Han ANH GK Scope Identified !!! Theory & Lots of Pics


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I found a golden fly rod made by Compac, which has the word Compac in identical yellow lettering (as far as I can see) as does this scope. It was made in Japan in the 1950's or 1960's. I figure that the odds of there being two manufacturers in Japan with the same name, during an appropriate time period, using the same lettering, and manufacturing sporting/hunting goods is nearly astronomical. So it leads me to believe that the Compac that made this rod (as well as all of those Compac fishing reels on eBay) also made this scope. Here is a pic of the label on the rod...


In my research into Compac, I have found that they manufactured primarily fishing goods and may have made cheaper alternative versions of other manufacturer's goods.

I hope this helps, someone, somewhere. I hate to stick my neck out just to be proven wrong, shamed, and riticuled for trying to help.


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Hey Joe,

I dont see the change from the VD and movie shots regarding the focus ring and eye piece bell.

Can you post some pics to illustrate what you mean?


Jim S.


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Guess I will have to watch the film.....

In the picture above it was my opinion that you dont even see the eye piece....that the portion of scope you see is the section before the focus ring.......

Maybe I am wrong.


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Well I was not wrong.

The distance is the same on both scopes.

It is the same scope with the different rings.

If you freeze frame each shot you can see the eye piece come in focus towards the end.

Without seeing that the slopped section gives you the illusion it is the eye piece but it is not.

You may have to lighten up the TV screen a touch also.

Jim S.


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There is no doubt that Lordsandy has found the right scope, or at least a version of the one used in the film. The eyepiece on the end is the most prominate feature of the scope and Lordsandy's is dead on. I would check all the references.


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damn... I don't know where the hell I got that one from. Lordsandy... you're right. I guess my eyes were playing tricks on me or something, however the end of the scope does have a ring on it.

Sorry about the useless posts.


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No problem!

Thats what makes finding the actual props so interesting!

I cant tell you how many times I starred at a picture without noticing a detail until someone said "hey did you notice this" then wham it was so obvious!

anyways, take care,

Jim S.


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Funny to read something I wrote 10 years ago. I'm getting old.

After all this time, I still haven't found one of these scopes and haven't seen a good replica.


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I decided a couple of months ago that I'd have to commission a Greedo Killer build if I wanted to have a nice one, as most people just don't seem to want to let theirs go. (No surprise there.) So I started talking to people and looking for authentic parts. Within a week, I found a Compac Super 4x31 in beautiful condition attached to hunting rifle on gunbroker.com, and then convinced the owner of the rifle to sell me just the scope for $50. (He probably thought I was nuts to offer that much.)

Don't hate me. :lol



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