Nostromo Tracking Device w 3D printed parts (WIP)

everything that needs to/ can be printed is modeled!
now it's just a matter of printing it all!! the ice tray alone will apparently take 24 hours


  • every tracking device piece.pdf
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hey y’all! i’ve been really dragging my feet lately with the build. i’m out of work and applying to jobs and working on other projects for christmas presents, but i’ve been tweaking my 3D models and i will keep updating as i build- hopefully very soon!
in the meantime, i got a new printer and made an Aspen beer can. not an accurate can and the sizing is off on the label but still a fun prop to display!

Pro Mod

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Thought you may be interested in seeing the tape recorder the rectangular grills were originally made for.

The first one I found only had the small grill, but it's in perfect condition. The one I got last week has both sizes but unfortunately the small one is damaged, but repairable.


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