star trek prop

  1. PhuketAussie

    Lighting in Captain Kirk's quarters, and other things...

    Hello, At last, the time has come to start building my Enterprise Desk/workstation. I have much of the wood that I need to start building, just gotta buy the primer grey and other paints that I need. I'm not going to follow my concept exactly, as I've done some rethinking since drawing...
  2. PhuketAussie

    Enterprise Desk v2

    Hello everyone. Thanks for the feedback on my desk design back in January (Enterprise Desk). I've done a lot of rethinking of the design since then, and I've come up with an almost completely redesigned desk which might suit my needs better. As with v1 this desk isn't meant to be an exact...
  3. renaissance_man

    Star Trek Enterprise Suliban Sabotage Device

    I wanted a nice companion piece to my Enterprise props collection and this small device seemed like a quick project to 3D model, print up in high resolution resin and paint. The original prop as seen in the episode "Shockwave Part 1".
  4. renaissance_man

    MACO Scanner Star Trek Enterprise

    I was lucky enough to win one of the rare MACO scanners back in the good old IAW auctions. I've been using a digital calipers and using exact mm measurements I made a 3D model which I had parts printed up for quite some time ago but it's taken a while to get back to this as I've been busy on a...