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  1. Psab keel

    Star Wars Luke ROTJ Sandstorm Goggles

    These are vintage Willson Welding Goggles used for Luke Skywalker's Goggles in the deleted Sandstorm sequence from Return of the Jedi. These are not the exact model used for the movie but are very, very close. All you'll need to convert these into an accurate replica is a new elastic strap, a...
  2. RonsMovieProps

    Black Lotus grenade from Into the Badlands

    This is a foam Black Lotus grenade from Into the badlands. Displays great, a fun little item. Used condition, see photos. COA from Propabilia.
  3. Psab keel

    Tanaka Works PFC Smith and Wesson by Todd's Costumes

    BRAND NEW: -Plug Fire Cap 1917 Smith and Wesson Revolver Replica in Heavy Weight plastic and metal- very realistic! -Made by Tanaka Works Exclusively for Todd's Costumes -Orange Tip is in compliance with U.S. Law but can be safely removed to make it more accurate to the real prop -Exact Replica...
  4. davidnagel

    David's Prop Adventures - Prop #2 The Internet (again)

    I did intend to keep this one for myself, but a line manager (who is a big fan of The IT Crowd) was going to leave, so this was the most logical parting gift to her. May I present, the Internet. Made from a project box acquired from Maplin before it went defunt, with added battery holder with...
  5. alexaldridge

    Mr. Roboto 3D Printed Replica Styx Mask Prop

    Download STL file Styx Mr Roboto Kilroy Robot Mask • 3D printer object ・ Cults
  6. Psab keel

    Star Wars Endor Helmet Donut and Ear Cups

    This is a Rebel Donut Helmet Kit suitable for both the collector, trooper, or cosplay! The original Endor Rebel Trooper (ERT) helmets were vacuform plastic with just paint and decals to add details. It was a just what they had to work with back then. Since Rogue One redid the decals on the...
  7. EvilBatman

    MORE PRICE DROP Star Trek Mark VII Medical Tricorder+Scanner Lights and Sound

    For sale is a completed Stapleton STNG Mark VII Medical Tricorder prop kit, with GMprops electronics - lights and sound. Comes with a removable hand scanner also with GMprops circuit board and LEDs installed. This is a hand crafted, quality build with attention to detail, sanded to a smooth...
  8. EvilBatman

    Star Trek Mark VII medical tricorder with lights and sound

    Please contact me before you purchase or use the buy it now function and questions welcome. A very kind prop builder pointed out the missing greeblie on the front. I have the part, waiting for paint dry time to end then I will repost pics. For sale is a completed Stapleton STNG Mark VII...
  9. EvilBatman

    Star Trek Voyager Endgame Medical Tricorder wit hlights and sound

    This listing is for a finished Voyager Endgame Medical Tricorder with lights and sound constructed using a Stapleton kit and GMprops electronics. Contact me before selecting buy now option. This is not a 3D printed model. This is a hand crafted, high quality build, made with attention to...
  10. LimeyBuilds

    Lost in Space (1998) Don West Pistol/Rifle 3D Print model

    I made these print files for the Assembling rifle fromt he 1998 movie. There's 2 versions of the pistol from different scenes, the rifle, and the transforming pistol/rifle. I hope to start printing the transforming one by the end of the week. I also made sections that can be either the version...
  11. Harada357

    Forbidden Planet hero illuminating laser rifle. (MGM, 1956) Vintage Replica Prop

    1:1 scale - Forbidden Planet CNC Machined Metal Hero Illuminating Rifle Replica Blaster from the 1956 MGM film. Large - Assembled - Polished Barrel and internal lighting. RARE. Ship worldwide - but shipping will be very expensive. Actual Shipping Costs and insurance. I am in a tight spot...
  12. EvilBatman

    Price Drop Star Trek Mark XI Engineering Tricorder prop with lights & sound.

    For sale is a completed Stapleton resin Star Trek Mark XI Engineering Tricorder prop kit with lights and sound. This is not a 3D printed item. If payment made by money order or NYSE recognized bank cashiers check, I will decrease price by 4% (i.e. minus the Paypal fee). This is a hand...
  13. jokersz

    Joker cards from movies/animes/tv shows..

    Hi everyone ! I try to collect ALL joker cards from movies, tv show and other .. I made a doc file, with all media (except comics) where the Joker appears and take screenshots of the cards. i need your help to find scans or maybe your talents for redraw cards.. For exemple : - In the TV...
  14. jholt

    Screen used Voting Paddle from The Skulls (2000)

    Very excited about the addition of this exquisite piece. This is a screen used voting paddle from The Skulls directly from the personal collection of the director Rob Cohen. I love everything about this piece, the design, subject matter and quality. The paddle is made of resin and has a...
  15. MakingFriends21

    I can't tell what this is on the wall. Anyone have an idea?

    I am recreating some props from the TV Show 'Friends'. I was wondering if anyone knew what this one specifically is? It is ABOVE the poster, not the poster. I thought it looked like a pair of wings at first, but now.. I don't think they are. Anyone ever seen this before>
  16. J

    Help identifying Big Bang Theory monster head

    I am hoping someone can help me. In Big Bang Theory's Capitol Comics store there is a axolotl like dragon head above the door. Does anyone know what it is or where it's from? It can be seen in the episodes The Occupation Recalibration and The Hook-up Reverberation.
  17. T

    Tigerstone FX cowls Cancelled orders?

    I have heard only good things about Tigerstone FX props and cowls (Batman Cowls). I decided to take the plunge and order 1. Based on the exchange rate this was not a small financial investment for me. It was a reckless but fun choice... 7 weeks after making my order I message them, and they say...
  18. SimonVestford

    Help identifying Officer K apartment items from Blade Runner 2049

    Hi everyone, I am collecting items from Officer K / Joes apartment. I need help identifying three items: 1 - A small black "ashtray / vase" - not that big with a little foot and a hole in the middle 2 - A metal "pillbox / trinket" - round box with cutouts in the lid 3 - A cigarette box - metal...
  19. R

    Leather bound copy of "There and Back Again a Hobbit's Tale" from the Fellowship of the Ring movie

    Hey everybody, I was rewatching the LotR and noticed a prop that always catches my eye, but have never been able to find online, its Bilbo's own copy of The Hobbit that he shows to Frodo when he first comes to Rivendell (seen at 1:17:09 also a couple other times). Does anyone know by chance...
  20. shadowbreakre

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Printable Thread

    Decided to make a single thread with all of my 3D printable Kingdom Hearts props. I will update this as I create new models or finish a physical print. If anyone decides to make any of them feel free to post it here as well.
  21. MakeShiJie

    Make Terminator t-800 nuclear fuel cell

    Hi everyone Recently I 3D printed a Terminator nuclear fuel cell,then painted and weathered it. So this is the final result. Meanwhile I made two versions, One complied with the original props without connecting the two parts, and the other I connected to ensure the structural...
  22. Harada357

    Planet of the Vampires 1965 Movie - Prop Rifle - Build

    I was looking for anyone who built a 'prop Replica of the "Planet of the Vampires" 1965 film - Prop Rifle. I was looking for the most accurate information - It is a ODD Ball piece - but I loved the film. It inspired the Alien film and many others. Very moody - SCI FI horror on a low budget -...
  23. charliesg22


    Any advice massively appreciated. I was asked to make a martian tentacle, it needed to be 2.4 m in length, be strong enough to be dropped from a ceiling everyday a few times a day for 3 years have flexibility and look slimey. I was only given a small amount of time to do this therefore was...
  24. Iskelderon

    Real Ghostbusters PKE Meter (my second try)

    Hi! This is my second try at a Real Ghostbusters PKE Meter and I can still count the number of props I didn't just print/sand/paint on one hand, so it's still pretty rough. You can see the first attempt from 2017 in RGB-inspired PKE Meter and that one was sadly lost during a move to a new...
  25. JoshBot

    Saurian Brandy Bottles.

    So I now have 3 George Sickle Tennessee Whisky bottles. Two are large and lighter in color, one is smaller in color. Does anyone have any information about these? We're they from different years? Which one is more canon for a Saurian Brandy Prop? We're the dark ones available in the larger...

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