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Super Long long week for both work and everything else....been trying to keep up best I can with all that comes my way, both car related, family and construction work. Haven't slept as much but I am wanting to complete this build WAYYYYY sooner than

So here is where I am at......(Dan is literally kicking my ass as his Don West build is flowing ever so nicely....can only wish I could see it in person someday!!!)


So the belt is getting ripped apart....anything not needed will go bye bye and the rest will be modified to be as close to the show as I can get it.

I decided the best route is to use the inside instead of the outside (first pic) seems inside resembles the look of the L.I.S. show more!


So off the pieces go and now the outside is inside and inside is

Next came the never ending pieces that are attached all over. Unfortunately unlike Dan on his Don West, we here in old Iowa (lol) dont have all of the resources readily available. I absolutely HATE ordering online as I am more in tune with tangible whatever fabrics I couldn't find I just replicated with puff paint. ANY and I MEAN any super ungodly amounts of sewing (such as more of the belts that hard orange lines) got puffed painted and to be honest ended up working out. I wish I was able to have vast amounts of time to sew but I don't. I wake up at 330 to 400 am each day and work on this costume until 6 or 630 before going to work. I am fully invested in this and dont want to fall behind.

The sewing wasn't perfect by any means....I have wayyyy more to learn BUT I am wayyyy more comfortable with it since the $200 dollar


I wasn't about to fork out more money for the AustrialPins so I made my

I wish I could of picked up on the sewing A LOT sooner but I have to work with what I know thus far.....I figured the rest I can sorta wing it with paints and make it all come together in the end.

I had to make the template out of construction paper I had to snatch from my 2 year old....sorry Eva.....and had to through something quick before Charlie had to go to bed for school next morning. It still worked out as I could at least get a measurement based on what I did (she stood still for 10 min...LMAO yikes)


Allllll this week I just kept pushing forward.....I couldn't stop, I wouldn't Stop and I didn't want to give up.....Every puzzle piece kept falling into place.


If I could sew it.....i did....if I couldn't I used the paint and no details were left behind.


I got sooooo heavy into it that last night @ 1am I was fully done with the entire belt. The fabric that trims the out edges was not found around here...I am a stubborn old man (44 as of Sept. and well I didn't want to deal with online purchases unless I saw the fabric....SOOOOO next best thing....yup you guessed it, PUFF PAINT!!! I lost count at around 200 dots....1 a.m. was when i did last dot.

Finally outcome at least made me smile.....not the 1,000% I wanted but at least to me a close 75%!!! lol



So finally got this one out of the way.....1 more thing......

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The one more thing you ask is the last piece of the puzzle to finish this all before my December 10th deadline.

THe infamous pants!!!


So to start, I have to of course reverse the entire thing.....I ended up undoing inside and outside seems on the pants. The idea is I have rectangles I can easily add fabrics to AND still be able to sew it all shut and have it all be secured properly. WAYYYYYY easier to do this all on a $3-5 dollar Goodwill pair of pants then the $200 dollar jacket I took apart.

In between it all I practiced more on pieces far I was a little impressed about this one!! Goes on back of pants above buttocks

I didn't grab finished portion of this BUT once on pants it should show how well it turned out.

8:05pm now and I am BEAT, pants got all taken apart and awaiting my "sewing skills"....lmao

Goodnight.....gotta get up tomorrow at 4am again to see what the heck I can do.........WISH ME LUCK!!!

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