1. Jediknightandy

    Lost in Space 1998- AMT Jupiter 2 kit (With Lighting)

    This is a repost of a completed build from another Forum I posted in but figured you guys would appreciate it here on RPF. I have had this kit a number of years and it was started and some parts primed, but otherwise its basically a new build. I remember going to see this movie in cinemas when...
  2. LimeyBuilds

    Lost in Space (1998) Don West Pistol/Rifle 3D Print model

    I made these print files for the Assembling rifle fromt he 1998 movie. There's 2 versions of the pistol from different scenes, the rifle, and the transforming pistol/rifle. I hope to start printing the transforming one by the end of the week. I also made sections that can be either the version...
  3. importsusa

    Penny Robinson LOST IN SPACE (Netflix 2018) Space suit

    Hello everyone, to start things off I'd like to introduce myself and my accomplice...lol My name is Rodnie and my accomplice is Charlie...my 11 yr old daughter. We are all the way from Des Moines, Iowa and have been until now secretly working on a costume for her. Now, if you go to my instagram...
  4. A

    Moebius 1/6 Lost in Space Robot B-9 — Build in progress

    Here’s another one that sat in the stash while I amassed parts. I’ve decided not to light it as it’s a fiddly and expensive job to do it right, but I have the seamless glass dome and the Paragrafix photoetch kit so he’ll sport some mods. So far, lots of dry-fitting and gluing of sub assemblies...