1. Nowonder

    HARRY POTTER Prof Trelawney's replica necklace

  2. LimeyBuilds

    Section 31 Phaser Pistol with all the trimmings

    This is the Star Trek Discovery Section 31 Phaser pistol with all the features of the real prop, plus a couple things from the show post-production: - Stun and kill settings with lights and extending barrel. - Working trigger with light and sound. - A moving side dial (somehow forgot to show...
  3. SeanG22

    WTB: Small Soldiers Replicas from Softgarage

    Looking to buy soft garage Small Soldiers replicas or any of the Stan Winston licensed replicas that were released by the studio.
  4. FuzzyDrawings

    (HELP) Modifying Resin Grail Tablet

    Hi all! I've purchased a Last Crusade Grail Tablet replica. The replica has a "hollow" back and is cast in urethane resin. I would like to finish the back so it is more of a complete piece. I'm not concerned about weight. Do you have any tips on how I should go about this, specifically if I...
  5. tomleech

    Limited Run 2nd Run of Accurate RotJ Force Pike - Weapon of the Emperor's Royal Guard

    Hi all! As you may or may not be aware I've received a consistent trickle of messages asking about my original Force Pike run and recently the interest seems to be rising, (surely the result of Inquisitor Peregrinus' prodding, so you can thank/blame them as appropriate :D ) and I think interest...
  6. veneziaworks

    The Mummy - Canopic Jars (build)

    Hello everyone, I am a Modelmaking student studying in the UK. One of my University modules was History & Replication and I was tasked with replicating a famous film prop/props. I chose the Canopic Jars from The Mummy (1999) film. Here are some of the images I took of the Jars: In this...
  7. AgentOfShield

    (SOLD) Power Rangers Legacy Dragon Dagger MISB (eBay)

    Selling my Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Dragon Dagger, mint in sealed box. I've started the bidding at $150 CAD (approx $117 USD). Located in Canada, shipping to US is also available. Thanks for looking! Bandai Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Dragon Dagger MISB | eBay Edit: For...
  8. G

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit Pattycake photo?

    Does anyone have the photo? Preferably in an 8x10? Thanks!
  9. laellee

    National Treasure 1/2 scale Charlotte Bell Replica

    Clearing out extra stuff! Approximate 1:2 scale replica of the Charlotte bell from National Treasure. The bell was run in PLA+ plastic (weighs around 400g), given a rough clean up and sand, followed with a prime and a few coats of bronze metallic. It could be left as is, but a proper finishing...
  10. jvear12190

    SpiderMan Upgraded Replica suit

    Hello everyone, I am new to this so I hope you guys may find this thread or post interesting, maybe even helpful, or inspire you to make your own suit. I was hesitant to star one of these because I wasn’t sure if my work but now on starting on my second attempt I figured I could take the time to...
  11. Flora Chen

    36 Lessons of Vivec. The Elder Scrolls book replica

    36 Lessons of Vivec. Skyrim style vs TES Online style. Video here -
  12. Dinkydooge

    Want to Buy Wanted- ALIENS Pulse Rifle prop

    Looking for light weight pulse rifle replica from Aliens, for cosplay. Need it for July.
  13. shadowfoil

    Book of Boba Fett New Republic Credits (In Progress)

    Hey all, A friend and I are working on these New Republic credits based on the shots we got from the first episode of Book of Boba Fett. We are super happy with how they are coming along and wanted to share. Once we've got these in hand we'll be selling about 200 of each version. For now, just...
  14. Flora Chen

    36 Lessons of Vivec. The Elder Scrolls book replica

  15. Nimri

    Alien vs Predator Requiem Spear Replica

    I recently purchased an AvP Requiem Spear by Sideshow Collectibles that was in good condition but it got damaged in transit. One end's tip broke off and kind of looks unusable. I have some people I might can talk to get it fixed beyond just gluing the tip back on (one built props for a living)...
  16. Flora Chen

    Karaethon Cycle Replica

  17. BlackFeatherCre

    Darth Nihilus mask sculpt feedback!

    Hi Guys, This is my first sculpt of a Nihilus mask. This is the first time I tried sculpting something from a franchise. I would LOVE some constructive criticism. What could I improve? What needs to be better? PS; The plan is to make a mould and cast it. Would anyone be interested in buying a...
  18. Props3D

    Star Trek TOS Type 2 Phaser Free 3D Print Model -=Need Trekkie Assistance=-

    Making a TOS Type 2 Phaser model for thingiverse. I couldn't find any good ones out there so just bit the bullet and made one up. Having the hardest time finding good reliable references though, most of what I could find was contradictory. That may be because it changed from ep to ep or prop to...
  19. S

    Want to Buy Pee-Wee's Big Adventure Giant Head Prop

    I am trying to find someone to replicate 3 sizes of heads that Mario the Magic Shop owner has in the "Box for Pee-Wee" In the movie he describes them as: 1. Shrunken Head - (small, maybe size of a baby dolls head) 2. Regular size - (approx a human head size) 3. Bwhahaha (approx 5-10 times the...
  20. K

    Best TASM 2 replica suit to order?

    Hey, I was wondering who makes the most screen accurate TASM2 completed suit? Budget is around a few thousand. I looked at the rpc studio suits but they just look kind of off to me. I saw el_fetts raimi suit which looks amazing but i don’t see him having a TASM2 suit. I would also consider a...
  21. MenacingSoul13

    Once Upon a Time Hook's rum bottle

    Looking for someone who can recreate Hook's rum bottle/flash from Once Upon a Time.
  22. Madmanad

    Gears of war MK2 Lancer build

    Hi all, So I’ve wanted to buy the lancer replica for years but could never justify the price, thought I’d have a go at building a replica myself. It’s going to have a working chainsaw (it will spin but won’t cut anything!) and it’s going to hopefully fire Nerf darts or something similar. Using...
  23. SamKennedy

    Twister (1996) Replica ‘Dorothy’ Sensor

    I’ve been lucky enough to know someone who owns a screen used Dorothy sensor and they were kind enough to provide me with high res photos so that I can build this replica. I’ve managed to source authentic components for this build, and the placement of the traces on the PCB are almost exact to...
  24. goodparts

    Working on a nother cardboard desert eagle

    This prop came out soo much nicer than the previous models I've made
  25. goodparts

    Cardboard 500 magnum revolver

    I made this 500 revolver it has interchangeable barrels the cylinder comes out to the side the trigger works with the hammer all tho the mechanism isn't perfect I'm getting a lot better at designing my own