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Studio Scale Modeling Forum

This forum is designed for the discussion of screen used or replica studio scale models. By that we mean models that match the size and scale of minatures created during filming. Also on topic would be kitbashing, scratchbuilding, discovering original parts and and other tips in relation to the replication of studio scale models.

Discussions about minatures in any scale different from those used for a production or designs not seen in a movie are off-topic for this forum and should go in our General Modeling Forum. Exceptions are made from time to time for projects based on concept art for movies when those projects are in studio scale.

A rule of thumb: if your project is the replication of a model used in the production of a movie, it belongs here. If it's replicating a starship (for example) that is not in the same scale as a model and/or not a design used in the production of a film or a tv show, it doesn't and should be in the general modelling forum.

Discussion of full-scale replicas belong in the Prop Forum.

Additionally, the JunkYard is the appropriate section to offer items for sale, trade items with member or seek items for sale or trade. Please refrain from making such posts in this forum.
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