to fix, but I’ll get to them in time...
  17. CaptainNater

    Fan Made Chewbacca Mask - 3d Model To Finished Mask

    Hello everyone! So, I have been working on making a Chewbacca mask for the past few months. My first attempt was not bad but it didn't look enough like Chewie. So, I re-worked my 3d model and started from scratch on my Version 2. Started with a 3d model, printed out the model, sculpted...
  18. DaveP

    Interest DaveP’s Luke RotJ V2 / Obi Wan ANH Motorised Stunt Prop-Replica Run (Sign Up Closed)

    Hello there! This is the project run thread for my Luke ROTJ V2/Obi Wan ANH Motorised Stunt run. The run is now underway and sign up is closed. It has been a long, and thoroughly enjoyable process, with many twists, turns and revelations along the way. If you're interested, I highly recommend...
  19. Jake Kassnoff

    Bad Batch Wrecker Helmet

  20. DaBuild

    Starwars - Jedi Training Remote full build

    Hey people! I know it's been done before many times, but still, I always wanted one for the collection! The Jedi training remote from Starwars! Resin printed and machined the side connectors. I hope you enjoy! Cheers! Dan
  21. SeanG22

    what were the original Jawa eyes made of in 1977?

    Does anyone happen to know what found part was used to make the original jawa eyes :)?
  22. DaveP

    DaveP's Luke RotJ V2 Research/Development Thread 2021

    Intro: Hello everyone. As some of you may know, I’ve been working away on my own version of the V2 for some time now behind the scenes. Well, it’s finally time to unveil the project and where I am in the development process. This thread will serve as a development thread to start with, where I...
  23. Jake Kassnoff

    Qui-Gon Jinn Lightsaber

  24. Enohado

    Ralph McQuarrie 1/24 Studio Scale 3D Printable Concept X-Wing

    Hello, I would like to share my McQuarrie concept X-Wing. I saw someone who designed one years ago but as it usually works, they were limited kits and long sold out/impossible to obtain, so figured why not make one. (Also I think the designer sold the files to EFX? Who in turn did nothing with...
  25. Sni9er

    Din Djarin's - IB-94 Blaster (JBReplicasUK)

    Just wanted to share some photos of what I received in the mail today this absolutely painfully beautiful IB-94 from Joe Browning (JBReplicasUK) We were very fortunate to have been able to support Joe with our company...