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Here is my Russian 'Bomb' from 2001: a space odyssey.
The model is 8" long, about 1/3rd the size of the original filming miniature. I did this entire model as close as i could to match it in every detail. however, there are many small pieces on the bottom of the model that were too difficult to replicate. so the general pieces over 1mm are there.
The main body ( and thruster block on top) was printed in 3d, but all the little panels were hand cut - and is some cases, laser cut. Some pieces from my scrap box were also used.
Three photographs are known to exist of this model. two lighting tests (published in "2001 : The Lost Science) and a third one of the bottom that was most likely taken by Andrew Birkin - it is a polaroid shot that is fairly clear. I did not get a chance to publish it unfortunately.

All the photos were taken in natural sunlight with a black velvet cloth hanging behind it.


  • Adams_Russian_Bomb (2).JPG
    Adams_Russian_Bomb (2).JPG
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  • Adams_Russian_Bomb (4).JPG
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  • Adams_Russian_Bomb (1).JPG
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  • Adams_Russian_Bomb (5).JPG
    Adams_Russian_Bomb (5).JPG
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Great build(y)(y):cool::cool:...8" is a little too small for me:p;) I whish that more pics will surface in the future (D. Trumbull collection).
Using non-reflective glass is a great trick when you want to photograph/film models with practical effects(y)
Thank you my friends. I try to follow Kubricks' methods of photography. I varied the F-stop on the camera many times, and picked the ones that looked the best. These five photos were the best of about 20 photos. Most of them were unacceptable. But I am very happy with these. !

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