Question Weird problems while ads load

'morning Art.

Still freezing up, but for 2 mins instead of 3-4 and no white screen .... yet.

The culprit this time was "waiting for"
... and I couldn't stand it any longer :(

I downloaded Google Chrome.

Everything works to perfection on the RPF. A gazillion tabs of all sorts opened all at once and quickly, as a test of fire.

But if you want me to keep on testing the RPF on the IE8, please tell me & I'll do it the amount of times that is necessary.

As I said, I'm sure I'm not the only IE8 user who has (had) big problems.
Thanks for keeping us up to date on this. We are still looking into it. I have tested with IE9 and don't see any issues. :(
There's an IE9 ????????

I did try to upgrade yesterday, but the upgrading site told me no better IE than the one I had was available (IE8)

Oki Doki ..... let me browse around & find the IE9, install it, and test the site again.

"I'll be back"


EDIT ... and I'm back. Brick wall right at the starting line :lol

I'm using XP. IE9 is for Vista or W7 only :(
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