star trek enterprise

  1. MrBackpack

    AMT NC-1701-A Enterprise from 'Undiscovered Country'

    My sister found and purchased an opened model kit, the AMT NC-1701-A Enterprise from 'Undiscovered Country', at an estate sell for me while I was on vacation. Before I start building and painting this monster, does anyone know if this particular model suffers from the drooping issues that I've...
  2. HandfulOfJohn

    Enterprise D Phaser Effect Light & Sound

    Hi all, After seeing larger models with this effect, I worked hard with a coder to include it into my Round 2 1/1400 scale Enterprise D. Including molding brass etched parts to make clear for the effect to be seen. Better to hear the sound as well via my YouTube channel below the gif....
  3. renaissance_man

    Star Trek Enterprise Suliban Sabotage Device

    I wanted a nice companion piece to my Enterprise props collection and this small device seemed like a quick project to 3D model, print up in high resolution resin and paint. The original prop as seen in the episode "Shockwave Part 1".
  4. renaissance_man

    MACO Scanner Star Trek Enterprise

    I was lucky enough to win one of the rare MACO scanners back in the good old IAW auctions. I've been using a digital calipers and using exact mm measurements I made a 3D model which I had parts printed up for quite some time ago but it's taken a while to get back to this as I've been busy on a...
  5. Iakona

    Fixing scuff marks - color catalog?

    Hi guys, I recently bought a MIB Phase Pistol & Communicator set, and when I opened it, the Phase Pistol had these scuff marks. I really don't want to repaint it a different color, even if that color is show accurate, and it got me thinking: is there some sort of color...
  6. L

    Andorian Antennae

    Wonderful patrons of the RPF I am assisting a friend in the fabrication of some andorian antennae complete with motion, and I was wondering if anyone knew how they did the mech for the Andorians in enterprise. My first thought was one of those wire tentacle mechs like the alien chest burster but...
  7. jonpaul0151

    Star Trek Enterprise NCC-1701

    Some short video's on this award winning fully tricked-out TOS Enterprise.
  8. RayR

    Want to Buy WTB RYLO Enterprise suggestions?

    I am trying to find a good Enterprise Talisman as seen on TOS episode The Cats Paw. I found this pic said to be made by RYLO. I don't know who this is or how to get in touch. Any leads will be greatly appreciated. Or perhaps you have one you would like to go to a good home.
  9. T

    Want to Buy Star Trek TOS - Mirror, Mirror dagger needed.

    Hello! I am in need of a Mirror, Mirror dagger (sheath too would be great) for a video series I am working on. A resin one is fine, or aluminum. But affordable. I just need it for a hand prop. Thanks! -TKThor
  10. A

    Enterprise scanner

    Hello everyone, not posted in a while but getting back into prop making. I'm currently planning out how to make a 9 day pill traveler into a enterprise era scanner. Being a avid prop maker I'm really looking for advice as to adding the scanner sound effect to the prop. After watching all four...
  11. dan1

    Star Trek Uniforms

    Ok, here is my question. I'm interested in purchasing one of the following Star Trek uniforms and don't know which to get. The first is the Admiral Kirk uniform from Star Trek, The Motion Picture seen here: Or should I get the Star Trek: Enterprise jumpsuit seen here:
  12. Supercoolin

    Making Your Qwn Paint Masks

    After I started building the PL 1/350 Enterprise Refit with my Grandson, I began to have problems getting the paint masks which led me to look for alternatives on various forums and I found a thread on this forum which I made an inappropriate comment on (And again, I apologize doing it). But...
  13. Montagar

    Show your Star Trek props!

    Show your Trek props.
  14. Jonbre

    Want to Buy Enterprise Captain Archer's Coffee Mug

    Hey, all!! I'm looking high and low for a replica of the stainless steel coffee mug that Captain Archer (Scott Bakula) used in Star Trek Enterprise. If anyone has any to sell, or knows the company that made the mug, please post, here!! Thanks for any and all information!! 8-)
  15. norbauer

    Norbauer's Notebook - adventures in recreational Star Trek (mostly) prop replication.

    For the months of January, February, and March I rented a work space at the Artisan's Asylum in Somerville, MA (right in sight of the Boston skyline). I thought it would be a good excuse to keep me occupied and distracted during the worst of the long, depressing Massachusetts winter. When the...
  16. BrianM

    Happy 50th Birthday TOS Big Enterprise - See Pictures

    50 years ago today… …The Enterprise 11 footer was born. And on that spot today… We staged a small celebration. That’s Al Frenkel , myself (Brian Mix) ,and Mike Senna. With Mike’s wife Amy behind the camera. No we didn’t have an 11 footer. Here’s quick shot of how we did it. With a little...
  17. H

    Advice on building a Polar Lights 1/350 Star Trek Enterprise NX-01

    I'm planning on trying my hand at building a Polar Lights 1/350 Star Trek Enterprise NX-01. I've never built a ship that big ( 24 inches when finished ?) I was wondering if anyone had any advice or tips ( I've read there's some issues in parts misaligning, any problems with the nacelle struts?)...
  18. Miketastic

    My first 1/350 scale Enterprise NX-01

    Hello fellow modelers, Trekkers, or Trekies (whichever you choose to call yourselves) and everyone else who chooses to check this thread out, My name is Michael, and I am a modeler. I have bult many, many Refit 1701 ships as it is my favorite version of the Enterprise, but for kicks, I have...
  19. A

    Star Trek Enterprise NX-01 Bridge Build 1:10 Sca

    [EDIT] since starting this build back in December, I have decided to scratch build the whole bridge and do away with the Art Asylum parts completely. It also allows me to build the refitted bridge, which negates that nasty flooring they used in the first series.[/B] Well, My Star Trek TOS...
  20. T

    Star Trek Prop: Notched Ceramic Bowl as seen in Enterprise

    Okay you guys I'm new but I really want to know if anyone's seen this bowl. I'd love to get it as my fathers Christmas present and I've scoured the internet but with no avail. I even tried emailing WilliamShatner's website but no reply, so could you help a sister out? Pleassee! :confused
  21. D

    Star Trek Gold Enterprise D needs help

    :)Hi everyone! Hope you're having a good day. Well as the title says, I need help restoring the 7th Anniversary Gold Enterprise. I had it for a long time now and is loosing his original golden color. Lights and sound still works even with the corrosion in the battery port. So that said, here are...
  22. spacerone

    Art Asylum / Diamond Select TOS Phaser build with metal parts.

    Anyone like to participate in building up an Art Asylum / Diamond Select TOS Phaser? We can share ideas and photos to learn from each other and try to build up a TOS phaser that is unique to each of our desires. Looking forward to seeing some previous builds. :confused
  23. spacerone

    Art Asylum / Diamond Select TOS Phaser build with metal parts.

    Anyone like to participate in building up an Art Asylum / Diamond Select TOS Phaser? We can share ideas and photos to learn from each other and try to build up a TOS phaser that is unique to each of our desires. :confused
  24. Cmdr.Kerner

    Star Trek - Enterpirse "Universal Translator"

    As seen in the last few episodes of the show "Terra Prime" and "Demon". The base is a toilet bowl cleaner from ChemFree, item No. 77250. Keep on trekking Dietrich
  25. silverskyes402

    EFX New Trek Product: Tricorder, Cage Laser & Comm, EM-33

    Snapped some pretty crappy pics, but some exciting news is looks like EFX is going to make out trek collections more awesome!!!