Ultimate Greedo Killer DL-44 Blaster - All Real Parts Build


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Real non-engraved MGC Mauser c96.
Real M3 grease gun flash hider.
Real Weaver scope rings.
Real Compac Super 2 & 1/2x scope.
Solo's Hold heatsink.
Modified Blaster Factory scope mount.

Professional assembly by Scottjua.

(I might try and get the accurate high-rise scope rings, though at least for now I much prefer the sleeker aesthetic of the low mounts. I do have a pair of post-production football scope rings en-route however, if only if I ever decide to play with the configuration.)







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Post production (still need the small knob):


Unfortunately the scope rings were full on stuck to the scope, and even my most careful efforts of removing them pulled off a few flecks of paint from the tube, which was super annoying. Might see if I can touch them up with some paint :confused:

Edit: Figured out why they stuck. The top part of the rings had painter's tape to pad them out, which tends to stick to painted surfaces imo. The bottom of the rings had no tape and were sharp. Took that tape out and added electrical tape to both, which should prevent any more scuffing. Crisis averted!
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