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  1. Mpashuk

    3d printed Buck Rogers in the 25th century Twiki head kit

    I have one Twiki head kit. It just needs the mesh inserting (the 3 types of mesh I will provide for you) into his face. needs a flat sanding and painting again. You need to add leds etc yourself. The is is the only one I have as I got a new client who needs something fast so priced to sell. I...
  2. Mpashuk

    Last Twiki Head I have for sale

    Check out on eBay my last Twiki Head that’s up for sale. I have 1 kit ready too
  3. DamianF

    Jay Garrick Helmet replica

    Hi guys, Im new to the forum here and I've been trying to search for a replica Jay Garrick helmet you see in the Flash series and one that's not cheap looking
  4. HariboHeron

    Loki mask "accurate" replica search

    Hello all, I'm new to the RPF (literally joined today) but i'm obsessed with the prop of the Loki Mask from the 1997 movie "The Mask" starring Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz. I have collected many replicas over the years from the likes of Ebay, Etsy, Reelart and most recently Instagram. The prop...
  5. samuraiboo

    Hocus Pocus Spellbook

    Hi guys. So, I am doing a non paying commission of the spellbook from the movie Hocus Pocus. I personally would like it to be as accurate as possible. My question is, does anyone have access to or know where to find good screenshots of the front, back and spine of the book? I am sculpting...
  6. BlackMirageST

    V For Vendetta - inspired Hero mask replica

    This replica is made in resin and airbrush painted. I paid special attention to the shape of the mouth, eyes and eyebrows to make it the mort accurate as possible. Hope you enjoy.
  7. skoota73

    Anovos Rogue One Imperial Tank Trooper Helmet

    I am letting go my Anovos Rogue One Imperial Tank Trooper Helmet. This has never been displayed. Only taken out for inspection. Everything is included. Will ship in the original packaging. Please reach out for shipping costs. Thank you for looking.
  8. CaptainEO

    Screen Used Peter Pan sword from Hook

    For sale: Screen used Peter Pan sword from the movie Hook. This is a "stab" version of the sword with retractable blade to simulate a stabbing effect. Made of metal, resin (the coconut) and leather. Authenticated by the original creator, Chris Gilman from Global Effects Inc, in person at his own...
  9. Davidishida

    Star Trek Tricorder Mk X Build

    Just wanted to share my Tricorder build. This is going to be a Mark X build, from late Next Generation, Voyager, and DS9. The body is from Stapelton Productions (Stapleton Productions), and the electronics are from gmprops (by PropEFX). Both are incredibly well made and I recommend picking up...
  10. mediocre maker

    Retirement Gift - Lightsaber

    My second attempt at a lightsaber hilt. This one is based on a sink drain (pictured). I wanted to keep this one relatively clean, with minimal weathering. Kinda like a retirement gift for those aging out Jedi. All pieces included - Sink drain. PVC coupler, bike handlebar grip. A lot pf fun with...
  11. S

    Stargate Atlantis

    Hey everyone. I’m looking for any files folders anything at all todo withStargate Atlantis,,, mostly the ancient designs but anything at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  12. mmillette78

    Outlander Cycler Rifle Build

    RPF world. This is my first post here on the forum and I'm excited to share a build that has been a few years in the making. Originally based on a basic Tusken cycler style rifle it transformed into something with much more of a narrative as I was inspired by other builds, feedback and ideas to...
  13. BlackMirageST

    Eric Draven, Tragedy mask Replica (The Crow)

    Hi there ! I'm a big fan of the crow with Brandon Lee. I worked on the tragdy mask replica that you can see in Draven's room during his trensformation. Made of solid resin ^^.
  14. mediocre maker

    First Blaster Concept

    Hey All, used some of this covid time time knock out another "some-day" project. What I used: A Nerf blaster as my base and built on to it from there. A repurposed water supply line. Medical tape. Wooden dowel. Spray and acrylic paint. The story behind the design: A marauder type blaster with...
  15. zachfejes

    The Mandalorian - Full Costume Project

    Hey there everybody - this is my first thread on RPF, and I'm looking forward to sharing! Like a lot of you, I loved the Mandalorian. It's well written, fun, and feels like a great addition to the Star Wars universe. I also fell in love with the Beskar armour. As soon as I saw it, I knew I...
  16. mediocre maker

    First prop

    CV19 allowed for a little extra time to try my hand at a prop lightsaber. Used wooden dowels and threaded rod as the core. Used left over bike and plumbing pieces for the rest. Waiting on Amazon to deliver the final pieces. I’ll update the post when it comes in. Here are a few before and after...
  17. Nanotyrannus

    Screen used Plutonium from Back to the Future

    I have one of the original screen used Plutonium Canister used in the beloved film Back to the Future. I bought this from the 2015 Prop Store auction 4 years ago. I’m sure many Back to the Future fans from this site have already seen this on the Prop Store website. But I wanted to post this...
  18. B

    Half-Life:Alyx Multitool

    This is a thread regarding a handprop from the highly beloved VR game Half-Life:ALYX, and more specifically Alyx multitool called The Alyx. A quick look showes the base is a taperecorder, the exact model is unclear but it seems to draw inspiration from the olympus pearlcorder microcassette...
  19. thawn_es

    Interest " LMK/AM Aerial/Earth Connectors" & "Unimax "0" Safety Switch" resin replicas.

    hi all, I´m planing to do a run in resin of the Unimax "0" Safety Switch and LMK/AM Aerial/Earth Connectors used on ESB Boba fett blaster. Copies of my real ones and both in black semi-flex resin and using a pressure pot for casting. 4€ each. tell me if you are interested to open a list. thanks!
  20. Psab keel

    Model Prop Maker Kit

    Up for grabs is a collection of a Model Tank, Styrene Strips, ABS and Styrene Sheets (of different thicknesses and textures), LED's, and other miscellaneous parts that I have collected over the years. Small latching and momentary switches, diodes, Lens holders, Reflectors, PVC tubing, 1 Inch...
  21. J

    Baby Yoda sculpt

    Here is my Baby Yoda sculpture so far using Monster Clay Medium. Once finished, I plan to make a resin mold and cast him with Ecoflex 00-20 Platinum silicone from Smooth-On. He will have a wire armature inside so he will be posable as well. The eyes and claws will be made with resin. Hope you...
  22. Kelvington

    Lando's Cloud City Cane from ROS...

    OK so how long will it be before this is created by someone here? A week? Three days? Other than engraving, it doesn't look like a terrible prop to make, some spun/lathed aluminium for the top and bottom, but it's a very nice looking piece. It was on "The Star Wars" show today.
  23. 3D file and .pdo file video.mp4

    3D file and .pdo file video.mp4

    Wingman V2 from Apex Legends is ready to make (low poly 3D model and .pdo file is ready). soon i'll drop a video on my YouTube channel. hope you guys like it.
  24. Dutchy

    Terminator T-800 Black re-design resin printed

    Hello and good day, Not so long ago i build a T-800 Arm according to 3D files someone made and posted on Thingiverse (a website for 3D files to share), after building this i really like the color when it was covered in black primer before applying the chrome paint finish. So instead of building...
  25. MTProps

    My Pokeball and Pokedex build

    Hey everyone, This is a little different then most projects I have seen recently so I thought I'd share my builds. I worked on these two projects from 2 different angles. I wanted to create a Pokeball that looks like it just came from the factory and a Pokedex that looks like it has been used...

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