star trek

  1. Pepperbone

    The Wand Company - Star Trek: The Original Series PHASER re-issue poll

    Let's see if we can get an idea of how many individuals would be interested. Some context >The Wand Company released a limited run of the Phaser a few years back and it sold out. It's as simple as that. Unfortunately, a lot of us missed out on it, and would love the opportunity to get one (or...
  2. K

    Want to Buy Need medium tos season 1-2 or 3 anovos pants,

    I'm desperately trying to finish my anovo Star Trek uniform I need the season one or two or three pants I would be willing to negotiate a price with you I know that they'll probably go for a pretty penny, hit me up let's talk if you have them.
  3. gmprops

    Limited Run Star Trek Voyager Mark X Medical Tricorder Electronics - lights & sounds

    For anyone that is interested, I am doing a small run of 5 sets of electronics for the Mark X Medical tricorder, including the handheld scanner. The electronics are designed to specifically fit the Stapleton Productions body kit & Roddenberry kits. These electronics have full lights and sounds...
  4. Valor

    Star Trek Strange New Worlds Phaser

    This is a replica of the retro-modern phaser seen in Star Trek Strange New Worlds. It is size to be accurate to the show and based on recently released photos of the studio-made phasers. This is a multi-part piece printed in durable resin. It has some nice heft. The trigger pulls, and the P2 is...
  5. Jake Kassnoff

    Star Trek Doomsday Machine

    Evil space trumpet!
  6. gmprops

    Star Trek Voyager 29th Century Tricorder Hero Prop

    Here is a completed hero 29th Century tricorder from the Voyager episode "Relativity". I just finished building this up using the exact same Oregon Scientific travel alarm clock that was used by the prop builders for that episode. It is essentially identical to the prop used on the show. The...
  7. Lorum Ipsum

    Star Trek Stuff!

    A whole bunch of Star Trek stuff...including some super-rare collectables. • Hero Collector USS Voyager (RRP $25) • Hero Collector USS Enterprise-D (RRP $25) • Hero Collector Section 31 Deimos Class (RRP $55) • Hero Collector Bloopers of the Borg book (RRP $15) • United Federation of Planets...
  8. deck5

    Star Trek Picard Boxing Poster - Free Shipping!

    A close variant of the boxing poster from City on the Edge of Forever. 18"x24". Printed with archival inks on heavy 175 gsm stock. Free Shipping!
  9. deck5

    Star Trek Boxing Poster from City on the Edge of Forever - Free Shipping!

    18"x24", printed with archival inks on heavy 175 gsm stock. Free Shipping!
  10. AnneWithAnE

    Looking for custom Admiral Janeway Tunic

    Looking for a custom Admiral Janeway tunic from the Star Trek Voyager final series episode Endgame. It's also similar to Captain Crusher's uniform in the Star Trek the Next Generation finale All Good Things and Picard Season 2 first episode uniforms.
  11. Unfated

    The Wand Company Star Trek phaser remote and bluetooth communicator + bonus

    The Wand Company Star Trek phaser remote and bluetooth communicator plus bonus. An extra (more accurate) phaser grip. I believe it's from a Stapleton run some years back. *EDIT I was just informed the handle is from SD Studios not Stapleton. $700 plush shipping. Insurance extra. I do not have...
  12. deck5

    Scotty's Calibration Spanner / Engineering Tool / Star Trek

    Scotty's trusty calibration spanner! Solid aluminum. 10.5" long. Free shipping.
  13. deck5

    Gary Seven Servo - Free Shipping / Assignment Earth / Star Trek

    A nice piece. The clip slides down and the 'ears' spring out. Teri Garr not included.
  14. torsoboy

    Screen-used Star Trek Into Darkness Starfleet Jumpsuit uniform

    I am selling my screen-used Starfleet crewman jumpsuit uniform from Star Trek Into Darkness. This uniform was Lot # 159 at the Prop Store Star Trek Into Darkness auction back in the April 2020 timeframe. The uniform includes the jumpsuit, hat, gloves, boots, and certificate of authenticity from...
  15. deck5

    Star Trek TOS Boxing Poster - 'City on the Edge of Forever'

    This is a painstaking replica of an iconic prop from "City on the Edge of Forever", a brilliant episode of the original series of Star Trek. I always wanted this poster for myself! I've gone to considerable lengths to make it as screen-accurate as possible. The poster measures 18"x24", and is...
  16. Jake Kassnoff

    Magnetic star Trek TNG Communicator

    My rubies communicator pins kept breaking so I made one with a magnet built in instead:
  17. J

    ANOVOS UPDATE 033022

    OK, this is my first post here and I hope I am posting in the right spot. I got a package in the mail today, and you could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw who it was from. ANOVOS. The ORIGINAL Anovos, not the new one. It was dated from their fulfillment center on 3/21/22. It...
  18. gmprops

    Limited Run Star Trek Electronics for Cortical Stimulator kits

    Hi everyone! I am doing a limited run of electronics for several different Cortical Stimulators. I am starting with one from Voyager and the other from DS9. I will post a run from TNG in a few days. This is for the electronics only. They should fit any accurate replica that are hollow. The...
  19. Caveneau

    Star Trek Toy/Prop Lot

    Hi guys, I have some miscellaneous Star Trek stuff I'd like to try selling. It's a mix of stuff mostly from Playmates and Cosermart, but I'm not sure if the Enterprise EM-33 and ST5/6 Assault phaser are made by Cosermart because they are not branded. The Playmates First Contact phaser has been...
  20. Feltman Langer

    Protective coating for smoothing and finishing 3D printed parts AKA 3D Print Coating

    Hi All, Has anyone here tried/ used this product for their PLA projects: I'm thinking this will save some work on my Boomerang phaser plus other related projects I'm planning.
  21. DB537

    Interest Star Trek TOS - Boxing Poster - City on the Edge of Forever - Original Maker

    I'm in the process of getting some reprints made of the boxing poster that was seen in 'The City on the Edge of Forever'. The first group order is currently in production, and I expect to have better reference images in early/mid June when they are completed. Here is the Etsy listing for the...
  22. HandfulOfJohn

    Star Trek TNG/Voyager Boomerang Phaser

    This was my first stab at making a model style kit from lots of research, Fusion 360, print and then to electronics. Sadly I can't give it away or sell due to the big cease & desist purge early this year. So instead hope you all enjoy my efforts :) First I grabbed a load of images from...
  23. agliarept

    Star Trek's TOS Captain's Chair - Restoration Project

    Hi, Posting a project i'm taking on this year, restoring my "newish" Star Trek captain's chair. We found this listed for sale at "Blast from the Past" in Burbank, California and had it freighted across the state. Well, this weekend we finally assembled it and i'm starting the process of...
  24. phase pistol

    3d Printed 1:1 replica of the 11-foot Starship Enterprise from TOS

    Just wanted to show off some incredible work by Russell Meyers. Over the past three months, he led the team that designed and printed this fabulous replica of the studio scale model. You're seeing the raw prints assembled for the first time (the rest of the ship, the other nacelle and the side...
  25. Embersnail

    Finished Star Trek Hypospray

    Hi there, I’m new to the forums but I thought I’d share my finished project from this week: an EVA foam Star Trek: Voyager hypospray! I used EVA foam for the body, and a 3/4” acrylic tube for the liquid casing. I’m looking for more ideas of Star Trek props to try my hand at, if anyone has any...