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I'm working on a full scale replica of the Nomad Probe, from Star Trek. This project has been gestating for a while and I started the CAD model back in 2022.
I have been wanting to make something from Star Trek, but was having trouble finding something I was drawn to, now i've settled on this.

The dimensions were off a set of plans found on the Internet back in 2021, unfortunately I can no longer find the link.

Here is a couple of screen grabs for the CAD models, these a working models and sections are not finished. I often begin making parts before having completed every detail of the model. I find at some point it's best to start making parts.
Screenshot 2024-03-20 at 19.37.15.png
Screenshot 2024-03-20 at 19.37.05.png
Here are the side panels with the hole for the lights. These a 1mm stainless that's been laser cut and the bent at the side.

Considered doing all of the cutouts on our CNC's but would have been very tedious and the price for the laser cutting was very reasonable.
The surface requires some brushing to finish, but I will leave that until the project is further along.

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Here's a copy of the set off plans I used for dimensions, although I have modified much of internal structure.
I would like to provide link to the creator of the plans but unfortunately can no long find a link.


  • Nomad plans 1.pdf
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