Vanitas' stuff: REAL Compac Super 2 1/2x Scope and more

Looking great, I’ve started one but obviously missing the hardest part. Planning to pick up the Solos hold grill soon.

Going to be trying to work on more projects now that I fixed up my old workbench! Some of the wood on the bottom had to be replaced since it had rotted, and I also added some wheels to get it off the concrete floor.

I'll be putting a new vise on soon since the old one was unfortunately no longer functional.


I love workbenches. That's a great looking workbench

Thanks! It used to belong to my grandfather, so there's a lot of sentiment in using it. I might still clean it and the drawers up a bit more, but don't want it looking too good. The original cast iron vise is unfortunately toast, so I'll probably put on a new one this weekend.
Totally agree with you there; I'd like to keep it looking vintage, even if the bottom pieces or wheels take away from that. Since the 3x3 was pressure treated I'll wait for them to fully dry before staining them, I think.

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