1. dkraude

    Star Wars Hoth Rebel A280 Blaster Parts (Resin and Metal)

    I was going through my old boxes of spare parts and came across these. I have some Resin and Metal parts to start your own Rebel Hoth A280 Blaster. These parts work with a Denix STG-44 as the receiver. Includes, (1) Resin Pump Grip, (1) Resin Shroud, (2) Resin Arrow greeblies, (1) Vintage Scope...
  2. gmprops

    Star Trek Voyager "Hero" 29th Century Tricorder prop replica

    Okay, I have an Oregon Scientific Travel Alarm Clocks that was given to me in trade. And for those that really know Voyager props, you will be aware that these are what were used to create the 29th Century tricorder in the episode "Relativity". You will also be aware that these clocks are very...
  3. drasticshift

    Beetlejuice Dante's Inferno Room

    This particular build was relatively easy, but figuring out how to scale the design to fit a specific space. Too many pictures to post, but I will post any information that is requested. I have pdf, vector, some 3D files, dimensions, angles and materials BOM. The event was hosted by (IG...
  4. drasticshift

    Betelgeuse Sign... yes Betelgeuse. Beetlejuice flashing sign.

    Ill be quick with this one. This is as close as screen accurate as I can make it with the materials and time I had... I will provide A reference of the accurate design I made, but I am posting the one i had time to build. Build was for: IG: @blacklotusclothing Beetlejuice Fireplace...
  5. drasticshift

    Beetlejuice Fireplace

    Last Year I was tasked to replicate Many Beetlejuice props and set design for a friends event (IG: @Blacklotusclothing). I have several post on it, so i will split them up into different categories. I am certainly not new to creating, making, building, and designing. I am, however, new to...
  6. bummer6

    The Rocketeer (1991) Harness buckle set, resin kit

    I recently created and molded some Rocketeer harness buckles, including the iconic big buckle that seems to be one of those "holy grail" props for a lot of people. I had no hope of getting the real deal so I settled for making my own and casting them in resin. It was a success and I even had...
  7. P

    Tron Legacy Identity Disc and Baton

    Just in time for the 40th anniversary, I'm letting go of my Soul Inertia Fatal Identity Disc and replica Baton! Finally got around to taking better photos, so I'm reposting. I'll include the Disney Infinity figures... and I'll be super jealous if you take any of it to the SDCC dance party, lol...
  8. Landiner1

    AT-ST Empire Strikes Back Chicken Walker

    Good day Im new in this forum Im building an AT ST prop replica with exact armature designs and all kitbashing pieces and kits from Tamiya, Italeri, MPC etc Anyone else is building it ?
  9. LimeyBuilds

    Section 31 Phaser Pistol with all the trimmings

    This is the Star Trek Discovery Section 31 Phaser pistol with all the features of the real prop, plus a couple things from the show post-production: - Stun and kill settings with lights and extending barrel. - Working trigger with light and sound. - A moving side dial (somehow forgot to show...
  10. FuzzyDrawings

    (HELP) Modifying Resin Grail Tablet

    Hi all! I've purchased a Last Crusade Grail Tablet replica. The replica has a "hollow" back and is cast in urethane resin. I would like to finish the back so it is more of a complete piece. I'm not concerned about weight. Do you have any tips on how I should go about this, specifically if I...
  11. tomleech

    Limited Run 2nd Run of Accurate RotJ Force Pike - Weapon of the Emperor's Royal Guard

    Hi all! As you may or may not be aware I've received a consistent trickle of messages asking about my original Force Pike run and recently the interest seems to be rising, (surely the result of Inquisitor Peregrinus' prodding, so you can thank/blame them as appropriate :D ) and I think interest...
  12. CntAllBeWinners

    Korben Dallas Blaster Reference Pictures

    So I recently did some Google-fu to find these pictures of what seems to be a hero prop that went up for auction awhile back. They're pretty good quality and I haven't seen them posted so I thought I'd share. I only found them by going to the url of an image that had originally been posted by...
  13. gmprops

    Limited Run NEW RUN! Star Trek Playmates Science & Medical Tricorder Electronics Upgrade kit

    SEPTEMBER 2022 - NEW RUN AVAILABLE I am doing a new run of 10 sets of upgrade electronics for the Playmates TNG Science tricorder. The electronics are designed to specifically fit the Playmates Science tricorder. These electronics include full lights and sounds that replicate the screen used...
  14. G

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit Pattycake photo?

    Does anyone have the photo? Preferably in an 8x10? Thanks!
  15. RelicMaker

    Interest "Staff of Ra" - Beer Tap Handle!!!

    "Staff of Ra - Beer Tap Handle" When your next adventure is pouring yourself a beer! Cast in solid Pewter, 24K Gold-Plated, and set with vintage Topaz-colored crystals! Mounted on stained and finished wood rod and Beer Tap Ferrule! Measurement: 11 inches / 28cm in length Price: (Shipping...
  16. Mach

    Constantine (2005) - Balthazar Coin

    Background Balthazar (played by Gavin Rossdale) is frequently seen rolling a coin along his fingers. The coin has been partially identified but not confirmed. With a positive ID, the plan is to recreate the coin in pewter, possibly other metals. Warner Brothers is planning to release...
  17. skoota73

    Anon Prototype HDPE Stormtrooper Helmet

    Hi. I am letting go of my Anon Prototype HDPE Stormtrooper helmet. Believe this was one of Anon's test helmets. Never worn. Only displayed. Please take a look at the pictures below for condition. Looking to make more room in my collection. If you are interested, please reach out to me first for...
  18. dotails

    Weebette (Robot from Flubber)

    Im just about done with Weebette's 3d Model to 3d print. I loved her mother, Weebo, but I love symmetry even more. I think in the future we will have person AI pals, so this movie was ahead of its time. She features: opening screen, flapping fins, rotating skirt, and ball joint thrusters. I...
  19. Props3D

    Star Trek TOS Type 2 Phaser Free 3D Print Model -=Need Trekkie Assistance=-

    Making a TOS Type 2 Phaser model for thingiverse. I couldn't find any good ones out there so just bit the bullet and made one up. Having the hardest time finding good reliable references though, most of what I could find was contradictory. That may be because it changed from ep to ep or prop to...
  20. Props3D

    Dredd 2012 Electronics 3D Model and Build

    Edit: All done! Files and links to code here: ‐-----------original post below------‐--- Working on a full Dredd 2012 lights/sound 3d model and build. Spent my xMas pouring over references modeling this up for 3D printing. After 212 versions I finally...
  21. Rcktr Prnts.jpg

    Rcktr Prnts.jpg

    Ltd Edition Concept Art prints from the film production
  22. Farrells Props

    Stark Medical Scanner - Modelled and Prototyped!!

    I've had this project on my desk for absolute ages. I did the initial CAD design in what seems like a year ago but I think it was sooner. Nonetheless, I digress. attached are the other photos of it. My plan for this prop is to have a simple light strip under the display screen which will be...
  23. goodparts

    Replica prop of t-800 terminator

    I've made a full jointed movable terminator out of cardboard wood many different glue types and more. Its around 4 feet tall every piston in it works and weighs about 30 to 50 pounds
  24. supermansteel

    I need help creating a replica of the Rebel pilot helmet for the X-Wing ship. ANH (1977)

    Hello community of the RPF forum, I need help with a pattern to create the cardboard helmet of the rebel pilot of the X-Wing ship from the movie Star Wars: A New Hope (1977). As well as reference images and their real measurements since I cannot find data to create my helmet as close as possible...
  25. davidnagel

    David's Prop Adventures - Prop #2 The Internet (again)

    I did intend to keep this one for myself, but a line manager (who is a big fan of The IT Crowd) was going to leave, so this was the most logical parting gift to her. May I present, the Internet. Made from a project box acquired from Maplin before it went defunt, with added battery holder with...