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  1. thawn_es

    Star Wars ESB boba fett gloves

    ESB boba fett gloves from a dented helmet run. New and never used. Size L Please pm for questions or shipping rates.
  2. thawn_es

    Star Wars ESB aluminum boba fett flamethrower

    Aluminum ESB boba fett flamethrower. Bought a few years ago from a Dented helmet run. New and never used (just painted a few parts in black) Please pm for questions or shipping rates.
  3. M

    Star Wars FS: Vintage original Nemrod speargun holster for Boba Fett

    For sale: Vintage original Nemrod speargun holster, as seen on Boba Fett in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Excellent condition, I had it stored in a bin then on shelf display in no-smoke / no-odor / no- sun environment. USD $900 OBO +$25 shipping / USA, $50/international
  4. A

    AS Luke V2

    Anyone have an Anakin Starkiller v2 they're willing to sell? I'm looking for the Fx run, not the builders kit... Thanks in advance!
  5. JBCosplay

    Overwatch Reinhardt - Crusader Skin Build

    I've been around the forums here for a while but only recently made an account and with my current build I figured it was about time I start my own thread! This build initially started almost a year ago however I only started making progress this summer. I stopped in order to finish other...
  6. B

    FS: ALIENS Hadleys Hope, Sulaco & Vidcom Apricot PC set found parts

    Hi all, Over the past year I've managed to accumulate a number of ACT Apricot computers once I EVENTUALLY identified it as a "found item" (used all over Hadleys Hope, on the Sulaco and even used on Ripley's Vidcom) and I now have a number of spare parts that I don't need. I've sold some...
  7. ChiCubsGordon24

    Mjolnir / General Paint Durability Help!

    Hey Fellow Makers! I'm hoping I can get some suggestions on painting techniques. I'm having an issue on my Mjolnir prop where the paint is rubbing off fairly quickly from use as seen in the attached pics. I 3D printed everything in PLA plastic and SLA resin. I have a layer of primer then paint...
  8. CaptainEO

    Disneyland Enchanted Tiki Room Drummer God

    Here is the ultra rare Disneyland Enchanted Tiki Room Drummer God figure made by Kevin Kidney & Jody Daily. This is a full-size casting of Rolly Crump's original 1963 figure sculpture for the Tiki Room at Disneyland. Poseable arms and illuminated drum top to give the tiki an eerie "underglow"...
  9. alldrops

    Screen accurate Star-Lord Blaster - Finished and Weathered

    Hey all! I spent quite a while trying to find a screen-accurate Star-Lord blaster 3d model, but I wasn't 100% satisfied with the models I was finding (both free and paid), so I decided to learn 3D modelling to get as many details as I could, and after a good few months learning, I'm pretty happy...
  10. Harada357

    Limited Run Blade Runner PKD Mk-VII Concept pistol blaster gun weapon prop

    Blade Runner PKD Mk-VII Concept pistol blaster gun weapon prop Offered for a VERY limited run: TAKING ORDERS 9/22/2019 for second run of Ten - ONE gone - 9 left Paypal PM me. $ 175.00 plus 25.00 Shipping US. Paypal: PM me. Include full mailing address. $ 175.00...
  11. Jerrychappell

    Prop design help: impaled actor

    Hi, I’m hoping to get some assistance on designing a prop. I have a theatre piece where I need to design a “metal hook” on the wall that holds a lantern, but also impales an actor during a stage combat fight. For safety reasons I don’t want anything remotely dangerous. I was thinking some sort...
  12. TheAtomicSoul

    Interest Giddyup Buttercup -- Lifesize Fallout Prop

    Two feet tall! Fully poseable -- 19 points of articulation! I've made a couple of these for others already and since I am going to make another (for myself) I figured I should see if anyone else is interested. Final product will be made of resin using slush cast and solid pour methods depending...
  13. The Old Maker

    Cigarette Packs

    Hi people . i am interested in boxes and its a hobby for me to make stuff . so i was searching the Instructables and saw a post about making a lucky strike cigarette pack and everything started there . i have made these. (i have like near 400 cigarette pack scans) p.s : there as 2 rare packs...
  14. NerdCaveShop538

    Long Term Project - No Man's Sky Space suit

    I've recently been playing a lot of the game No Man's Sky, and i got a lot of inspiration for a long term project that i plan on completing over the next few years. it's the Anomaly Starter Space Suit, the one that your character is when you first boot up a new save game profile in No Man's...
  15. P

    Help! Identify this prop?

    HI Rpf, Does anyone have an idea what film this is from? Beautiful piece,plated.Hint: circa 2010-2014?
  16. Jhowe1997

    Sacred Jedi Texts - Replica Prop Build

    Been working on this for a while now and it’s finally finished! My version of the Sacred Jedi Texts book from The Last Jedi. Built from scratch by hand, complete with 10 detailed prop pages hand finished with paint and gold leaf accents (just like the original prop), and aged/weathered. The...
  17. LtPinkerton

    MIB neurolizer flash

    Hello all, I’m thinking that for this Halloween I’ll be sporting a black suit and shades. And what better prop that isn’t the noisy cricket than the neurolizer to go with the costume. I’m thinking of 3D printing it. I’ve seen several models but I may commission my own or actually improve my...
  18. joker_gang_inspired_mask_spade__by_blackmirage_studio_dd46f89-fullview.jpg


    So this is an original creation Inspired of the joker gang masks. This is the Spade version and i'm Working on the 3 other aces.
  19. 06.png


    So this is an original creation Inspired of the joker gang masks. This is the Spade version and i'm Working on the 3 other aces.
  20. DaBuild

    New Puppy to the collection: Ironman Mark1 steel Helmet!

    Here's my new addition to my collection. Ironman mark1 3.8 kg of steel! Really can't imagine how Tony would have handle a full suit ;)
  21. johnylebleu

    My 2019 Jurassic park brochure

    Hello guys, Just want to share with you my new replica that I made. I wasn’t satisfied by the poor quality replica that we found around the forum and ebay so I decided to make my own. I had the opportunity to have high definition scan of an original an after some hours on photoshop I decided to...
  22. AgentOfShield

    Metal eBay Captain America Shield Repaint

    Got one of those metal eBay shields from China and honestly they're pretty nice for the price! They're not flawless by any means though. Below are some things about them that could be improved: - diameter (mine is around 22", although they do have an updated version now that's around the screen...
  23. E

    Random Greeblie pack

    Hey guys! Sorry if this is in the wrong place or whatever but I have a question for you guys. I know these have been spoken about on here before but are there any people selling Greeblie packs? I'm looking for a random assortment of pieces. Likely they would be 3D printed (I'd do it myself...
  24. Loganius


    Hello everyone! Welcome to my first RPF prop build! I am currently putting together my Star Wars room and after some careful consideration decided to build a Gonk droid to really up the Star Wars factor. I am about to make a run to a hardware store for some odds and ends but most of this build...
  25. mahesh114

    The Amazing Spider-Man PS4 Suit Cosplay Suit (FIRST SUIT EVER!)

    Hey All, I made a thread around 4 YEARS AGO where I first started getting into Spidey Cosplay! Life got in the way and I pretty much forgot about it until this year when I decided I'd commit and go through with a full suit. I'm attending Comic-Con London May 26th 2019 so I've been focusing more...

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