han solo blaster


    Good Han Solo Costume for Halloween in Germany

    Hi, after a long, long time… I finally started my first Star Wars costume for myself and the DL44 prop build of my dreams. I build some weapons for a Mando costume for a friend in the last weeks (just the pistol and rifle, 3D-printed, painted and weathered sorry, but I didn’t bother to document...
  2. CommanderWolffe

    My DENIX ANH DL-44 build

    Hello DL-44 Community, Im happy to post my first DL-44 build, and see what y’all think! Mine is a Denix base with parts from Dark Energy Creations. The Denix was a rough cast for sure, and required a lot of clean up. There are still some small things id like to fix, but I’ll get to them in time...
  3. skoota73

    Price Drop! Master Replicas Han Solo ANH Elite Edition Blaster

    Hi. I am letting go of my MR Han Solo ANH Elite Edition Blaster. Everything is included. This was opened twice. The first time being when it was first received, and for the second time, was to take pictures for this thread. This item has been sitting in storage and in my basement for years...
  4. chubsANDdoggers

    vinyl cutting

    I am looking to get a vinyl cutter to create stencils for blaster props that I build. Ive noticed that a lot of people use them for lightsabers, blasters.. pretty much everything really. I was curious to hear some suggestions on whats a good place to start. Silhouette cameo or Cricut Explore...
  5. 13doctorwho

    Star Tours Toy DL-44 Repaint

    My brother wants to be Han Solo for Halloween. Neither of us have much money for that kind of thing right now. For the blaster we decided to repaint a cheap toy. I found a Star Tour DL-44 blaster from 1996 on eBay for really cheap. It was bright orange, so I completely repainted it to make a...
  6. chubsANDdoggers

    TESB “Hoth” Han Solo Blaster replica..

    This is my scratch built (Denix & 3D printed) HOTH blaster from The Empire Strikes Back.. I’ve been studying these dl-44 blasters under a microscope for a while now and every time I think I have it figured out a new detail emerges. But this is where I am at today. When I started on this Hoth...