Scratch Build- 2001 Space Odyssey- Clavius Moon Base

The small outer ring landing pads are positioned around the dome. Same technique as before... .02" styrene shapes,
and individual bits and pieces chopped up to randomly fill spaces.

36 Outer pads 1-3.jpg

37 Outer pads 4-6.jpg

38 outer pads 8-9.jpg

38A outer pads 10-12.jpg

Checking positions and sizes for the next steps.

39 complete outer pads.jpg

I'll be using "purple foam" (Owens Corning Foamular), a 1" (25mm) thick sheet sold in 24" (609mm) x 24" (609mm) as project panels,
for the moon surface base. To make the diorama as small & lightweight as possible, approximately 24" (609mm) wide
by 18" (457mm) tall. Testing the layout arrangement ....

Reminder: this model will be hung on a wall in a picture frame.....

40 Set on purple foam.jpg

Till next time....begin lights and wiring...
I marked the Foamular with some guidelines for future section placement....

41 Guidelines marked.jpg

To provide a sunken area in the lunar surface for the small dome- I cut out the foam with a Dremel 565 (router type) attachment , mounted on my vintage Dremel 395. Outdoors for fresh air....

42 Router out circle.jpg

Test fit for the dome, along with a ring of styrene I built to mount the external landing pads, and provide mounting for four lights.

43 Test fit dome.jpg

I mounted the 4 LED's underneath in place, with their companion resistors and power supply wires. All of it had to squeeze into an 1/8" (3.1 mm) wide space.

44 4 lights on ring bottom.jpg

On the other side of the foam, I also cut out multiple channels to accommodate my copper tape clad DC power...12 volt plus & minus busses, & feeder wires for each section.

45 route outpower busses.jpg

Glued the two power busses in place using Loctite PL300 adhesive, made especially for foam adhesion.

46 Power busses in place.jpg

Till next time.... starting the lunar surface..
To create the moon surface, I chose a product called "Smooth Finish", that has amazing properties. It comes out of the tub like a thin toothpaste, and dries hard in 24 hours. It is paintable, sand-able and sticks to almost anything. Most importantly, it's water based & dries into an extremely lightweight texture.

47 Smooth finish tub.jpg

I added a few drops of cheap acrylic gray to the "Smooth Finish" product and covered the ring with it, while leaving open spaces for the landing pads. Testing lights.

48 Smooth finsh with openings.jpg

24 hours later dried, and glued down the pads.

49 Pads in place on ring.jpg

I glued the dome in place with Loctite PL300, followed by the ring. More touch ups and fill-ins necessary.

50 Ring and dome in pllace.jpg

Started to get the main structures together, by gluing the "tops" of each unit to its proper lower sections.( Pink clamps are a "dollar" store item. 6 in a pack)

51 glue tops to sections.jpg

Glued down & clamped larger sections onto the proper positions onto foam board.

52 Glue down with clamps.jpg

As each section was added, applied the "Smooth Finish" product to adjacent areas. In this way, I wouldn't be trapped by the next section trying to get into tight spaces.

53 Spread smooth finish.jpg

A common open cell dry sponge was lightly dabbed onto the product. Plenty of open working time.

54 sponge treatment.jpg

Till next time....

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