Scratch Build- 2001 Space Odyssey- Clavius Moon Base


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Hello all, I'm new here, and am starting my first ever ScI- Fi model project.

In the past, I've scratch built 1/87 scale earth based structures. I've used wood, card, plaster, styrene and clay. In my builds in other modeling forums,
I show most of my steps in detail with plenty of pix. I intend to do the same here.

This will be a scratch build log of the Clavius lunar moon base, depicted in the 1968 film: 2001 A Space Odyssey. I've always been a fan,
and saw it in the local movie theater that year.

I have no intention of recreating the films' model exactly in any way- just my first try at this genre, and hope to receive constructive criticism,
from this group of experienced and talented modelers. In the future, I hope to branch out into spaceships, etc.

The lunar base in the film was located at the large and flat Clavius crater, & was to house 1100 people, scientists, engineers, geologists etc
and their families. The premise was to mine lunar rock, crush & refine it, and from that produce the necessary elements to sustain life.

Due to copyrights , I cannot show photos of the actual miniatures used in the production.

I own a copy of "2001: the Lost Science" by Adam Johnson, a wonderful book about the production of the film,
with many behind the scene photos and plans, which was extremely helpful.

Here's the original "2001 Space Odyssey" design. Thanks to modeler Warren Zoell, who kindly sent me the
original studio drawing of the film model, which incidentally was over 4 ft. in diameter.

2 plan.jpg

Warren built this version in 2004, and mounted it to a picture frame. I like what he did here, and with his permission,
am going to borrow some of his ideas.

3A Warren model .jpg

To begin, I enlarged the drawing, where the largest circle would be approximately 20" in diameter. Too large for 8.5 X 11" printer paper, so individual sections were taped together. My version will also be on a "picture frame" base, and I've decided to make the final size 24" x 18".

3 Assemble sheets.jpg

I split the structure into 11 different sub-sections, in order to build & detail each separately, and then bring them back together. Three levels of the structure were broken down as well, I used colored pencils (here, green is the base level) to guide me in what needed built, and where.

4 split sections.jpg

I drew 20 different size circles on large paper, corresponding to the diameters of each section in the original drawing.
This will act as a temporary base & reference guide check, to keep sections aligned as built.

5 Draw circles.jpg

I'll be using .02", .05" and .06" thick styrene sheet and strips from the bags..

6 Styrene.jpg

The first level pieces are laid out over a large styrene sheet, to begin cutting the individual sections out.

7 on styrene layout.jpg

Till next time....
Thank you Joberg and modelerdave for your attention! Glad to see 2001 fans are still here.
I will probably post about once a week with updates.

I also appreciate Leinads, Tdahl, Zerosum, vicmc and David3 thumbs up!
Thank you Joberg and modelerdave for your attention! Glad to see 2001 fans are still here.
I will probably post about once a week with updates.

I also appreciate Leinads, Tdahl, Zerosum, vicmc and David3 thumbs up!
I wanted to reproduce that model respecting the original measurements...the look on my wife's face was priceless:p:oops::whistle:
The sub-section base pieces are being cut and assembled. All are .020" styrene sheet, except I used .03'' or .04" scraps
to make squaring supports and stiffeners on the side walls. Using black card on my white bench top so I can actually
SEE what I'm doing. I use Weld On 3 solvent, stored in another bottle with a brush.

8 Build sections.jpg

Several sections now finished, and are constantly checked against my guide drawing.

9 Sections built.jpg

The top of each section was cut to match the bottom, then I drew lines vertically and horizontally to guide me in cutting
the small pieces that will define separate spaces.

10 Draw lines on tops.jpg

11 Draw lines 2.jpg

This shape... called an "annulus sector", is the basis for the majority of the1st level pieces.

Annulus scetor.jpg

I started to detail the first, or bottom level. Each piece was individually cut and shaped from .06" styrene sheet. Because of constantly shifting angles, really slow going here. I do not own a 3D printer.

12 2nd story pieces.jpg

Onto the 2nd & 3rd layers of detailing. I don't have any military model kits, so I found some very small unused items from a few
Faller model railroad styrene kits I had for greeblies. I used rectangles, circles, domes, also clothing buttons, jewelry beads,
Evergreen brand strips & rods...

These 3 sections are finished for now.

13 3rd story.jpg

14 3rd story.jpg

15 3rd story.jpg

Till next time....more sections to do....
Well, that's how kit bashing is all about: finding greeblies that will have a similar appearance of a piece of kit. Lots of things to choose from: laptop keyboard: all the those keys are square and straight + the stuff under those keys: greeblies heaven;) Tubes: QTips have plastic tubes (make-up ones). Plastic door stoppers: half rounds and googly eyes are top greeblies also!
Looking good and keep up the great work(y)(y)
This is going to be wonderful. Glad to see someone make a model of Clavius moonbase.
You might want to know that the Aries landing area was located about 2 miles from the main base. Artists Roy Carnon and Harry Lange envisioned an underground 'tube' transport system between the two areas (similar to the one in Space:1999).
That's why you don't see the Aries landing dome on the large model of Clavius-base. The model was detailed with HO trackside pieces from Airfix, Kibri, Vollmer and Faller.
I look forward to the progress!
Joberg- Thank you very much and I appreciate the tips. I like to create greeblies, but I'll definitely be on the look out for those items you mentioned..

AJAmodels (Adam)- I am so pleased that you have commented on my project. Thanks for your additional info- I have your 2001 Lost Science Vol. 2 book, unfortunately I missed out on the first one. Indeed I have some HO scale items around that I intend to use..Thanks again for following!

Jerry- Wow, you found me over here, thanks my friend!

...Also appreciate the thumbs up from The 48th Ronin and TDahl...
Thank you for your kind words Analyzer and Leinads!
I appreciate you following the build.

And thanks to sstinson and Pro Mod for the thumbs up..

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