Vanitas' stuff: REAL Compac Super 2 1/2x Scope and more


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In what I can really only describe as yet another luckily timed acquisition, ebay's home page once again brought me a brand-new listing of a certain part that I've been yearning to get my grubby hands on for YEARS, and at a VERY reasonable price :D






The Greedo Killer has always been an ugly duckling of a DL-44 to me, but since I also have a non-Waffenfabrik Mauser stamped MGC even I think it would be criminal to keep dawdling on this thing any longer than I have, so I do believe that I'll finally be making an all real parts GK haha


Will probably be making this into a proper build thread in the very near future, so stay tuned! ;)


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Thanks all! I'm not the best at photography, but to my untrained eye the crosshairs look pretty well unmolested, which was a relief. Other than a couple tiny little paint losses I'm pretty happy with the condition of this sucker!


On another note I also got the Weaver scope rings I ordered in the mail today, so all I'm waiting on is FM's scope mount and Aaron's grill. I'm actually thinking I may well want to pad out the inside of the Weavers with some tape to help insulate the scope from getting scratched up.
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Parts are slowly starting to come together, and the Solo's Hold grill is en route.

Unfortunately I might have to do something about the FM scope mount that arrived the other day, which seems noticeably off-kilter to my eye...

As I mentioned in the private message try loosening the tube screws holding it and see if you can just adjust the angle and then retighten it in the correct angle.

If not just tell Chris show him and he'll send out a new part
As near as I can tell the mounting holes in the crossbar itself seem like they're slightly off-parallel, so I don't think I can cheat it without modifying the recessed hole in the mount face. Not the biggest problem, but I just think it's a small setup hiccup. The rest of the mount is of excellent quality, of course :)

Also just out of curiosity, does anyone know where to get the football style scope rings seen in the Chronicles photos? I haven't been able to find any concrete info on them, but feel that I should at least pick up a pair so that I can also easily swap the rings out to make that version if wanted.
In other news, MGC number 4 is welcomed to the family! It's missing the safety and also has some really weird wood grips (factory MCG?), but for the condition the price I paid for it was good :)


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