star trek tricorder

  1. gmprops

    Limited Run Star Trek Mark IX Science and Mark X Medical Tricorder Electronic Upgrade kits

    About 6 weeks ago I had a bit of an accident and have been recovering at home. During that time I have been building prop electronics to fill orders for prop builders. But my bills have been piling up so I started to create runs of electronic circuit boards for upgrading TNG-era phasers and...
  2. gmprops

    Star Trek Voyager "Hero" 29th Century Tricorder prop replica

    Okay, I have an Oregon Scientific Travel Alarm Clocks that was given to me in trade. And for those that really know Voyager props, you will be aware that these are what were used to create the 29th Century tricorder in the episode "Relativity". You will also be aware that these clocks are very...
  3. gmprops

    Limited Run NEW RUN! Star Trek Playmates Science & Medical Tricorder Electronics Upgrade kit

    SEPTEMBER 2022 - NEW RUN AVAILABLE I am doing a new run of 10 sets of upgrade electronics for the Playmates TNG Science tricorder. The electronics are designed to specifically fit the Playmates Science tricorder. These electronics include full lights and sounds that replicate the screen used...
  4. PhuketAussie

    'The City on the Edge of Forever' tricorder

    Hello, I'm considering making a tricorder to house my Raspberry Pi based Plex MediaServer. It has a 7.5x5cm LCD screen, which is bigger than a typical tricorder screen, except for this one: The 4.89" wide screen for The City on the Edge of Forever tricorder is just about the right size, but...