Road House (remake)

road house GIF
I wish modern remakes at least had the decency that 1960's remakes had; to pick a different name and at least pretend to be a new movie
I loved the original but I'm going into this movie as completely unrelated. I honestly really liked the trailer
Yeah, the trailer actually looks cool.

It's a good sign that they didn't try to make it an episodic series. (You KNOW they considered it.) The storyline works right as a single movie.
Yikes! This is a Jason Statham movie with a different actor in it. I guess he was busy doing MEG 11 or some other turd. The original at least is campy fun, this just looks too serious for its own good. But who knows.
Just like the Red Dawn remake, this is another, I didn't ask for or want. I'll watch it when it shows up on one of the streamers. What's his face is no Patrick Swayze. Seems like his tongue was literally in his cheek in this trailer. I think I would have preferred a Mel Brooks parody, but hey hollyweird is not exactly giving us what we want these days,
; )
I've done seen it. It had camp but not too much camp. I never watched the trailer or even seen a picture of it before watching so I had no idea what I was getting into. I think it's worth a watch.
Honestly I was expecting a lot worse but it was entertaining but don't go in expecting a really good remake. Its better as a stand alone.
I had no issue with this remake. I only vaguely recall watching the original when it came out. It's not a movie that would ever go down in history as a classic.

Some movies like this are perfect for remaking for a contemporary audience. It's just a nonsense fun comedy action movie. I especially liked how it almost everything just got to the point with little fluff filler. Here's your protagonist. Here's your antagonist. Make the baddies so irritating you can't wait for the peak of the conflict. The end.

Though the only reason I even watched it was because it appeared to have comedic elements based on the trailer, and indeed there was.

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