Star Trek Gold Enterprise D needs help

Darth Goofy

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:)Hi everyone! Hope you're having a good day. Well as the title says, I need help restoring the 7th Anniversary Gold Enterprise. I had it for a long time now and is loosing his original golden color. Lights and sound still works even with the corrosion in the battery port. So that said, here are some questions for you: Is there a product I can use to revive the color? If not, Should I paint it metallic gold? Where can I find reprolabels for it? Thanks: Now some pics for reference.

Original color & package (this one is not mine, I Google it for color reference)


This are from mine:





More at: Star Trek pictures by darthgoofy1 - Photobucket
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Jedi Dade

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Is that the result of the paint ozidizing? if so you may be able to use one of those over the counter chemical tarnish removers - non abrasive... I'm not fluent on their names etc. But whatever you try - test it on a non visible surface to see what it does...

Jedi Dade


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Hard to tell for sure from pictures but it almost looks like it might come back with just gloss clear coat. Maybe try lightly wetting it to see how it looks :confused
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