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Congratulations, russellsch ! Man, it looks just incredible!
That is just wonderful. Love it
Thanks guys. This is a dream come true, to be sure. :)

Beautiful vintage parts Obi buddy, congrats on completing your build (y)
Thanks man. The tips & leads were always greatly appreciated! (y)

Man, that thing is beautiful. Congrats, russellsch!
Thank you sir. You were a ray of hope in a dark time. Even though I wasn't able to pick up your booster, you revived the hope there was one out there for me. :D

Looks amazing to finally see it come together! Congratulations my friend!
Thank you so much, for everything you've done for me! I, & many others, would be lost without your kindness. :notworthy:


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That’s amazing to have that prop! Your patience, determination, and friends here who helped you was really worth it! Congrats Russ!


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Definitely a beauty. Welcome to the club buddy. Such a satisfying journey to be on; or in your (our) case taken, even though I still continue my hunt for additional pieces.

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Here's an article on preserving rusted metal. It's actually about preserving post electrolysis but if you did that I think it would disappear entirely:

I'd go with heating with a hairdryer followed by the acetone or isopropyl alcohol bath, then the microcrystaline wax if you can or Briwax. If you don't plan on using the container ( I don't think it would last long if you did) & want it displayed I'd put it in a cabinet to remove the temptation of handling it or getting it squashed. if your likely to handle it I'd try & find a suitable tube to fit inside to prevent accidental crushing. This doesn't need to be a tight fit.. Any firm material really (pipe lagging foam?) but there is the risk here of an absorbent material taking damp from the air & causing contact rusting - but similar goes for impervious material getting condensation. If I did this I'd try covering the insert with grease proof paper 'stuck' to the tube with petroleum jelly (vasalene) or maybe some melted wax & keep a eye on it just to make sure.. This shouldn't attract moisture or condensation.