1. Elfenstahl

    Star Wars MGC Japan Mauser C96 PFG

    Selling a C96 plugfire gun, made by MGC Japan in the 70s. Perfect base for a blaster built, but hard to find nowadays. The model gun is good shape for its age. Gun can be stripped and operated like the original Mauser. Worldwide shipping. MGC located in Germany. Private sale. No return, no...
  2. Palpatine1977

    Star Wars Todd's Costumes DL-44 Blaster Pistol

    Brand new condition, displayed inside away from sunlight. Includes an acrylic display stand and case. Very rare and hard to import extremely heavy and accurate Han Solo DL-44 ANH Blaster Replica. Looking to get 1200 CAD + Shipping Features include: Custom made Hensoldt-Wetzlar scope made of all...
  3. Psab keel

    Star Wars One Replicas Super Stunt Graflex Lightsaber

    I have two of these available. These are superbly made economical/ ergonomic Saber hilts that are faithful replicas of the Graflex hilt, only scaled down in diameter for dueling/ spinning. They're made of machined aluminum and come with an alternate clamp card and extra clamp lever detail.
  4. travellingsax

    Inconel Replica of Balance Pipe/Emitter for Ben Kenobi's Saber, ANH

    Hey there folks! I hope my first post here doesn't read as overly green. I have the opportunity to have a emitter(s) made inspired by the Derwent Mk8/9 female balance pipes CNC'd in actual Inconel, and there a few things I'd like to know from you all before I make final arrangements. The exact...
  5. D

    Adjusting Vader Helmet dome Height/position

    Say you buy an ANH Vader helmet with a traditional dome mount type of system with the two rings that sit in each other, Now we know in the films vaders dome position changes form scene to scene, but this mounting system doesn't allow for any adjustment. If you theoretically you wanted Vaders...

    Good Han Solo Costume for Halloween in Germany

    Hi, after a long, long time… I finally started my first Star Wars costume for myself and the DL44 prop build of my dreams. I build some weapons for a Mando costume for a friend in the last weeks (just the pistol and rifle, 3D-printed, painted and weathered sorry, but I didn’t bother to document...
  7. Galacticon5

    Any one know how often DEC restocks ANH kit

    like the title I was just wondering if or how often Dark Energy Construction restock the ANH kit to see if I should wait or if I should get something else like blaster factory or Todd’s Costumes
  8. eobard

    Show me your RS TIE (Hero) pilot helmets!

    Hello! I've been mulling --- for quite a while --- which would be my first TIE pilot helmet, and it finally came down to RSpropmasters or SDS / Shepperton. It was close, until I learned that RS came out with the Hero faceplate. The Hero!! Legend has it that it was from an actual ANH TIE...
  9. DaveP

    Interest DaveP's Obi Static Parts Run 2022 (Interest Thread)

    Hello there! Some of you may already know, that over the past few months I’ve been working behind the scenes, preparing things for my next run. My daily focus has of course been on completing the outstanding commissions for my current V2/Obi Stunt run, but on the evenings and whenever I do get a...
  10. P

    Low budget ANH Han Solo

    Evening all. I thought I'd have a go at ANH Han for a local con. With my post-pandemic budget being a little on the low side this is the cheapest I can make it whilst still looking vaguely acceptable. Luckily I've already got the holster and a Denix/DEC DL-44 so that's the bulk of the cost of...
  11. supermansteel

    I need help creating a replica of the Rebel pilot helmet for the X-Wing ship. ANH (1977)

    Hello community of the RPF forum, I need help with a pattern to create the cardboard helmet of the rebel pilot of the X-Wing ship from the movie Star Wars: A New Hope (1977). As well as reference images and their real measurements since I cannot find data to create my helmet as close as possible...
  12. CommanderWolffe

    My DENIX ANH DL-44 build

    Hello DL-44 Community, Im happy to post my first DL-44 build, and see what y’all think! Mine is a Denix base with parts from Dark Energy Creations. The Denix was a rough cast for sure, and required a lot of clean up. There are still some small things id like to fix, but I’ll get to them in time...
  13. LayneMeringuePi

    Han Solo's Shirt ANH

    Hi all! I have been working on a Han Solo shirt and have found myself at a bit on an impasse. While I know the style is a henley, in some images it looks to be linen while in others it looks to be a bit of a thick cotton. I tried scouring through the forum topics, but it was starting to get...
  14. scarf man

    List the DL-44 blaster props ANH through ROTJ

    The ANH to ROTJ DL44 blasters, Identification thread *Glossary near the bottom of the post. Star Wars (ANH) 1977 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Han Solo‘s hero (Cantina, Docking bay 94 escape, Millennium Falcon interior, and Yavin scenes)...
  15. LOM

    An Analysis of ANH Lightsabers Timeline, Stunt Props, and Miscellaneous Theories

    Last Updated: July 10th, 2022 In an effort to make this more of a better reference for people, I've decided to put my personal anecdotes and musings into spoiler tags to separate them from the meat of the content. This post serves as a timeline and general quick-reference guide to information...
  16. craigjohn

    CFO Tie Pilot arrived on Saturday...

    Today I took a few quick pics. This helmet is ridiculously fantastic. The attention to detail. The craftsmanship. It's such a stellar piece, even my wife isn't mad I bought this — instead, she thinks it's "really cool". LOL Thanks to Mark and Jay for putting in so much effort and perfecting...
  17. D

    Pictures of Mike Warren ANH helmet

    Anyone ordered an ANH helmet from Mike Warren? Most people say his stuff is the best but there are very few pictures of his stuff online. I seem to see the same 2 or 3 pictures taken by him, very few by people who have bought from him. Other than Blue Harvest stunt helmet I haven't seen anyone...
  18. r2maker

    R2-D2 - 1976 RC True Historic Build blog

    I am really excited to get started on my personal build blog to create a historical build of the 1976 version of the RC Artoo unit. This first project for Feb 21 is the front flashing optics in the head. As with any prop replica prop, the first step is getting solid reference information...

    Machined or Dull? The Vintage Graflex beertab rivet variant discussion

    I am starting this Thread to discuss the beer tab rivet variations in VINTAGE Graflex Variants (Folmer and Inc.), as previously discussed in Nate's thread: The Ultimate Luke ANH Graflex Research & Discussion Thread. Please feel free to post any photos of the beer tab rivet on any of your...
  20. IronDestinyProps

    The Ultimate Luke ANH Graflex Research & Discussion Thread

    Welcome to the official discussion thread of the original ANH Graflex Luke hero lightsaber! Seeing as how the Elstree thread has become quite lengthy and is only somewhat related to the real hero, it seemed fitting to found a designated location for discussion and prop talk regarding the...
  21. 319 .jpg

    319 .jpg

    ANH Duel pic 3
  22. 318.jpg


    ANH Duel pic 2
  23. 321A.jpg


    ANH Duel BTS photo
  24. Praetor

    Vader ANH - MPP Lightsaber - Screws!

    Hi all, I’ve checked the guide and done a bunch of searches, but I cannot find a clear answer: Can anyone tell me the specification of the small screws that hold the button section mount in place and that sit under the shroud either side? These look the same (button, flat head screws) but I’m...
  25. DaveP

    Interest Obi Wan ANH **Heavy** Static (Interest Thread)

    Hello everyone. I've been finishing up a few semi completed 3D projects lately, and I'm VERY excited to finally put this one out there as an interest thread, having received the final quote from the machining shop! What we have here is my take on Obi Wan's ANH saber. This is not a replica...