Goonies house for sale

For some reason, at the open house everyone wanted to see the Attic...have no idea why. I heard one of the "perks" with the house is that it includes an interesting statue, no pun intended.
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Better to buy that one, than this one,
; )

The house sold. The new owner wants to preserve it.

“That fan is Kansas businessman Behman Zakeri, who purchased the home, which was listed for more than $1.6 million, in December. Zakeri told the Washington Post on Tuesday that he wants to restore the Astoria, Ore., abode to its “Goonies” glory as a haven for fellow fans.”

So it sounds like he has plans to maybe make it into a museum type property? The article I read said he plans to add features back that were present during the filming. Maybe he will run it like they do The A Christmas Story House and Museum.
I don't even know where the Karen name thing began, too funny.
Even worst from my big 4th of July show last year. We had a bunch of coworkers and other neighbors watching, but we used a few work trucks to help move stuff around. OF COURSE, there was that one lady that hated it and actually wrote my company and nearly threated with legal action. Thankfully our vice president got her calmed down and all....but the most ironic and yet best part, her name really WAS Karen.
Anyways, can't wait to hear more news on the neighborhood Goonies war and how they took out a Karen.

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