I think it's time to remake the OT..

The only way a remake could work is to go back to an earlier version without much of the Tatooine stuff, much of ESB and basically do the version where the first attack on the death star is just before the mid-point of the story and it fails, only damaging it and then we get a training montage of our hero learning the force before going to the wookie planet to take down the shield protecting the death star orbiting the planet while being repaired, and then blowing it up. Make it a single 2 and a half, three hour movie.

Nah... that would suck.

And knowing Disney they would turn Luke into a girl or make him even more whiny and have Leia save the day instead. Though... I think Carrie Fisher could have easily pulled it off back in the original movies.
I'm also gonna recommend that if people have the chance and/or can afford to pick up a copy, it's worth checking out "The Star Wars" that Dark Horse Comics published years ago. It's based on one of Lucas' earlier scripts and...wow. It's really interesting to see the original concepts visualized, but there's a lot of clunkiness in it. It also shows its Flash Gordon roots way more than the final product.
How about…creating new characters with their own battles but happening at the same time as the original Star Wars OT, possibly ending the Trilogy with their own involvement with the battle at Endor & the end of the Empire

Honestly, I'd rather move on from the "Classic" era at this point and explore stuff many generations into the future. What's the galaxy look like then?

Yes, when do we get a live action film covering the adventures of the other exciting new characters they are coming up with…like everyones’ new favorite: “Slab of Rock Thing”?

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Nope, I have the originals. Granted, they weren't released officially by Lucas, but screw him. I have the original, pre-"episode 4" version of Star Wars and there's no way anyone is taking that away.
I have Harmy and 4k77, too.
But most people don't.
Yeah, but 99% of folks old enough to have seen the originals won't even know these exist. And even fewer than that can figure out how to get them.

Haha. That’s me!

I don’t know why Disney and Lucasfilm doesn’t come out with a 4K box set of the OT as we saw then in theaters. They could package them with retro TV ads, trailers, old interviews…maybe only us old guys would appreciate them. LOL

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