Shogun remake

I’m only one episode in, I’ll catch up this weekend. The original miniseries was quite faithful to the book, a bit of a feat for the time. The second half was a bit truncated but it’s an eleven hundred page book. This one is visually gorgeous and well done but it really does seem rushed. If I wasn’t familiar with the story and characters I might be a bit lost. I am guessing that when he ends up in prison when he learns a lot of Japanese he will also get a fair bit of exposition to catch viewers up.

These are the 2 James Clavell "Shogun" books in my library, quite hefty:

Also interesting that they're leaning far more into the "women are officially second class citizens but are quite adept at controlling things behind the scenes by influencing their men" thing. While that has always been a factor throughout world history, I'm not educated enough about Japan's social dynamics of the period to judge if that's being overplayed for the modern audience.
I don't know how historically accurate this theme is either, but it was definitely a part of the book.
I don't know how historically accurate this theme is either, but it was definitely a part of the book.
Think it depends on the time period to be exact. Like most countries, Japan wasnt the most progressive but women could still hold roles of authority. Class status played a much bigger role than gender although gender roles were a big thing. Technically, men could "marry up" by marrying a women of a higher social class so the Japanese term for "gold digger" used to refer to men rather than women.

This show does look interesting.
I'm enjoying the show so far, but I have to be honest I'm having a hard time following the characters and their allegiances. I'd give it a 7\10 but if I could remember who is who, I'd easily give it a 9\10
It's fairly simple. There are 3 main factions, Ishido's, Toranaga's, and the Portugese. Ishido has the largest faction and of note are the 3 other regents. Toranaga's faction includes Yabushige (though he flirts with siding with Ishido), Toranaga's son, Mariko, Fujiko, the old guy with the white hair and anime hero voice, and, of course, Blackthron. The Portuguese faction is all of the other Europeans who are not Blackthorn and his crew.
Indeed!! Great production value and the DP is tops. Lots of scenes/shots are like paintings:cool::cool:(y)(y):love::love: I'm flopping on my friend's couch, since I've canceled my Disney+ sub...he doesn't mind since I'm buying the chips and him the beer:p

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