star trek

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  1. The Terminator

    Star Trek: First Frontier fanfilm

    A couple of well known actors in this fan-production. Cast: Robert Pralgo - Captain Robert April Tara Ochs - Dr. Sarah April Barry Corbin - John April Nichelle Nichols - Nyota Uhura Mark Ashworth - Commander Young Paul Telfer - Commander McCain Vince Canlas - Lt. Commander Corbin Brianna...
  2. kevinv

    Full Size Star Trek NOMAD Build Greebles

    Hello All! I'm modeling a full size Nomad from Star Trek, The Changeling. I love the design of this thing. I'm a bit stuck on some of the little greebles on the bottom, especially the flat ones in the image. I'm close in shape but there's more detail there I am missing. I have found some images...
  3. mgoob

    Star Trek Communicator Magazine $2 each

    Your choice at $2 each: 147 149 150 151 Ships from zip code 14620 Will ship media mail unless you state otherwise Send PM first claiming issue! Then we can figure out shipping etc. as Buyer Pays Shipping
  4. TristanArtSD

    TOS Phaser 1 and 2 build

    Alrighty, time for my first build thread! Please bear with me as I get this started... I'm going to upload my photos at a medium size, I didn't see anything regarding size limits but I know my phone is a little crazy with photo size. Here we go! So a couple years ago, I started working on my...
  5. RayR

    Star Trek Communicator DIAMOND SELECT ~ METAL GRILLE working/ intermittant

    This is a NEW Diamond Select TOS Communicator. I finally opened it to test and replace the batteries. Turns out there was a little battery compartment acid leak which was easily cleaned up. Then with new batteries the "Try Me" mode worked great "Enterprise, Kirk here", but nothing else, so...
  6. FabiKurz

    Star Trek TNG Communicator Badge

    Hi Everybody! Here is a new "home-made" prop replica. It has no secrets, just a little bit of aluminum, a piece of styrene and epoxy putty. Instead velcro I put a magnet on the back, so I can wear it even on a leather jacket (with a metallic plate inside).Hope you like it. Regards, FabiKurz.
  7. Davidishida

    Star Trek Tricorder Mk X Build

    Just wanted to share my Tricorder build. This is going to be a Mark X build, from late Next Generation, Voyager, and DS9. The body is from Stapelton Productions (Stapleton Productions), and the electronics are from gmprops (by PropEFX). Both are incredibly well made and I recommend picking up...
  8. P

    Star Trek Playmates Props - TOS Phaser, Tricorder, TNG Phaser

    I know, they're oldies, but they're goodies! I've got one of each: a Star Trek The Original Series Phaser, a TOS Tricorder, and a Next Generation Phaser. All are still in great shape and function, although the sticker on the dial for the TOS phaser is starting to lift. (It still sticks, but I...
  9. Picard102

    [WIP] TNG Era Specimen Container

    Hey everyone, So as I'm stuck inside for however long now I've decided to try and tackle a project I've been wanting to do for a bit now, a scratch build TNG era specimen jar. I have a large glass jar of tribbles on my shelf that I'll be adding a cap and a base. I'm basing it roughly off the...
  10. SwedishChef

    AMT Klingon Bird of Prey Build (WIP)

    I purchased this kit a while back and now have time to work on it, and hopefully do it justice. The kit itself is nice, but I’ve built so many Bandai Star Wars kits that I’m spoiled rotten when I go back to these older kits that have no where near the detail and impeccable molding. It’s a great...
  11. PhuketAussie

    Mesh Grill used on Star Trek original series

    Hello, for my workstation build I needed to recreate the mesh grills seen around the bridge of the Enterprise. When I designed this I used the only photo I could find (I should've just look at the episodes themselves lol) anyway, what I've come up with is a fairly faithful recreation of the...
  12. PhuketAussie

    Star Trek themed workstation under construction!

    After a lot of time spent designing, and redesigning, and redesigning lol I'm now builing my workstation, which I'm calling 'Creative Imagineering'! I'll be posting full build details in my own blog: Creative Imagineering – Woodworking Adventures I've started with the main computer consol, the...
  13. Grimusaur

    Star Trek TMP/TWOK Phaser Replicas?

    The only resin kit I can seem to find isn't very accurate, haven't had any luck finding the kit anywhere, and the AA/DST replica is prohibitively expensive on the aftermarket. What's the best way to go about making a TMP Phaser these days?
  14. PhuketAussie

    Lighting in Captain Kirk's quarters, and other things...

    Hello, At last, the time has come to start building my Enterprise Desk/workstation. I have much of the wood that I need to start building, just gotta buy the primer grey and other paints that I need. I'm not going to follow my concept exactly, as I've done some rethinking since drawing...
  15. Jungell

    Need help identifying cap on Self Sealing Stem Bolt

    Hello! Apologies if it's rude of me to post a unique thread first thing. I've been trying to identify the end cap of a self sealing stem bolt, from Star Trek DS9. Renovations on the house calls for some and I'll probably need around 100 gross but I just can't figure it out. I've searched off...
  16. C

    AMT enterprise 1701-D 1:1400 clear plastic

    If anyone haves one they would be willing to part with i would be most grateful. I'm afraid i was too late on this one. Thanks.
  17. karlsharples

    Help. Star Trek transporter room. 2 week build

    Hi guys I need help, I’ve accepted a job to build a full size transporter room for a photo shoot, the license has come through paramount but they won’t give me any dimensions because the set I need to build can’t be from any specific series or ship. I have to build a generic transporter room...
  18. jordantkirk

    Want to Buy Looking for DKNY Rebel or Alcantar boots!

    Hi all, first post! Currently looking for DKNY Rebel, Alcantar, Dia, or Hyper Speed boots. (US Male 8-10) Currently have a pair of DKNY Hyper Speed boots which are slightly too small (UK female 8 1/2) would be willing to trade also :) Cheers!!
  19. Jake Kassnoff

    Stasis Chamber for Hypersleep

    Inspired by Jason X
  20. RocketProps

    Star Trek Jeweler and Prop builder presenting and auctioning off molds in Boston MA, Sept 22, 2019 Along with a replica of Quarks bar built by myself! We've all seen Maggie's work: from the iconic championship belt worn by Rocky Balboa to the Everlast chastity belt in "Men...
  21. kingsley

    Interest Mek'Leth Run

    So I own the Kingsley Armoury and we make weapons as well as leather goods and shields. In a partnership with Van's Blacksmithing we have discussed doing a run of 10 (and only 10) Mek'Leth short swords. These guys will be sharp, made from a tool steel, tempered and heat treated with a proper...
  22. PhuketAussie

    Enterprise Desk v2

    Hello everyone. Thanks for the feedback on my desk design back in January (Enterprise Desk). I've done a lot of rethinking of the design since then, and I've come up with an almost completely redesigned desk which might suit my needs better. As with v1 this desk isn't meant to be an exact...
  23. CrimsonKitsune

    Want to Buy Star Trek Nemesis Phaser Rifle

    I have been searching for a while now, for a Nemesis Rifle to add to my growing collection. But I’ve yet to come across a kit or a built replica in some time.
  24. eaviii

    TOS Gorn

    Here’s something you don’t see every day. This piece was done by Hildebeast from the ground up. It is, to my eye, screen accurate and unbelievably detailed. The costume is modelled complete with hidden zippers and vents. Just cool. Definitely an outstanding piece. There’s a sound module in the...
  25. TXTrooper

    Galactic Swag Expo 2019 July 27th & 28th

    I wanted to let everyone know that our 2nd Galactic Swag Expo will be on July 27th & 28th. This year we are teaming up with the Esports Stadium in Arlington, TX. Our first show last year went pretty well except for the flooding on Saturday but we still had a nice turn out. Along with even more...

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