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Please . . . for those of you with completed real vintage parts OB1 ANH lightsabers or perhaps still in the process of collecting vintage parts . . . do feel free to add your precious lightsaber and/or your work in progress pictures :)

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This is mine, which if I'm not mistaken was among the first wave of real vintage parts sabers - I acquired it in 2009 from RPF member "Killdozer." He was the gentleman who figured out that the "gear" piece was the Browning ANM2 machine gun recoil booster. When I received it from him it was 99% complete - all I had to do was install the D-ring and the transistors.

OB1 001.jpg OB1 002.jpg

In the years since, I've picked up a machined cone piece for mounting the balance pipe, a faucet knob that's in much better shape (the original has significant chrome peeling), and most recently a pair of shorter transistors. One of these days I'll get around to the upgrades.

OB1 003.jpg

And here are a few pics of the individual parts...

Balance pipe:

OB1 004.jpg OB1 005.jpg


OB1 006.jpg OB1 007.jpg


OB1 008.jpg OB1 009.jpg


It only took me almost four years, but I finally got around to those upgrades (including a different, much nicer grenade)...



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Veektohr, that grenade looks fantastic! What more could you ask for?
Still finishing details on mine so I'll wait a bit longer to post.

The top won't screw in fully - there's like .75 threads that won't go in, and the windvane isn't crimped (more like a smooth flare out). All super nit-picky things, like I said. You know how it goes! This thread is going to be full of so much eye candy [emoji7]

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This picture, as seen above, was published in Harry Harrison's Mechanismo, which ultimately set me on my quest to track down the same parts as used in 1976 for OB1's ANH lightsaber ... so for me it's been quite a journey, which started a long time ago . . .


That said OB1's lightsaber is still a pretty good story to tell my friends and relatives about, who are unknown of the origin of the seperate parts ... for me it's the #1 lightsaber :


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