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  1. Elfenstahl

    Star Wars Genuine SINGLE POINT SCOPE with transparent square dome - perfect condition - for Rebel Blasters and Scout Trooper Blaster

    Up for sale is a beautiful Single Point scope from my collection. It has the accurate transparent square dome, like it was used for the Rebel blaster DH-17 (ANH) and A-280 (Hoth and Endor) as well as for the Scout Trooper Blaster EC-17. The dome and the lense are in great condition (see...
  2. Serenity

    Want to Buy Han ANH bull barrel

    Anyone have a spare bull barrel compatible with a Field Marshall Han Solo ANH flash hider? Just thought I'd see before I order one directly. Used is fine, will even consider flawed stuff for a deal, but steel is preferred in any case. Thanks!
  3. jvasilatos

    Star Wars Master Replicas ANH Darth Vader Lightsaber (4,439 of 7,500) SW-106DLE: $820 NO CASE

    ANH Darth Vader Lightsaber (4,439 of 7,500) SW-106DLE: $820 NO CASE Saber is in original packaging. Only opened once for inspection and recent photos, never displayed. In storage for 15 years since its original purchase from Master Replicas. Includes original paperwork. US SALES: $820 FIRM...
  4. jvasilatos

    Star Wars Master Replicas ANH Obi-Wan Kenobi Lightsaber (2 of 2,500) SW-109LE WITH CASE

    ANH Obi-Wan Kenobi Lightsaber (2 of 2,500) SW-109LE WITH CASE Saber is in original packaging and includes the clear display cases. Only opened once for inspection and recent photos, never displayed. In storage for 15 years since its original purchase from Master Replicas. Includes original...
  5. Sabs

    Want to Buy Romans light sabre

    Hi everyone, Im looking for a romans static ANH graflex or an ANH obiwan hilt, for less than new. Make me an offer.
  6. sketcherdan

    Star Wars ANH TIE Pilot Chest Box Kit (Jim Tripon)

    I have a Jim Tripon (Jimmiroquai) fibreglass ANH chestbox for sale, with cast and acrylic greeblies ready to go. Some greeblies already painted. There's also a couple of upgraded pieces in machined aluminium from the Aluminium Falcon on FB. There's a hole in the back for access and potential...
  7. sketcherdan

    ANH DL44 - Dark Energy Creations + accurised Denix C96

    ANH DL44 - additions from Dark Energy Creations: - Scope (aluminum) - Scope Lens Retainers (brass) - Lenses (mineral glass) - Scope Knob (brass) - Scope Mount (cast pewter-LOW MELT 300 F) - Mount Crossbar (aluminum), w/ hardware) - Flash Hider (aluminum) - Barrel (aluminum) - Grill (pewter I...
  8. schrodinger555

    Hales for Obi ANH

    Hey everyone, This ones also up for grabs! In perfect condition for a Tunisia build, fairly corroded but cleaned, stripped, patina re applied, neutralized and then sealed. Wind vane sleeve is unbroken and firm on the wind vane. Threads on the top are in excellent condition, bottom are slightly...
  9. schrodinger555

    Vintage Graflex Luke ANH Saber

    Hey guys! Up for grabs is a graflex I found in the wild a few weeks ago and converted using Roy's grips and D ring. The bubble strip is an old rebelscum. The flash is a graflex inc in worn condition which looks great as an ANH saber. I weathered the grips and D ring to better match the...
  10. Kalel76

    Luke Skywalker ANH Vintage Swiss Ammo Pouches.

    FS: Two (2) Luke Skywalker ANH vintage Swiss ammo pouches. These pouches are for your Luke Skywalker ANH belt. One pouch is in excellent condition and the other is in fair condition. $65.00 shipped in the continental US.
  11. DaveP

    Interest Obi Wan ANH **Heavy** Static (Interest Thread)

    Hello everyone. I've been finishing up a few semi completed 3D projects lately, and I'm VERY excited to finally put this one out there as an interest thread, having received the final quote from the machining shop! What we have here is my take on Obi Wan's ANH saber. This is not a replica...
  12. Darth Africanus

    How was Vader's helmet modified from ANH to ESB to ROTJ

    ]Hello All hope all are good So I have been searching the intranets for this little nugget of information I read all threads I could find but to my surprise nowhere is it discussed in great detail what did the prop makers at LF do to the Vader helmets from ANH to convert it to the ESB version...
  13. I

    ANH grip cutting help

    I am currently in the process of completing my ANH Graflex, but I am stuck on how to make the 30 degree cuts on each grip end. This is my first time getting into prop making so all advice and recommendations I surely appreciate! Grips being used are from WannaWanga. Thank you!
  14. roygilsing

    WannaWanga ANH Graflex configuration: RAF stamped sidebar

    Hi, Since the discovery of Elstree saber, the discovery of the 4 mystery rivets on the bottom of the ANH Graflex hero saber and the resulting confirmation that the promo images saber being the hero saber, I've been asked by several members to determine the accurate position of the grips, D-ring...
  15. ZoiddBergg

    Accurate Darth Vader Helmet STL?

    Hello, I will soon be getting a 3D printer and one of the first actual projects I want to do is a Darth Vader helmet, the only problem is I can't find a single accurate STL file for it. I'm looking for either the ANH or ESB version, if anyone has or knows where I can get one it would be much...
  16. juajn7fernandez

    Juan's Stormtrooper helmet collection (Updated with RS Hero)

    So I've been meaning to do this for a long long time now, and I finally took the time to do it. Here is my Stormtrooper helmet collection so far. ( in no particular order) RS Hero first edition #8 (2020) RS HDPE from the first run ANH RS HDPE from the latest run (2017) ANH RS ABS...
  17. DaveP

    Obi Wan ANH build... Development Thread

    Oh dear, what have I started?! So, my impatience has got the better of me this evening, and I may have started something... The parts for my ISYHCANL are still in production, so I thought while I waited I'd have a try at a few Obi Wan parts in 3D: These are all very rough at this stage and...
  18. newmagrathea


    Ok I've put this up on my blog in full detail, so I'll put a condensed version here. There are two different X-wing control sticks. There is the one that Wavey has a thread on: ANH X-Wing Control Column - Stick And the one that I'm...
  19. thawn_es

    Interest **CLOSED** Luke's macrobinoculars resin lenses

    I'm going to do a limited run in resin of the kaligar lenses for the kalimar 660 used on the luke`s macros or for han's binoculars (the art of han solo a star wars story). - Set of a pair builded, painted, static and ready to display for 100€ plus shipping. If there is an interest of at least...
  20. tmax

    Want to Buy Graflex Slide Switch & Red Button

    Looking for a side slide switch and red button for my V1 Parks ESB conversion. I have a glass eye to trade... Cheers, T.
  21. tmax

    Look what I found!!! Graflex... New Pics

    So I'm on fb marketplace last week looking through the antique section and I come across a Quebec antique dealer selling a Graflex with the flash intact! I couldn't believe my eyes. But the listing was posted "Over a week ago" so surely it was long gone. Apparently not! I bought it of course and...
  22. The Ninja

    ANH Graflex PROMO Photo Clamp #114A/_ _ Folmer Graflex New York 3-Cell Flash with Clamp #114A/63

    Folmer Graflex New York 3-Cell Flash with Clamp Number 114A/63 I thought it best to start a new thread to allow discussion on the recent information posted in my Hunting Thread & the Historical Threads; The Ninja - Star Wars Vintage Parts Hunting and Props - UPDATE Folmer NY Flash Clamp RAF...
  23. Red Hawk

    Short Circuit Their Recording Systems - Building a Restraining Bolt

    So as I continue the quest for ANH found props I realized that one that was missing from my collection was a vintage restraining bolt. After a healthy amount of searching and working with Troy (Seneca) to try to identify the right Arriflex lens (and at a less than mortgage payment type price) I...
  24. Edraven99

    MR ANH Vader LE Lightsaber Question

    Hey guys, Have any of you or know of anyone who has stripped the t-tracks off of a MR Vader ANH LE lightsaber? I've been toying with the idea of stripping and correcting the t-tracks on mine - the MR ANH comes with 6 t-tracks instead of the correct 7 tracks. I know that on the FX hilts at...
  25. Sabs

    ANH Obi-Wan Lightsaber measurements guide

    Hello and welcome to my first public project. I've been working in secret for many months to build what will become the perfect CAD model of the Obi-Wan ANH lightsaber, the part drawings of which I will share to everyone, hopefully there are those among you that will help me perfect this body...

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