greedo killer

  1. Dann

    Star Wars For Trade: Compac Super 4x31 Greedo Killer Scope for MGC

    Hey guys, like the title says, I've got a Compac Super 4x31 scope for trade! In the pics, it's the unaltered one, with the front bell still intact. Now, whoever wants this, I'd be happy to turn the front bell down for them, on my lathe, so the scope will look identical to the 2.5x, for...
  2. skoota73

    Vintage M9 Flash Hider

    Hi. I'm letting go of this vintage M9 flash hider with box. Condition looks good except the wing-nut is half broken off. Thank you for looking!
  3. skoota73

    WarMachine Replica Han Solo Greedo Killer Scope

    Hi. I'm letting go of this Han Solo Greedo Killer aluminum and un-anodized scope kit from WarMachine. This was painted by Scott Jua. Replica Weaver mounts and screws are included as well. Shipping is $15. Thank you for looking!
  4. m4vrick

    m4vrick Greedo Killer build

    Hello all, this be my build for the Greedo Killer: Assembly & Finish. The blaster is now done; but thought of sharing it to fellow enthusiasts. Ingredients: - Gold MGC C96 - Field Marshall anodized Scope Mount - Solo Hold Heat Sink - Weaver rings 1" - Compac Super 2 1/2 - M9 flash hider The...
  5. m4vrick

    WTB - Compac Scope 2 1/2

    Still looking. Appreciate any leads.