motion tracker

  1. halloweengf64

    Nostromo Tracking Device w 3D printed parts (WIP)

    I've obtained a Panasonic Ranger 505 and decided the easiest route for me to convert it into the tracking devicde from Alien would be 3D printing! So far I've got the sensor, which I modeled in Tinkercad. This is a work in progress and I'll be sharing updates as I go! I'll be sharing the 3D...
  2. KitSmasher

    Aliens Motion Tracker - "Pump Widget" , Sphygmomanometer, whatever

    Can someone point me in the direction for one of these? I'll buy the BP wall mount off eBay even, I just need to know which one. "Assess" supposedly is the brand but I can't find one, but allegedly there are others. OR if someone has one for sale. I understand there was a bulk offer of them...