Limited Run 2nd Run of Accurate RotJ Force Pike - Weapon of the Emperor's Royal Guard


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You said we don't need all 50 spots signed up for the run to go ahead. So with 39 now, how many more do we need?

I mean, I'm still in tfor the other four I promised. I'm working an out-of-state internship, basically, and won't have funds until the end of the month, probably.

I think I'm going to set the preorders to close at the end of the month to make sure Inquisitor Peregrinus can get on the run :)

So here we go:

UPDATE August 10th 2022

The closing date for pre-orders will be Thursday the 1st of September 2022, three weeks from now. As mentioned, once pre-orders are closed any remaining reserved spots with unpaid deposits will no longer be eligible for the pre-order price and will instead need to pay the full amount.

If you were waiting, the time is NOW! :D


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I’m in. Just sent money. Made it (I hope), with 7 minutes to spare.
Hope you’re recovering quickly. My wife has Covid now.

Any guesstimate when the other payment will be due? A week, a month, 4 months?


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UPDATE September 2nd 2022

Pre orders are now officially CLOSED!

Looks like we will have a few spares which will be available once pre-orders are all dealt with.

The factory have given a lead time of 4-5 weeks, I am realistically expecting it to take longer but I have discussed the issue with the imperfect finishing on the previous run in the hope that we can avoid that this time.

I will post updates here as I receive them from the factory but now we begin the hard part - The Wait.

Inquisitor Peregrinus

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Sent the next chunk of deposit. Last third will likely need to wait 'til after the holiday weekend. Ever since I finished high school, I have hated bank holidays. Things aren't open and everything financial is delayed when I want to do things. *grump*

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