Limited Run 2nd Run of Accurate RotJ Force Pike - Weapon of the Emperor's Royal Guard

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Speaking of ensuring a full run, I just checked my list from the other thread, as well as new folks who have posted in here (both paid and not yet), and not counting my and the AWOL p4ntb0y's multiple-pike orders, we should already be over fifty. How hard a cap is that, Tom?

I'm-a shout out to everyone who said they were interested and hasn't at least commented on here to say they still are and are scraping up funds. mordak6? FastballSpecial? FO3Winger? Beskar? Somerset? Ljaat? merkava74? Talmon? kjkelley? PrinceZip? Jormi? cboath? waynefj40? Jgrant? NedSkywalker? MacCyber? Jediwannabe? glottis? joshimus? vaderdarth? JetSetWilly? Darth Napster? Whiskey? Skott00? Erice3339? Fiddler33? Jonathan85? fusion032008? Kroenen77? mahdesi? Got your ears on? Where are y'all at with this? smileshope? theningyo? Cinistar? Making any progress on funding? p4ntb0y? You said you wanted four. You still up for that?

We're at 52 who had expressed interest on here, not counting the ten pikes p4ntb0y and I were jointly interested in. I'm still good for up to the six that I wanted if too many of y'all can't step up. The deadline seems to be "when we get to fifty". If we get to 46 and stay there for a while, I'll just spring for the other four I committed to. I missed out on the first run because it took me just a bit too long to get my deposit in and the run closed. I don't want to deprive anyone, as I said, but the longer feet are dragged, the more it increases the chance of Something Happening™ to scrub things or increase costs or whatever. If you missed the update? Well, here it is and the run's open. Dealing with Darth Real Life and need a minute to get your deposit together? Say so, so we know the intention is at least still there. If you just can't right now and need to bow out, let us know so expectations can be adjusted. Communication is the thing we always gripe about with vendors, after all...
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Man, I get distracted for a few days and this happens. *lol* I'm going to put myself in for two for right now. I said six in the other thread (I'd like to eventually garb and equip all Guards in my local Garrison), but I'll start with two and give others a chance to get in on this first. A brace is a good start, and I don't want to be greedy if it costs someone else getting a single one. Tom, I'll get those two deposits to you after the weekend. That work?

If things slow down in a couple weeks, I'll pop for the other four, as needed, to do my part to ensure a full run.

Woo welcome to the run! We're not limited to 50, that's just the minimum order so don't worry about taking spots :D


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Was waiting for FO3Winger's post as I had the payment already :D

Up to 27!

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