1. tomleech

    Limited Run 2nd Run of Accurate RotJ Force Pike - Weapon of the Emperor's Royal Guard

    Hi all! As you may or may not be aware I've received a consistent trickle of messages asking about my original Force Pike run and recently the interest seems to be rising, (surely the result of Inquisitor Peregrinus' prodding, so you can thank/blame them as appropriate :D ) and I think interest...
  2. darthvader073

    St Edward's Crown Replica (Finished)

    It's a bit unusual to post real-life replicas here, but I always found it so fascinating I planned to make one for years. Now after seeing The Crown, and Adam Savage's fun build of one, I decided my time has come. My approach to this is to 3D print the base/frame of the crown in ABS, which will...