Star Trek TR-580 Resin Tricorder


New Member
Hi everybody !

Not quite new here but I'm posting for the first time a project I'm starting! I've always been intimidated by all the great projects I can see here.

I'm working on a resin print of the TR-580 Tricorder in its modular form thanks to the astonishing UnimatrixRed files!



I will share the progress with you as it goes on, for now it's just almost straight out of the print bed!

It's hollow so technically you coud cut out the back panel in order to add electronics.
I'm building this one static as I want to see how the resin build react.

But I think I'll print another one for electronics once this one is finished
I think it's incredibly cool how 3d printing has gotten to a point where we can easily print tricorders and get to enjoy the fun of having these props with, what I assume, is a much lower cost than purchasing them outright.
This is awesome. I've seen the PLA versions but resin seems like a much better option for these. I like the ability to make it hollow for electronics. I agree with rexposition - 3d printing has opened up so much access for builders. I really need to get back to learning modeling! Looking forward to seeing progress on this build!

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