1. Loganius


    Hello everyone! Welcome to my first RPF prop build! I am currently putting together my Star Wars room and after some careful consideration decided to build a Gonk droid to really up the Star Wars factor. I am about to make a run to a hardware store for some odds and ends but most of this build...
  2. mahesh114

    The Amazing Spider-Man PS4 Suit Cosplay Suit (FIRST SUIT EVER!)

    Hey All, I made a thread around 4 YEARS AGO where I first started getting into Spidey Cosplay! Life got in the way and I pretty much forgot about it until this year when I decided I'd commit and go through with a full suit. I'm attending Comic-Con London May 26th 2019 so I've been focusing more...
  3. SadNarwhal

    Hector's Hammer from the Netflix Castlevania Series

    When I was watching the Netflix Castlevania series, I thought that it would be cool to make Hector's hammer. I designed everything in Fusion 360, 3D printed the pieces, and hand painted the whole thing with craft acrylics. I have a few links below to an album of pictures and an article I wrote...
  4. PlanetAlexander

    Setting Up For Commissions

    Aloha RPF, I've been hoping for a while to start taking prop commissions. I thought I had everything ready to publicise it, when I was reminded about things like taxes and starting an actual business. I know there's a lot of people here who have done commissions, especially for people they...
  5. J

    SLIDERS: Egyptian Timer [REV. 5]

    Myself and my good friend at LIGHTBENDERS have been developing over the past 6 months a new version of his Timer. The EGYPTIAN Timer [REV. 1] YouTube video: The EGYPTIAN Timer [REV .5] YouTube video: [REV. 5] CHANGE LOG: Preamble changed from "GEnSEr" to SEASON 5 "52 52 52" Speaker is...
  6. DeadPool0041

    Master Replicas Luke Skywalker (green) Lightsaber Repair (Help)

    I've had this saber for a while. Never used it in any duels, or anything, just swung it at the air and played around. Well, recently, the blade made a snap noise mid-swing, not making contact with anything, and now it's all wobbly. The electronics still work, and it lights up fine, but the blade...
  7. S

    Star Trek Prop Analysis, Is this prop I bought real?

    So I bought this prop and I am wondering if it is real. I made a video detailing it. This prop will be my guide to reproducing more props. I would like to buy more but my channel would have to be really successful. I will be using the data from this to make prop reproductions.
  8. A

    HELP QUESTION need cruise ship decorations

    HI, I am putting on a theatre dinner that is set on a cruise ship and I need to decorate the entire room to look like a cruise ship. I am looking for decorations preferably stuff that we could make a bunch of. I am also looking for any sort of centrepiece that we could have at each table...
  9. cloverblacklupo

    Limited Run Harry Potter prop book replica Fantastic Beasts and where to find them custom 1st edition cover

    I have a couple of spare copies, so just contact me privately on the email address below interested Hi everyone, this is my first run, so please bear with me for any mistakes or if anything is unclear. I made a custom cover version for "Fantastic Beasts and where to find them", to make it look...
  10. cloverblacklupo

    Harry Potter prop replica Fantastic Beasts and where to find them custom cover 1st edition

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to share my latest (and first here on the rpf) project. It's a custom cover version for "Fantastic Beasts and where to find them", to make it just like the prop for the 1st edition of the book published by Newt Scamander in "Crimes of Grindelwald". As for the content...
  11. tmax

    Limited Run Looper Blunderbuss - Epoxy/Fiberglass hollow cast

    Big fan of this prop... So some time back I purchased molds for the Blunderbuss. These molds were made by FakeBritishAccent after his epic and accurate Blunderbuss build. Build thread here... Looper Blunderbuss - Pics of Painted Slushcast Kit on pg. 18 The molds are in great condition...
  12. P

    Batman Forever Resin Batarang

    I have no idea who made this - I've had it for quite a long while - but it's a pretty cool looking Panther Batarang from Batman Forever. It doesn't fold, and it's made from resin.
  13. cloverblacklupo

    Harry Potter Great Hall charger plate PROP

    Does anyone have any information about the charger plates used as table settings in the Great Hall? were they part of some kind of set which went out of production like the water goblets? Were the made by a particular brand? Were they crafted by the prop department specifically for the saga...
  14. cloverblacklupo

    Harry Potter GRIM CUP PROP from Divination Class (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban)

    Hi, I've been doing some research online about Harry Potter's grim cup from professor Trelawney's divination class in "Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban". i would like to reproduce the patttern on the cup and plate somehow, but I was never lucky enough to find a full picture of the plate...
  15. RelicMaker

    Interest CRONOS - "Vampire Device"!!! (24k Gold-Plated Metal)

    "CRONOS" ~ Vampire Device ~ This is a new run of the "Vampire Device" that was sculpted from hi-res Archive photos of the original prop!!! So, you are getting an extremely accurate casting of the original Vampire Device, and can't get any closer to owning the original prop than owning this...
  16. CemeteryHaunts

    Judith Myers and Voorhees Tombstones

    Hello everyone! Today is my first post! A little about me...I'm an artist like most of you and I do this full time. I started building custom Tombstones about 10 years ago because I was just so fed up with retail stones for Halloween. I made them for myself and about 8 years ago I started...
  17. P

    So you want to be Batman? I'll be your Alfred.

    Throughout many years of enjoying Batman, I've amassed quite the arsenal of Batman gadgets and props - and after 2 decades of collecting and perfecting, I'm now very happy to be opening the vault doors to you. If you're looking for a Batman gadget from Batman Forever or Batman & Robin, odds are...
  18. RelicMaker

    Indiana Jones - "Peacock Diamond" (aka: Lao Che Diamond) Prop Replica!!!

    This "Peacock Diamond" prop replica was hand-carved from a block of Cubic Zirconia crystal! It measures 4.5cm L x 3.5cm W x 2.5cm Tall. Hi-res screen-captures of the original prop in the film were used in designing all the facets of this diamond to achieve the accuracy of the original. The...
  19. APropOr2

    Metroid Containment Unit Build / Jakks Pacific Metroid Repaint

    Hello RPF - I was just hired for my first commissioned prop: The Metroid containment capsule from super Metroid!! The client and I have agreed upon the below design that I laid out in tinkercad (if anyone can recommend a free modeling software with a similar learning curve to tinkercad I...
  20. JKRIB

    Borderlands Moxxi Hat, Vault Key, Money, Hyperion Hat

    $30 + shipping here on RPF $35.99 + shipping on Ebay All items are in good condition. Lightly used or displayed. 1. Mad Moxxi Top Hat: Materials: Purple felt, Kona cotton, cardboard Checkered band, 3 feathers, King of Hearts playing card 10.5'' wide, 11'' long, 4.5'' tall Fits a small...
  21. HonorableWhat

    Looking for a push button battery led

    So! I got a hellboy locator kit and im looking to light up the red resin “bulb” with a led. Its hollowed out enough that i can fit a decent sized led that can hopefully run off watch batteries. I want something i can either cut a small notch out of the back of the locator (where it wont be seen)...
  22. PartyRichter

    Want to Buy Dune Crysknife (movie version)

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? I once bought a lovely resin kit, but gave it to a friend. It had a great organic feel and slightly elongated markings around the hilt (I've seen ones with round holes on the hilt but that doesn't look as good IMO). Thanks!
  23. PlanetAlexander

    Firing Halo CE Magnum Replica

    Aloha! Now that I've got some new tools (mainly a scroll saw), I've decided that I'm finally gonna start my Halo: Combat Evolved Magnum prop. However, I picked up a cheap Nerf Firestrike Elite gun a while ago, so now I plan on making a prop that can actually fire. Here is an outline I traced...
  24. M


    Hi all! Here's my rendition of the Gungi saber :) it's been something I've been making for awhile. Check out some pictures, just thought I'd share it. Also the custom chassis I make for it too.
  25. HonorableWhat

    Looking to buy hellboy corpse locator kit or finished prop

    hi, i am getting into building the cosplay of one of my favorite comic book/movie characters. Ive found almost every thing i need except the corpse locator, Broom’s rosary, and the amulet hellboy tries to use on the tooth fairy. I was hoping to find someone who has a kit of the corpse locator...