star trek

  1. mgoob

    Star Trek TOS Eminiar VII Disruptor

    white resin w/ some cleanup needed polished aluminum & clear, red acrylic emitter rods are there to securely attach it to the body you just need to make a trigger as seen below photos of screen used prop, which on display at NASM at some point, below. ships from USA zip code 14620 buyer pays...
  2. RayR


    Selling my beautiful Gary Seven Servo Pen replica. This is made of finely machined aluminum and opens and closes like new. Not sure who the original maker was but I believe it to be an RPF member. Sale includes the pictured Box and display stand. replica of Gary Seven's Servo from the...
  3. eaviii

    TOS Gorn

    Here’s something you don’t see every day. This piece was done by Hildebeast from the ground up. It is, to my eye, screen accurate and unbelievably detailed. The costume is modelled complete with hidden zippers and vents. Just cool. Definitely an outstanding piece. There’s a sound module in the...
  4. TXTrooper

    Galactic Swag Expo 2019 July 27th & 28th

    I wanted to let everyone know that our 2nd Galactic Swag Expo will be on July 27th & 28th. This year we are teaming up with the Esports Stadium in Arlington, TX. Our first show last year went pretty well except for the flooding on Saturday but we still had a nice turn out. Along with even more...
  5. captaincfox

    Star Trek Discovery Uniform

    Hi everyone, been long time since I've posted here! I'm wondering if anyone else is working on or has finished a Disco Uniform? I've searched high and low across the internet and it doesn't seem a common occurrence. I'm also super interested to see if anyone actually has the uniform from...
  6. Dann

    Star Trek Phaser by The Wand Company for Auction!

    Just listed a Wand Phaser on eBay!
  7. Grimusaur

    Color Matching Star Trek TOS Uniforms

    I'm working on a digital project that involves the Star Trek TOS uniforms, and I'm considering buying the Anovos TOS neckties to use as color swatches since I trust the research that's gone into their dyeing process and I think the colors look perfect as far as my personal preferences go (and...
  8. Aquaman

    my Favorite Tricorder

    I love Tricorders. I love the graphics, the lights and the sounds. This one is my fav from a guy who creates actual useable buttons... hope u enjoy
  9. T

    Burke Chair--Star Trek TOS

    Hey all, I finally got 2 Burke 115's! Does anyone have any resources to turn them into the TOS chairs? Paint colors/triangles...ect? Any help would be appreciated!
  10. S

    Star Trek Prop Analysis, Is this prop I bought real?

    So I bought this prop and I am wondering if it is real. I made a video detailing it. This prop will be my guide to reproducing more props. I would like to buy more but my channel would have to be really successful. I will be using the data from this to make prop reproductions.
  11. DB537

    Star Trek TOS Prop Replica Set - Gary Seven Servo Pen & ID Cards

    Star Trek TOS Prop Replicas - Gary Seven Servo Pen & ID Cards $249.95 on eBay, or contact me to pay directly through PayPal and skip the eBay fees for $225 Free Priority Mail shipping is included in the US. International shipping is extra. Item Info: From the classic TOS episode...
  12. DB537

    Star Trek V + VI Communicator

    Star Trek V & VI Communicator - Movie Prop Replica (Click Yellow Link in top right corner of this post to go to the sale listing on eBay.) Item Info: Screen-accurate details, built from Stapleton kit. (Lid/grill is from unknown maker) Main body is a metallic dark gray with a black center...
  13. T

    Star Trek TOS Computer Lens Caps?

    Hi! I've seen old posts on here about someone being able to source the lens covers for the lights on the old TOS computer displays. Does anyone know of a source for these? Thanks!
  14. ObiSmellMaBoaby

    Playmates TNG Tricorder upgrade kits, any type.

    Looking for an eletronics upgrade kit for the Playmates medical tricorder or scientific tricorder. There have been a few notable makes over the years but seems impossible now to find any kits. The graphics are easier to get a hold of, sellers on etsy have them, electronics are a no show. I'd...
  15. airhead

    Star Trek II - Khan's Necklace

    With a Star Trek exhibit in town for a couple of months (Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds | The Children's Museum of Indianapolis) , I was inspired to build a replica of Khan Noonian Singh’s necklace from “The Wrath of Khan”. I always liked this prop as it symbolized Khan’s hatred of Kirk for...
  16. P

    Star Trek Phaser from new movies - In To Darkness

    The QMX phaser replica that came with limited editions of the In To Darkness movie! Still in great shape, rotates from 'stun' to 'kill', includes display stand and box - MOVIE IS NOT INCLUDED! Asking $50 shipped in the US!
  17. P

    Star Trek Talosian/Keeper Costume

    Includes 2(!) prosthetic head pieces, necklace, and robe - I'll also toss in the adhesive, though it might not be good anymore. Asking $50 shipped in the US!
  18. Electronic Lids

    William Shatner 74' face casting

    This is a copy of the exact casting used to create the 75' Kirk mask and subsequently the original Halloween 78' mask. I received this casting from the late Sam McCain in 2008, who in turn obtained it from Bill Malone, the original Don Post sculptor of the Kirk mask. Cast in strong, lightweight...
  19. Electronic Lids


    STAR TREK U.S.S. ENTERPRISE NCC-1701 1:350 SCALE PLASTIC MODEL KIT POLAR LIGHTS. Box opened but not assembled and is complete. $175 US plus shipping.
  20. DB537

    Is there any reliable source for Star Trek 3 + 5 communicator brass parts?

    I have a few Stapleton kits but no source for accurate brass grills and midplates to complete them. I tried to order the parts from Fed. Surplus a while back but he was unable to fill the order. Any assistance is appreciated very much. I have 4 incomplete kits that I can't finish without the...
  21. DB537

    Want to Buy Star Trek 3 + 5 Communicator Brass Parts

    I have a few of the Stapleton kits but no source for the brass parts needed to complete them. I've got 3 ST3 kits and one ST5. I need grills/lids and midplates that will fit them. If anyone knows of a reliable source for these, please let me know. I tried to order from Federation Surplus...
  22. babar79

    USS Voyager - 1:670 Limited Edition

    Hi all, I've been a long time fan of the RPF and am now finally making an appearance. I have recently started back into model building after finding 2 models in my parents basement. The first was a Star Destroyer with fiber optics. I'll be posting pics of that one in a few days. Today I am...
  23. PhuketAussie

    Enterprise Desk

    Hello everyone, I'm very excited to find this community of fans, and hope that I can share a long-term project I have in mind, and maybe hone it with some ideas that you might have. I currently have a large desk with a three-shelf hutch, built from rough recycled timers, and backed with rough...
  24. frostrubin

    Norway-Class 1/1000 mixed media scratchbuild

    Started a scratch build Norway class. First attempt on the main hull: It's out off cardboard with covered with resin for enforcement. I wanted to use as a mold for vacuum forming… But after I get my hands on a 3D printer (Ender 3) I changed my mind and decided to do the basic shapes with...
  25. Serenity

    Want to Buy Electronics for Mark X Medical Tricorder (Star Trek)

    Looking for some electronics (lights and sound) compatible with a Stapleton Mark X Medical Tricorder build with the scanner. If you have some you're never gonna get around to using, kindly send me a PM. Thanks!