1. RipleyL

    Alien (1979): Kane's "Elephant Man" Nostromo Monitor Toy

    Ever have a really obscure found prop obsession? One so obscure that you find it impossible to uncover any information on the prop? Over the past several months, I've been attempting to locate as many of the "toys" that appear inside the Nostromo. This has led to a small collection of (nearly)...
  2. uscsscostaguana

    Question about Nostromo Upholstery paint colors

    Hey all! At my job, we are working on a project building a life-size replica of the corridors of the Nostromo from Alien (1979) and part of the Bridge. I’m seeking some assistance in identifying a Pantone or pms codes for colors that can be seen in the Nostromo bridge. Specifically, I’m looking...
  3. NostromoCrew


    Intro ...So as part of my 1979 ALIEN - NOSTROMO CREW UNIFORM - Accurate Reproduction project run, I decided to try my hand at replicating the crew shoulder patch. And as anyone who is involved enough in the intricacies of this patch, knows that many have tried, some have come close. I have spent...
  4. Evening Newbs

    Functional Nostromo Crew Watch, 3D modeled and printed

    This is the Nostromo crew watch I finished recently. I 3D modeled and printed the watch case and surround, then squeezed the guts of a Casio F-91W into it. The models, face graphics, and parts list are available on Thingiverse if you want to make one yourself: Alien Nostromo Crew Watch (Samani...
  5. NostromoCrew

    Limited Run 1979 ALIEN - NOSTROMO CREW UNIFORM - Now Taking Orders

    ALIEN Nostromo Crew Shirt - Very Accurate Replica I am in the process of making myself and a few friends some very accurate copies of the buttoned down shirts the crew of the Nostromo wear. It would be a shame not to offer this out and see if anyone else would be interested. Some details that...
  6. HMR

    Halcyon Models Nostromo 1:960 build

    First thread and first post here. Been lurking for a while, taking in the sights. Love it so far! :) Thought I`d share one of my projects. The USCSS 'Nostromo' Commercial Towing Vehicle. Seen a few really nice builds of these kits and picked up some inspiration from them, when deciding what I...
  7. NostromoCrew

    'South American Models' ALIEN “REFINERY REPLICA KIT” ?

    So I've noticed this companies models on sale form time to time on eBay, has anyone on the forum ever purchased from them? Attest to the quality? eBay sale: ALIEN-1979s-REFINERY-REPLICA-KIT-w-NOSTROMO-TUG-and-USS-SULACO-130-2-pcs From
  8. Alien_Nostromo_CrewPatches_2.jpg


    original nostromo patches
  9. nostromo_patch_02.jpg


    original nostromo patches
  10. nostromo_patch_01.jpg


    original nostromo patches
  11. djsuen

    ALIEN lifesize sets replicas

    Hello! My name is Luis, I'm from Spain. I've been collecting ALIEN for more than 20 years, just over 3 years ago I ran out of space at home and I decided to move everything to another space next to my house. It's a space of 65 m² and I decided go a step farther and decorate the place by...
  12. halloweengf64

    Nostromo Tracking Device w 3D printed parts (WIP)

    I've obtained a Panasonic Ranger 505 and decided the easiest route for me to convert it into the tracking devicde from Alien would be 3D printing! So far I've got the sensor, which I modeled in Tinkercad. This is a work in progress and I'll be sharing updates as I go! I'll be sharing the 3D...
  13. DatCroissantBoi

    Alien Non-Canon Crew Patch

    just throwing this little idea out. i like the look of the triangular patches that you see in the film, and thought it would be cool to design one for canada even thought it’s not canon, what are your thoughts?
  14. DatCroissantBoi

    Nostromo Crew Shirt

    hello everyone! this is my first post on the RPF! I just wanted to get peoples opinion on my Crew shirt from Alien and if there’s anything i can improve upon! just waiting for the piping and the patches to come in the mail! was also wondering if there’s any good way to replace buttons with snaps...
  15. Jake Kassnoff

    Styro Foam Space Ship Set

  16. mrcarkeys42

    Nostromo Mug (Ceramic)

    So I’ve seen a few threads about the mugs on the nostromo from alien, it’s a cool design and figured it would be nice to have! I know the ones in the movie are plastic and made by Tupperware, but I thoought it would be nice to have a real ceramic mug with the same design! A friend of mine from...
  17. Bondo Fett

    Another A L I E N Nostromo crew jacket- Kane's...finished!

    After watching the the many threads here covering the crew's costumes from Alien I decided to wade in and try to put together my own version of the Dallas/Kane jacket. Many thanks to all the members who shared their research and knowledge. I hope the info in this thread will be helpful to...
  18. Andy3E

    Limited Run Nostromo Crew Jackets

    Hi Everyone! Ive made a few Nostromo Jackets over the last year, and with this year being the 40th anniversary of the release of Alien, I'm going to do a limited run if there is enough interest. You can read a thread where i outline how I make them Here I can do Dallas or Kane, (although with...