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  1. MastahBlastah

    FS: Walnut Grips for Real C96 or Field Marshall Mauser (ANH Weathered)

    Up for sale is a pair of Field Marshall's real walnut grips for a Han Solo ANH blaster build. These are the variety that are sized for Field Marshall's steel Mauser replica, or for a real C96 Mauser, but a Denix or MGC could be altered to accept them as well. Field Marshall typically sells...
  2. MastahBlastah

    FS: Field Marshall Hensoldt Scope Replica (Assembled/Weathered)

    This is still available! Up for sale is one of Field Marshall's steel Hensoldt Wetzlar scope replicas, assembled and weathered by me. Here's the treatment that I've given it: Scope body blued inside and out Scope body weathered with diluted flat black wash Brass parts aged with Brass Black...
  3. Rufus72

    My Star Wars Prop builds

    Hello to everyone. My name is Ralf and I'm new on the RPF. I'm making props and models for quite a while and want to show some of my works. Please tell me what you think. If you're interested I'll post some wip pictures. My most time I spent on the DL-44 and E-11 blasters but there are some...
  4. spacemunky

    C96 Broomhandle Mauser reference and weathering tips

    The always interesting Forgotten Weapons just posted a video about spotting poorly-restored C96 Mausers that people attempt to pass-off as factory original. It's got a lot of close-ups of a good quality Mauser, and he speaks to the proper fit and finish that would come out of the factory. He...
  5. frogfreak

    My airsoft bespin DL-44 build

    What's up everyone!? So recently I bought an umarex mauser c96. and I'm wanting to first, make it look more like a real mauser, then convert it to a bespin Han solo dl-44. Here is what I'm starting with: Here is the first thing I've tackled: I needed to remove that fake molded in selector...
  6. frogfreak

    Want to Buy Anybody have a decently cheap denix mauser for sale?

    Now before the mods move this thread. I am wanting to make an ESB Han solo dl-44 blaster. And I'm wanting to know if anyone is selling a decently cheap denix mauser? I will change the name of the thread afterwards! I couldn't post this on want to buy cause I wouldn't be able to reply to it...
  7. frogfreak


  8. newmagrathea

    MG-81 Flash Hider Restoration for Nick

    I've got another awesome restoration cooking. https://www.propchopshop.com/2019/08/04/mg-81-flash-hider-restoration-for-nick/
  9. Postapocalympic

    Modified ESB DL-44

    Got bored this weekend and did a thing. I added the front "heatsink" cuz I prefer the look. Cheap double eagle mauser off ebay. Clipped off the fake safety, backed it with a bit off a failed 3D print and filled in the hole with bondo. Added a bunch of 3D printed parts from 3 or 4 different...
  10. alecsanz

    DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol

    Today I bring you a DL-44 I made at the beginning of 2018. More pics here: DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol I'm Alejandro and I build replicas with paper — DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol Alejandro Sanchez on Instagram: “A repaint of my DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol If you like it, fav and comment...
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