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  1. thawn_es

    Star Wars Casio MQ-1

    Vintage casio Mq-1 for sale. For boba fett gauntlets. ( not tested)
  2. B

    Laser Cut Lukes Lightsaber

    Hello! I thought I'd dive straight in and share my laser cut lightsabre build, more of a novelty experimental piece just to see what I could do. Used a schematic to design the layers, totalled around 89 pieces cut out of black 3mm MDF, which assemble to create what I think is not a bad...
  3. DaveP

    Star Wars Anakin Starkiller V2 - Complete

    Hi everyone. It's with a heavy heart that I'm saying goodbye to my Anakin Starkiller V2. I promised my long suffering wife that I'd let her go once the parts for my own V2 run came in (the hilt, not my wife :D ) It's a Gen2 I believe, but has the spinning emitter mod. It's painted/weathered...
  4. onderon

    Star Wars SOLD

    Hi, I'd like to sell my 7Chambers MoM Hero Standard Edition. It is untouched, I did not have the time to work on it. Those who are not familiar with it, it is FX capable and said to be the most accurate Luke Hero version available right now. Asking only what I paid for it + shipping. Shipping...
  5. linkthejedi

    Luke Skywalker RotJ screen accurate glove

    Whats the best place to get a screen accurate black RotJ glove for Luke?
  6. Eruonen

    Rudy Pando V3 WIP

    I couldn't pass up getting a Rudy Pando V3/SS before I missed out forever, but I'm not as versed with this particular prop, so I need some help. My main question is whether I should finish it like the prop exists today, or in the screen used style? (This is an invitation to drop pictures of...
  7. Edraven99

    Star Wars V2 Lightsaber Kit

    I am selling left over pieces from my V2 pro-mod edition. From top to bottom we have: Soloshold gen2 emitter: dented with accurate dents, acid aged, stenciled and weathered by Halliwax Soloshold FX emitter: acid aged, stenciled and weathered by Halliwax Anakin Starkiller’s builders kit ring...
  8. DexJay

    My (Dex) Y-Wing Helmet 2021 Build

    Hi all, I've not posted here in some time, well years actually. Been busy with other non prop stuff. A good few over at TheDentedHelmet and a couple here I think have bought my kits some years back. 9 years! Wow, has it been that long? Yeah looks like it! Frank was the 1st person to get one of...
  9. DaveP

    Luke ROTJ Hero Reveal Boards

    Hi Everyone. I was all out of these until recently. I ran out of components to build up the few remaining boards I had left, but decided to get the bits and pieces I needed to build these last few boards up. Here's a link to the run: Done / Completed - Screen accurate LS ROTJ Hero PCB reveal...

    ROTJ E-11 3d model for SLA printing

    I have been slowly working on my real life MGC E-11 prop, but I also wanted to have the ability to make an accurate 3d printed copy of the gun as well. Here is my attempt at crafting a 3d model of the ROTJ E-11 for the purpose of 3D printing in SLA. I carefully measured every facet of the...
  11. DaveP

    DaveP RotJ Luke Hero. (Complete)

    I didn't expect to be selling another one of these quite so soon! :D This is one of the hero kits that I sold a couple of weeks ago. The customer also paid for the commissioned build in the screen accurate (cave scene) configuration with brass rails. It was finished yesterday, and is ready to...
  12. scarf man

    List the DL-44 blaster props ANH through ROTJ

    The ANH to ROTJ DL44 blasters, Identification thread *Glossary near the bottom of the post. Star Wars (ANH) 1977 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Han Solo‘s hero (Docking bay 94 escape, Melinneum Falcon interior, and Yavin scenes) [Mauser...
  13. DaveP

    DaveP's Luke RotJ V2 Research/Development Thread 2021

    Intro: Hello everyone. As some of you may know, I’ve been working away on my own version of the V2 for some time now behind the scenes. Well, it’s finally time to unveil the project and where I am in the development process. This thread will serve as a development thread to start with, where I...

    Unlimited Run screen accurate aluminum U-channel for Return of the Jedi E-11 blaster

    For me, this has been a long time coming. I have spent years searching for the right track/channel that matches the shape and material of the original pieces used for the U-channel on the ROTJ E-11 prop, but never found anything that fit my standards. After purchasing multiple items, only to be...
  15. D

    Bandai B-Wing

    Hello all, I was lucky enough to get a Bandai B-Wing for Christmas this year, and so these past couple of weeks have been full of airbrushing, trying new techniques, and getting some lighting installed! The main inspiration for this build/paintjob came from Andy Moore, whose skills I could...
  16. DaveP

    Limited Run The Yuma (Short Bladed Stunt) Kit. Including Blade and Stencils. **SIGN UP CLOSED**

    Hi Everyone. Here's my next project for January 2021! The Yuma! I originally intended on stepping away from the Hero (and Yuma) to focus on other projects, and to make way for the MoM static Hero, which I believe is just around the corner. I felt that the two projects would be too similar...
  17. Frogfreak

    My attempt at a budget palpatine costume.

    Hey guys, as you may have seen recently, I am working on making my own Palpatine prosthetic mask/makeup. (If you wanna check out how that's going, it's right HERE: Palpatine sculpt/upcoming facial prosthetics ) Now, that's only part of it. As the title implies, I'm working on my own full...
  18. roygilsing

    Unlimited Run WannaWanga Bunker Bomb Kit.

    Because of the recently published catalog pictures of the hero ROTJ Endor rebel bunker bomb (or proton grenades) and the discovery of the boot studs (mystery chunk of Luke’s V2 saber) I was very much intrigued by this prop. I’ve spent SO much time and effort in research, reverse engineering and...
  19. DaveP

    Done / Completed Screen accurate LS ROTJ Hero PCB reveal boards

    Hi Everyone, For those of you who are unfamiliar with the story behind these, I've made it my mission over the past couple of years to recreate an exact replica of the solid aluminium prop known as the Yuma/ISYHCANL/Hero, that was used by Mark Hamill whilst filming ROTJ. My first limited run...
  20. Mpashuk

    Ewok costume how to? Any interest? I’ll show you how I make them!

    I have made many Ewoks over the years such as masks, full costumes and statues etc and I have been asked many times for a faceplate and also how do I make these? Is there any interest in a how to tutorial with links to where I get the parts for the hands/feet and all other parts to make your...
  21. DaveP

    Yuma/Hero build thread

    Hi everyone. As I'm about to embark on the builds from my latest Yuma/Hero run, I thought I'd get a thread going to demonstrate how I go about doing it. For anyone unfamiliar with the run, you can read up on it HERE. There's also an active interest thread HERE for anyone that's interested in...
  22. DaveP

    Limited Run Luke's ROTJ Static Hero/Yuma/ISYHCANL Prop Replica Kit (2nd Run) *SIGN UP CLOSED*

    Hello everyone... I’m finally ready to go ahead with the second run for Luke's ROTJ Static Hero/Yuma/ISYHCANL Prop Replica! *Completed hilt from first run (there are subtle differences/improvements on run 02) Thank you to everyone for being so patient! The first run turned out great! I was...
  23. DaveP

    Limited Run Luke's ROTJ Static Yuma/ISYHCANL/Hero Variations Kit Parts Run (Sign up closed/In Production)

    Hello everyone. Last year I embarked on a personal project to recreate a screen accurate Luke's ROTJ Hero saber, eventually deciding on the ISYHCANL configuration: I won't go in to too much detail, as you can see the project thread here. I now find myself deciding on my next project, and...
  24. Chris23

    Ewok Build

    Hi, currently working on an Ewok Build. Mask is almost finished. I will make another leather hood and weathering is still missing.
  25. Darth Africanus

    How was Vader's helmet modified from ANH to ESB to ROTJ

    ]Hello All hope all are good So I have been searching the intranets for this little nugget of information I read all threads I could find but to my surprise nowhere is it discussed in great detail what did the prop makers at LF do to the Vader helmets from ANH to convert it to the ESB version...

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