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  1. jholt

    Museum Replicas Mjolnir: Making Another Worthy Hammer

    hey gang so while i was upgrading my king arts mjolnir, i decided i wanted to have all 3 of the designed hammers throughout the Thor films. arguably the two hammers are on the right are essentially the same hammer but with a rotated handle. while the EFX hammer is easily the hardest one to...
  2. DFC Props

    Custom Cyberpunk Inspired Toy Blaster Prop

    Hello all! I'm selling this custom made prop made from a Rubies Han Solo blaster. The majority of the build is made from plastic, aside from some metal glued on the inside to add a little weight. The only moving part is the trigger, which still plays the stock firing sound. Batteries can be...
  3. F

    GOTG Milano Starship battle-damaged Version

    Yesterday I bought a Hasbro toy for 30 bucks of the Milano Starship from GOTG, It's quite a cheap toy and I decided to modify it and turn it into a battle damaged relict entangled by forest vines and moss. Idk you guys but god I love it now. It will be placed inside my terrarium where I have a...
  4. Think Jedi

    FS: TOS Mirror, Mirror dagger and sheath kit

    This is a prop I made a couple of years ago...the dagger sported by the mirror universe Federation staff. It not only includes the dagger, but also the sheath (often missing in fan replicas). I produced this in CAD and output it in resin on a high-res DLP 3D printer. The kit is easy to put...
  5. jholt

    King Arts Mjolnir: Making a Worthy Hammer

    hey all! so this is my very first post regarding my own personal projects! Mjolnir is one of those props I have been obsessed with for quite a while now. and like many others here, haven't really found a replica that does the screen used ones justice. i think it is widely agreed upon that the...
  6. MenacingSoul13

    Want to Buy Grimm Book of Lore/Grimm Diaries Replica

    Hello my name is Brody. I have been searching into ways of creating or owning a replica of the Grimm Journals from the show Grimm. I was wondering if anyone had the ability to sell one or knew someone who could. I know show was made years ago so its a long shot. If not then are is there any...
  7. L


  8. ArcSpectator

    For the Jurassic Park John Hammond Mosquito in Amber Cane Top What kind of Polishing Compound Would Be Best For The Resin?

    To begin with I just did this project on the John Hammond Cane Top: My experimental DIY attempt on the John Hammond Cane Top(with Easter egg) Anyways, after sanding it I sprayed it with Rustoleum Crystal Clear enamel and while it did help with giving the resin in particular more clarity, being...
  9. jholt


    has anybody ordered one of these from this fella? if so, thoughts? from the video demos it looks pretty sweet.
  10. G

    Frankenstein Machine Build

    Hello friends, I am building a prop machine for a show called "Frankenstories". I want the machine to be very reminiscent of the original lab equipment in Frankenstein. I have already collected several machines for old dials and switches. Th one thing (so far) that baffles me is the large...
  11. burtsfilms

    Evil Dead Necronomicon DIY Tutorial

    I made a Evil Dead Inspired Necronomicon out of Cardstock, Paper, Hot Glue and acrylic Paint. You can watch how i made the Book of the Dead on my Youtube Channel:
  12. dmpsk8

    RED DSMC2 8K Camera Prop / Model

    This is probably one of the stranger things that's been listed for sale here. It's handmade, you won't find another one of these... Up for grabs is a fake RED DSMC2 8K Monstro Camera, with accessories. Let me be crystal clear, NO this is not a real $70K+ camera. Haha. Any filmmaker knows about...
  13. DamianF

    Jay Garrick Helmet replica

    Hi guys, Im new to the forum here and I've been trying to search for a replica Jay Garrick helmet you see in the Flash series and one that's not cheap looking
  14. HariboHeron

    Loki mask "accurate" replica search

    Hello all, I'm new to the RPF (literally joined today) but i'm obsessed with the prop of the Loki Mask from the 1997 movie "The Mask" starring Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz. I have collected many replicas over the years from the likes of Ebay, Etsy, Reelart and most recently Instagram. The prop...
  15. samuraiboo

    Hocus Pocus Spellbook

    Hi guys. So, I am doing a non paying commission of the spellbook from the movie Hocus Pocus. I personally would like it to be as accurate as possible. My question is, does anyone have access to or know where to find good screenshots of the front, back and spine of the book? I am sculpting...
  16. BlackMirageST

    V For Vendetta - inspired Hero mask replica

    This replica is made in resin and airbrush painted. I paid special attention to the shape of the mouth, eyes and eyebrows to make it the mort accurate as possible. Hope you enjoy.
  17. Davidishida

    Star Trek Tricorder Mk X Build

    Just wanted to share my Tricorder build. This is going to be a Mark X build, from late Next Generation, Voyager, and DS9. The body is from Stapelton Productions (Stapleton Productions), and the electronics are from gmprops (by PropEFX). Both are incredibly well made and I recommend picking up...
  18. mediocre maker

    Retirement Gift - Lightsaber

    My second attempt at a lightsaber hilt. This one is based on a sink drain (pictured). I wanted to keep this one relatively clean, with minimal weathering. Kinda like a retirement gift for those aging out Jedi. All pieces included - Sink drain. PVC coupler, bike handlebar grip. A lot pf fun with...
  19. S

    Stargate Atlantis

    Hey everyone. I’m looking for any files folders anything at all todo withStargate Atlantis,,, mostly the ancient designs but anything at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  20. mmillette78

    Outlander Cycler Rifle Build

    RPF world. This is my first post here on the forum and I'm excited to share a build that has been a few years in the making. Originally based on a basic Tusken cycler style rifle it transformed into something with much more of a narrative as I was inspired by other builds, feedback and ideas to...
  21. BlackMirageST

    Eric Draven, Tragedy mask Replica (The Crow)

    Hi there ! I'm a big fan of the crow with Brandon Lee. I worked on the tragdy mask replica that you can see in Draven's room during his trensformation. Made of solid resin ^^.
  22. mediocre maker

    First Blaster Concept

    Hey All, used some of this covid time time knock out another "some-day" project. What I used: A Nerf blaster as my base and built on to it from there. A repurposed water supply line. Medical tape. Wooden dowel. Spray and acrylic paint. The story behind the design: A marauder type blaster with...
  23. zachfejes

    The Mandalorian - Full Costume Project

    Hey there everybody - this is my first thread on RPF, and I'm looking forward to sharing! Like a lot of you, I loved the Mandalorian. It's well written, fun, and feels like a great addition to the Star Wars universe. I also fell in love with the Beskar armour. As soon as I saw it, I knew I...
  24. mediocre maker

    First prop

    CV19 allowed for a little extra time to try my hand at a prop lightsaber. Used wooden dowels and threaded rod as the core. Used left over bike and plumbing pieces for the rest. Waiting on Amazon to deliver the final pieces. I’ll update the post when it comes in. Here are a few before and after...
  25. Nanotyrannus

    Screen used Plutonium from Back to the Future

    I have one of the original screen used Plutonium Canister used in the beloved film Back to the Future. I bought this from the 2015 Prop Store auction 4 years ago. I’m sure many Back to the Future fans from this site have already seen this on the Prop Store website. But I wanted to post this...

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