Scratch Build- 2001 Space Odyssey- Clavius Moon Base

Loving it! Dad took my space-age obsessed 5-going-on-6-year old self to see the film first run in NYC; between Captain Scarlet, the original Trek, and the film 2001, I was hooked on sci-fi for life! I've been admiring the build, as it is always cool to see another modeler using the foam. Haven't commented much, as I'm wrestling my own build of the Space Academy and than is gobblin' up all my free time...
Thank you Joseph.
Indeed, the foam is a versatile product, with a variety of uses for any modeler. Of course the price is increasing.

I saw "2001 ASO" when it was first released as a teenager, and from then on, I was fascinated with all space based hardware, especially ships...
Yep, I blame Mr. Kubrick. ;)

Let us know if you start a build thread on the Space Academy.
The final smaller sections of the Clavius model were glued and weighted down... waiting overnight to dry.

55 Weights on sections.jpg

I flipped the base over and soldered all the separate lighting circuits to the power busses. Always test lighting at every step...

56 Solder points.jpg

A DC input jack was mounted just underneath a bottom corner. Much foam was removed to allow human fingers to plug/unplug.

57 power jack.jpg

I painted several more layers of different grays onto the surface... using the same type sponge as before.
Many clean-ups/fixes required.

58 Dabbing sponge.jpg

People mover tubes, or liquid distribution pipes (whichever you prefer), were installed per the original plan. I cut a small slot into the surface and forced them a bit below the grade. These are .030" Evergreen styrene rod.

59 Insert tubes.jpg

Finally building a "picture frame" from 1 x 2 select pine for the model, which will be hung on a wall.

60 cut outer frame.jpg

Frame ready and painted flat black.

61 outer frame complerte.jpg

Base is mounted with standard offset clips and wire hanger hardware. Of course, this is NOT the lighting this was meant to be seen shots next time.

62 Complete in frame.jpg

Till next time....Final pix in proper lighting.
Thanks to everyone who read and commented on this thread. I appreciate the encouragement and support of RPF members. Many challenges were here. I learned some new things-& tried a few techniques I'd never done before, which is the best way to improve. There were many sessions of head scratching, and trashed "first attempts".

I followed some of the techniques offered by the excellent scratch builders on this forum.

And the research, calculations and problem solving involved may keep the old bean from becoming atrophied.

Final Overhead Clavius.jpg

Final Clavius 2.jpg

Final Clavius 3.jpg

Final Clavius 4.jpg

Final Clavius 6.jpg

Till next time...
Really nice photographs and of course the model itself. I especially like the first more overhead image, it really reminds me of scenes from the film (my favorite film of all time).
The Moon base and its rock/ground formations are looking great :cool: :cool: (y) (y) Glad that you've tackled a Sci-Fi project such as this iconic base!!
Hi Carl. Just catching up again with your project, and you've already finished.
As always, you have done a superb job, and certainly a different topic to the normal train threads. But it seems you can turn your hand to any type of modelling.
Lighting looks excellent as I would expect from you, and excellent work of embedding the structures into the moon surface.
The method you used in replicating the dome was genius. Something I need to try.
Hope you paste a few pics over on the RRL thread, as many would like to see them.

Take care mate.
Cheers Rob.

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