Space 1999 Launchpad build.


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Here is my launchpad in the progress of building by Jim Small. It's very close to being finished.

IMG_20140719_110100.jpg IMG_20140719_110052.jpg IMG_3630.JPG IMG_3627.JPG IMG_3625.JPG IMG_3624.JPG My Launch pad.jpg LP4.jpg LP3.jpg IMG_7755.JPG


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Would you be referring to this 22" model, of course this is the prototype but it's damn sweet! I was at WonderFest with the Round2 guys! The last photo is me holding the Rogue Studio's 44" eagle.

IMG_0086.JPG IMG_0066.JPG IMG_0083.JPG IMG_6918.JPG IMG_0059.JPG IMG_0004.PNG IMG_0067.JPG
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Got six of them ordered my friend, Please say you have your order in now also? How did my prototype photo's get around so quickly? Lol.......


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Looks great Todd.

Hey Todd, just a thought. You should add a link to the FB group page in your signature under your website address. Just a thought....


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Getting closer to the finish line! That is an amazing work of art! Jim small is simply a professional at these builds! That is my deluxe eagle (second photo) also built by Jim sitting on top minus the spine booster!

My friggin launchpad.jpg MY eagle4.jpg
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